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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Experts explained how the introduction of state of emergency in Turkey will affect tourists

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the introduction of a state of emergency (state of emergency) for a period of three months. The Turkish authorities announced the country will suspend the European Convention on human rights.

The experts explained to us the essence of the restrictions that are imposed in Turkey.

The decision of the state of emergency was made after meetings of the national security Council and Cabinet of Ministers. The head of state assured that such measures are not directed against the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens – they need to investigate the coup attempt completely. But why then “freeze” the Euro Convention…

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Under the regime of state of emergency the decision of the Cabinet of Turkey will have legislative force. “The goal is to accelerate the process of the trial – says “MK” the press-attache of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow, Orkhan Hazihil. – Need in a very short time to investigate what happened, who was involved. Sometimes it is necessary to quickly enact laws that would help in the investigation. Now the decisions taken by the Cabinet will be strong as the law.”

According to the interlocutor of “MK”, will also be temporarily limited departure of civil servants abroad.

“A few days ago the decision was made, according to which they have for some time forbidden to leave – says “MK” Turkish diplomat. – It’s clear why: a lot of soldiers, policemen, judges were complicit in the coup. You need to have not had the opportunity to escape from the judicial process.”

The diplomat said that the restrictions will not affect the party and political organizations: Political life in Turkey continues. All parties, unions and organizations working in your order… People sometimes confuse the state of emergency and enhanced control (the latter resembles martial law – “MK”). The verification regime involves and closing parties, and verification. But now everything is done to accelerate the solution of the question, because the situation is extraordinary, and you have to make sharp decisions. Sometimes existing laws are not enough. If you take them in the usual manner,it will take time. And since we need to quickly get out of this situation, our Constitution allows in such cases to declare a state of emergency (as evidenced by the 120th article of the basic law of Turkey “MK”)”.

It is reported that, in connection with proceedings suspended for about 37 thousand education workers, and some were detained.

“The organization of Fethullah Gulen (the preacher living in the United States, authorities called “author” of the failed coup in Turkey “MK”) have decades of experience planting its people in different spheres of Turkish life – sets out the official position of Orkhan Hazihil. Education is one of the major areas that they were doing it. There are thousands of people that are associated with this “sect”. The fact that people dismiss does not mean that they will be arrested or expelled. Just under investigation, and those under suspicion, temporarily excluded from work. Now their relationship will start checking. Against those who did not pass the validation will be applied measures. I remind you that the Gulen organization in Turkey is considered a terrorist”.

Opportunities to go abroad temporarily lost and employees of educational institutions.

“University professors are all at work, holidays cancelled as travel abroad, – has declared “MK” the political scientist, assistant Professor, University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara, Togrul Ismail. – If no official permission to go abroad is not allowed. If it’s a business trip or a formal invitation, you can leave the country. And the ability to just pick up and leave suspended… PE suggests travel restrictions, searches of citizens, only the office and the apartment will be inspected with the permission of the Prosecutor’s office. It may be more powers given to the governors – depending on the region.”

“The opposition fears that the state of emergency the government will be given those powers by which they can accept certain amendments to the laws restricting the rights. But the government promises that this will not happen,” said Togrul Ismail. Fears were aroused and the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Numan Kurtulmus who live NTV said that Ankara is likely to suspend the European Convention on human rights.

However, interlocutors “MK” I believe that the state of emergency will not affect the tourism sector, because law enforcement authorities focus exclusively on the Gulen organization that Erdogan and his circle often called the “parallel state”. “The impact on tourists will not – sure Orkhan Hazihil. – Tourist area they live their lives. Yet on this account we have not heard from the Turkish authorities any statements. I think they would not, because it is a separate subject.”

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