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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Global warming will stop the carbon tax

About the storm in early may, when spring’s first thunder…”, many of us know from school. Today, the heavens thunder and lightning and throwing in January, and in October, and in July, recently demonstrated hurricane in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The climate is changing, all the weather stations on the planet fix global warming. But we, the people in charge of the planet and are determined to protect the nature, our mother, to reduce the use of hydrocarbons.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

If it is to quote the Declaration of different scientific conferences. The last one took place in late December in Paris, where different countries have declared that by 2030 will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Switzerland — 50 %, of the 28 EU countries, joined by Norway at 40, the United States and China, respectively 26 and 28 %. Did not remain in debt to the world community and Russia. After weighing their options, Moscow has decided to cut emissions by 20 % compared to 1990

However, critics immediately began to talk that the Paris agreement does not give anything. After all, it does not envisage any liability for failure to fulfil intentions.

And here’s a new twist. The report, entitled “Risks of the implementation of the Paris climate agreement for the economy and national security of Russia”, prepared by the Institute of problems of natural monopolies. On 19 July he was represented at the “round table” Analytical center under the government of the Russian Federation.

His main thesis – carbon collection, which discusses the world community in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, is in contradiction with the official energy policy of Russia, taking into account the growth of production of hydrocarbons. Carbon tax has not yet been established, but it is assumed that at first it will be 15 dollars per ton of carbon dioxide. According to our manufacturers, it will ruin the commodity industry.

“To achieve targets for oil and gas requires the commissioning of new fields. The main export-oriented industry of the country in the long run will be on the verge of reducing production,” the report said.

For Gazprom, the payments for carbon fee will be 93-120 billion a year, which is about 2.2-2.8% of the company’s revenue, or 12-15% is expected in 2016 capex.

Oil companies vulnerable to carbon input collection to a lesser extent, especially if they provide a high level of utilization of associated petroleum gas. For example, for “Rosneft” the volume of payments collection should be 45-58 billion, or 0.8-1.1% of revenues), says the Institute.

It seems that Russia is not alone in its ambitions to produce more and deeper. The controversy surrounding the development of the Arctic shelf, where there are untold reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials and where the interests of several countries, show that the nature of oil separately and the profit separately.

The situation we are asked to comment on the head of the climate Secretariat of the Russian socio-ecological Union Olga SENOVA:

This report is well that it has become public knowledge, we now know who “resists” stated in Paris intentions. If we know the diagnosis, it’s easier to treat the disease itself. Of course, the position of the oil guards, “We must preserve all that is. Carbon tax will kill our industry…”. If not declared from the highest tribunes that Russia’s time to get off the oil needle, to readjust to the structural changes in the economy.

The carbon tax is the most flexible tool on the way to the “green zone” and environmentalists strange reaction to our Industrialists and entrepreneurs.

– Does this report, that Russia is abandoning its plans to reduce carbon emissions? After all, in Paris, I think, talked about this Vladimir Putin?

– No, these are symptoms that the process of reducing greenhouse gases — and not only in Russia — will be difficult. But the other way we just don’t have…

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