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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Corruption becomes deadly

High-profile murders in Krasnogorsk have a political dimension – linked to the fight against corruption. The conflict, apparently, occurred in the framework of “public-private” partnership sliding-KAZNACHEJJSKOE type. That’s only if the partners decided the case” amicably, then the capacity constraints of the cut and rising risk of punishment, their relationship was given a crack which led to the tragedy.

On Monday, the suburban businessman from Krasnogorsk Amiran Giorgadze shot four people – the first Deputy head of the district administration, the head of the local power grid, your partner in the construction business and a passerby.

Krasnogorskiy story rises in line with arrests in Sakhalin and in the Komi Republic”

Mad craving for the fight with Yuri Karaulov – the second person in the Krasnogorsk the area in the office together with the owner, he shot and Director of Krasnogorsk networks” George Kotlyarenko. Before this Giorgadze killed his partner, Tristan Zakaidze – seems to be due to the fact that he betrayed him in a relationship with Karaulov, and Constantine Senses was shot in that moment, when after the killings in the district administration Georgadze was looking for the house of the district head Rasskazova to deal with him.

It is clear that the murder of a spontaneous – and while Giorgadze not caught, the investigation and the press are building different versions of what set him off was the reason for the shooting. On Monday morning, one of the companies Giorgadze was declared bankrupt and the court appointed an external Manager for the sale of its assets – this could ruffle a reputable entrepreneur. But arbitration courts, as a rule, are long, and it is clear that the news of the bankruptcy was not so much a surprise. So the main reason was the fact that Giorgadze has accumulated claims to the authorities. And it is clear that they were monetary in nature.

Someone who had, someone who extorted or demanded the return, will establish a consequence. Yet SK is voiced as the main version the fact that “Giorgadze who received prior state orders for construction, in recent years have been deprived of this opportunity.” Attention to the construction business is understandable, given that the killer for many years was one of the main developers of the city. And the presence of the Director of power supply on the conversation in the administration suggests that it probably was about connecting some of the already built Giorgadze objects or obtaining a permit for the construction of a new one. Already called and the specific location of its construction – but it’s not so important.

I’m more concerned with the guard and Georgadze was a long and very familiar, and the first Deputy head of the district called the real Manager of Krasnogorsk, “solve all issues”. To say that they were connected purely formal relations, it is difficult – the construction and allocation of land was in charge of just guard, and it is clear that Giorgadze, “the local oligarch”, he had not fought. On the contrary, Giorgadze built without permission then legalized by the district government. The price of this friendship will open the result, but Karaulova suffice it to say that he appeared in the famous “case suburban prosecutors”.

This big story in 2011 opened the connection of a number of regional prosecutors with the business that they are protected from themselves. Karaulov then was charged with fraud plots – land for a pittance was sold to various officials and also prosecutors of several cities and senior ranks of the suburban police Department. Many of them lost their jobs – but the case gradually fell apart, and the part of the defendants, including the guard, remained at their posts. It is now clear that for the Karaulova it would be better if it was removed from the area or even put – at least he’d be alive today.

After all, what has begun to happen in recent years? Despite the collapse of “the deeds of the prosecutors and the strange story of the case of Oboronservis, the fight against corruption are among the range as a whole is gaining momentum.

On the one hand, the Kremlin tightens controls over the expenditure of budgetary funds. And not only through security forces, but also through local social activists, drawing her into the national front and regional public chamber.

At the same time the line bends to the nationalization and cleanse elite last year introduced the Declaration is not only about income but also spending. Recently entered into force amendments clarifying the concept of conflict of interest at the official (this is when the contract for housing “suddenly” gets a firm in which the daughter was listed as the co-founder) and an obligation to report the conflict as state Duma deputies and deputies of the parliaments of subjects of Federation.

