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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Elections to the Russian state circus company in jeopardy

The whole circus to the public as manna from heaven awaits the election of the 27th of July: for the post of General Director of Russian state circus company there are two main candidates — the current head, Vadim Gagloev (appointed to the position without competition) and supported by the majority of the circus authorities, the head of the Izhevsk circus Dmitry Ivanov (former Minister of culture of Udmurt Republic). The choice is fundamental, because the focus should be on changing the course — both economic and aesthetic. Ivanov’s a high chance of dissatisfaction Gagloeva very large. But according to our source, the Ministry of culture, anticipating the victory of Ivanov, may postpone the election. Knowing this, folk artists wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin, warned of a wave of protest, if Gagloeva leave (without elections).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Circus people are tired to be disappointed in those who at first sort of promises mountains of gold, and then implicated in the mischief, goes absolutely disgracefully. Personally, in my memory it already the fourth elections, turning the same plate — like specific artists and work with great commitment, but the business as a whole is gradually stagnating. Because the Russian state circus company is today synonymous with living a creative environment. As a result — no big new plays (how many years has the show GII Eradze will be a lifesaver for the whole country?), there is a new Director’s name; the company leaving the dynastic actors — the Foundation of Russian circus art. And at the same time, as a mute reproach, everyone can see how you put the case cover, — a sort of parallel reality, a completely different class, an indication that everything is possible if you want to.

The unique needs of the person would be all stretched. Which shook’d do it again. We need new eyes, new brains. And at a time when the situation is extremely tense, it is impossible to manipulate the date long ago appointed the elections, especially because they were obliged to carry out the Prosecutor’s office in order to comply with the law.

“The situation in the largest circus company in Russia, say the artists in an Open letter to the President, is every day becoming more acute, the harmful consequences of unprofessional and arbitrary decisions of the team Gagloeva is the continuing loss of artistic frames, stop relevant activities of the branches, the systematic delays of wages to employees and feed allowances of the animals; growing accounts payable taxes, charges, suppliers, and contractors.”

Among the signatories — national actors Marchevsky, Kalmyks, Mstislav Zapashny, Kukes, Shamsur Kudryavtsev, and many others. “Another year,” they warn, and the company will pass the point of no return. Leave frames that will take work, and our renovated circuses just remains blank. This will lead to the elimination of the state circus and the Russian circus art. In circus community reigns a tense atmosphere, the appointment Gagloeva may lead to protests, and this is unacceptable…”.

In such a delicate moment we talked to the most desirable candidate: head of the Izhevsk circus Dmitry Ivanov about his vision of the circus arts in the country.

— Do you think that the economic model of the Russian state circus company, this conveyor system (when the program turns go on to different circuses from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad), — it is tenacious or requires major adjustments?

— System is really unique, it is unparalleled in the world, and it is still optimal for such a huge country as Russia. But here it is necessary to competently build logistics, i.e. moving programs from one city to another, because today is reminiscent of Brownian motion, sometimes convulsive, when from the Far East program suddenly can throw in Kaliningrad, which is absolutely not cost-effective. The Russian state circus company and so carries huge costs on transportation.

— Do not you think that the kind of circus buildings a bit old, stuck somewhere in the 70’s, and as for the interior — whether you are going to attract designers to modernizing the lobby?

— If not decades, attention was given to modernization of circuses, of course, all in decline. So in my program I suggest that the whole concept of reconstruction, it is necessary to make an inventory of all property, to understand the extent of devastation to this day… the Viewer, coming to the circus, needs to understand that he is in a comfortable and safe building. And not all buildings conform to these standards. What to design — where it is necessary (as in circuses-“caps”, i.e. types of projects) and we have historic interiors (as in the circus), or a unique aura (as in circus). But even more terrible problem, that after restoring order in the buildings, we just have nothing to show. The circus always has to be backed by the creation of highly artistic works. Today we have to surprise the audience, and thoroughly, and room and trick, and directing, lighting design, writing original music. You will see in the circus today almost no orchestras, and is a critical component!

Only a few of the circuses have their own troupe, the vast majority — are constantly coming and leaving the program. I would like to increase the number of companies?

— It is necessary. This is one of the most important tasks to do in a few Federal districts of staging circuses, in order for there were born of the program. Marchevsky in Yekaterinburg he does show, we’re in Izhevsk, too, put the program — and all this is a huge success. Another very important aspect — bringing in small, “subsidized” the city plays a very high quality. For example, in Kirov no 90-100% of the occupancy of the hall. But the blame for there kids? Well, we can’t bring back the 10 programs per year, and show only four. But quality should not limp, it’s a matter of educating the new generation. Who once see a bad play, will not come to another.

…And the quality, unfortunately, falls lower. From the circus leaves the main thing — leaving school, leaving dinstinct. And this process of falling into the abyss we must finally stop. And legally and in a civilized manner — by official announcement of the election, which breaks undo.

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