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Friday, March 16, 2018

In the case of the “Primorsky partisans” the Prosecutor’s office is counting on a rematch

The so-called Primorsky partisans acquitted by the jury on one of the counts, two of them released directly in a court hall. The acquittal will inevitably lead to disputes about who are the “Primorsky partisans” – common criminals, political extremists or victims of police brutality.

The jury’s Primorsky district court recognized unproved one of the key charges against the “Primorsky partisans” – they commit murder four people. Two of the accused in the courtroom released, reports the publication vl.ru. The Prosecutor’s office stated its intention to appeal this verdict in the Supreme court.

“The position of the prosecution regarding the involvement of the defendants in the murder of inhabitants of the Kirov district in September 2009 remained the same”

Recall that the “seaside guerrillas” journalists dubbed the gang, which operated in the Primorye territory in February – June 2010. She received national fame thanks to the video on the Internet where its members declared itself the ideological fighters against police brutality. For four years continue the trials over the participants of the gang – brothers, Alexander and Vadim Kovtun, Vladimir Ilyutikova, Maxim Kirillov, Alexey Nikitin and Roman Savchenko. The first sentence was handed down in February 2014. Alexander Kovtun, Nikitin and Ilyutikov was sentenced to life imprisonment (later Kovtun and Ilyutikova the sentence was commuted to 25 years), Savchenko was sentenced to 25 years (commuted to 24 years), Kirillov – 22 years (commuted to 19 years), Vadim Kovtun – to 8 years and two months.

Doubt in the main charge – the two murders of police officers and three attacks on police officers – do not occur. In fact, the defendants themselves confessed before the court. Ilyutikov Alexander Kovtun and another two members of the gang, which the investigation considers the organizers, Andrei Sukhorada and Alexander Sweet (they committed suicide during the arrest), has recorded a video message that is posted in one of social networks. In it they stated that “declare war” specifically the police and kill the police, fighting thus against police brutality.

During this process addressed the question of the guilt of the “Primorsky partisans” on another charge – the murder and robbery of four people, allegedly involved in the drug trade. They allegedly shot and then buried, taking with them the available drugs. According to investigators, the crimes began gang activity. However, jurors (ten women and two men) confessed that on this point the evidence base presented by the investigators was insufficient. The verdict by a small margin (seven votes against five), it seems, was a complete surprise both for the prosecution and for the accused.

Two of them, and Nikitin, Vadim Kovtun, and even accused of involvement only to this crime. Nikitin had allegedly helped to bury the corpses, Kovtun was sitting in the car, driving the gang to the crime scene. So both of them were released in the courthouse. Nikitin immediately stated that the first thing he intends to see her daughter – she was born six years ago, just before his arrest.

On the jury’s verdict was influenced by the fact that in the course of the hearing revealed a number of discrepancies in the investigation. Lawyer Kirillov Olesya Moses, for example, pointed out that her client the day of the murder he was at work, were not the fingerprints of the defendants on the car in which they allegedly drove to the crime scene, the investigation did not explain the motive of their actions: after all, “seaside guerrillas” was not on the account as addicts and in the drug trade, too, has not been noticed. One of the strangest moments of the case was the discovery in the grave, where the accused had buried four killed, nine feet, it is unclear who owned.

“The position of the prosecution regarding the involvement of the defendants in the murder of inhabitants of the Kirov district in September 2009 remained the same as in the first criminal case”, – quotes “Interfax” the message of Prosecutor’s office of the seaside. It draws attention to the fact that the jury, by its verdict, in fact, deny the crime itself. And the fact that it was the consequence considers proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

“In this case we certainly intend to appeal the verdict of the jury, here other variant cannot be” – said the newspaper VIEW, the press service of the Prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai.

Meanwhile, Nikitin and Kirillov in his first interview after his release announced the intention to make a documentary about his fate. It is not clear whether he will clarify what in fact were these “partisans” and whether has under itself any basis for the myth of “Maritime Robin Hoods”, which appeared after their arrest. Strong doubts that the gang – the Avengers of the outrage or even just ordinary thieves, is.

In the video one of the gang members talked vaguely about “the fall of the Empire Russian Federation”, the other showed the camera the index finger, is a symbol of monotheism in Islam, which often exhibit in their appeals to the Islamists. In this case, Andrei Sukhorada, Kirillov and Ilyutikov were known as adherents of the ideology of the nationalists (Muslims among Russian far-right groups are a rarity, but such combinations still occur).

It is known that Sukhorada is the informal leader of the “Primorsky partisans” – changed a few radical organizations of the nationalist wing. However, at least one of the gang members, Alexander Kovtun, even while in prison, after all, declared itself as an Islamic radical. Through the Network he posted the letter on one of extremist Islamist sites (it was signed seifullakh Kovtun), confirming his authorship through the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Interestingly, at trial, the members of the gang actually abandoned their treatment. In any case, guilty in the murder of police officers they did not recognize. Said guilty only of robbery. A Frank recognition they de beat out in militia.

In the meantime, all ambiguity in the matter is not resolved, the myth of the “Primorsky partisans” continues to live. According to conducted by in hot pursuit, in 2010, poll by the Levada center, most Russians do not really understand in this case. However, almost 34% of respondents think that the “Primorsky partisans” – people driven to the extreme arbitrariness and lawlessness of militia”. Recently about the old myth recalled the flamboyant artist Peter Pavlensky. He was going to list handed to him by the organization Human Rights Foundation prize to václav Havel (in the amount of 42 thousand dollars) for legal support of “Primorsky partisans”. However, the organization chose to cancel the award, saying that it is unacceptable to spend it to support those who advocate violent action.

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