And most importantly – corrupt becomes more difficult to “work in the field.” If earlier due to the adhesions with the local security forces corrupt officials was more or less quiet about collecting dirt on them and the cases – because he was at least aware, and at best could to hush up the case at the level of their district or city in the last two or three years, the number suddenly arrested the Vice-governors, Vice-mayors and heads of districts and mayors began to grow. Yes, and the excitation of Affairs began to learn more complicated. The investigative Committee and the FSB was transferred many cases to the level of their district offices.

This year the arrests have reached a new level in the spring was first arrested the acting head of the Federation, and in September was arrested and the entire top of the Komi Republic, and the new officials charged with organizing a criminal community. How not to inflame those of the officials who are accustomed to setbacks, or even built their business Empire? What should I do? That’s right – try to minimize any irregularities. In the hope that will carry.

In fact, to hope that the wave will subside, it’s silly – but when a man steals 20 or 10 years, he is so used to it that he does not consider himself guilty. Few of the embezzlers dare to leave on their own – first, where is the guarantee that, as soon as he loses a post, it will not pass accomplices from among businessmen? Second, all hope for his connections and the fact that they are not touched – too high people will ask for them if anything.

And, thirdly, just the same can not be to the cleansing power actually was real – we need to wait to survive. But at the time, of course, to collapse all operations, try to carry out more or less clean, not to be substituted. But how to do it in reality?

After all, customer relationships long, they are partners, after all, one thing to do. For example, building in Krasnogorsk the building – and not a year, or even ten. And got used to the fact that everything is under control – and then suddenly Amirana need to say that to connect the house in violation of the provisions of the orders is now impossible. In any way possible. Not believe in fact – will hold a grudge. Then you can come up with another explanation – that the city comes a new developer, some very large and associated almost with the Kremlin, nothing to do with him.

It is likely that something happened in the history Karaulova and Georgadze. Frightened officials, and felt that is compressed around the ring, and tried to diminish the appetites of the old client, if not to throw it.

If fear of the authorities was stronger than the fear of breakup or conflict with “the wonderful Georgian”, it means that the fight against corruption is bearing fruit.

Beginning to be afraid to steal – when you look at Gayzer, when you see the case in neighboring districts. Of course, the guard and had no idea that Georgadze start shooting – but something happened, what happened.

And no need to talk about “reducing pie” due to the crisis – that is certainly a favorite topic of liberals who are willing to explain away anything. Say, crisis, money for cutting became less, and here’s a big embezzlers eat medium and medium – small: intraspecific struggle. This is the inside view of the corrupt world – and outside, from the Russian state, it is clear that honest statesmen in power are really trying to pull the plug embezzlers.

This complex and causing a lot of resistance to corrupt part of the elite work they try to do so, on the one hand, not to disrupt the thread and not to slip in the 37th year (when the grind of the security services is out of the government control and began to grind indiscriminately, including itself), and on the other to keep performance of the power vertical.

After the arrest Gayzer a month ago, the speaker of the Federation Council Matviyenko said she was in shock when I heard about this: “Well, it is impossible. It would seem, other times in the yard, tightened the requirements. Every official, believe me, today under the microscope – his every move, his every action. As people are not afraid? Why go for it?”

Of course, the words Matvienko about the microscope, and a reminder of the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov about the fact that “the most important thing is untouchable in anti-corruption activities of the bureaucrats-embezzlers can try to ignore and continue. And to continue to fulfill their “contracts” with business it is clear that the possibilities of the power structures is not limitless, and at the same time efficiently develop a lot of cases they still can’t. You can wait and not change anything – but then there is a risk that at the moment x, when the shit hits the fan and will need to urgently “cut the ends”, it will come to your craving.

Accustomed to their reliability and don’t want to listen to excuses. Karaulov was not killed by the attempt to reform, to renounce corruption, and what he tried to do it (or just imitate) too late.

Last year Putin on a direct line answered personally selected question with a call to fight with embezzlers, as in China, public executions. The President replied that we have no death penalty, but added that he specifically read the question, “to officials of different levels have seen the mood of the people.” Now we can say that corruption kills – in the truest sense of the word.

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