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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Change, please!

The exit of England from the European Union shed a balm for my phantom pain associated with the collapse of the Soviet Union. If a nation with such centuries-old democratic experience have acted so irrational, what is so surprising in Belovezhskaya feast and the subsequent hangover. Unfortunately for many, a return to the past, for various reasons, today’s reality is impossible.

I clear the motives of the elites of Ukraine in the Russian direction. Roughly speaking, their oligarchs don’t want to be younger brothers when our Potanin and Deripaska, and therefore trying in culture, ideology and traditions to interrupt all continuity and relationships. The most ugly and destructive it is manifested in the rape of history and the displacement of the Russian language. The imposition of Bandera and language society, even the most loyal of Ukrainian statehood, the Russian laid a lot of minutes In the Crimea and the Donbas exploded only part of them.

Whether Poroshenko is the alternative? Just look at Canada. They went to a neighbour heavier: thanks to the military, economic, informational, ideological power seeking to impose its agenda around the world. Only one Hollywood, show business and TV could completely blur the national identity of the maple leaf. However, Canada retained its triumph, even creating a different model of the state, closest to Norway and Sweden. Despite the fact that in the US socialism is one of the most swear words.

Of course, if Canada started to flirt with the Warsaw Pact as Ukraine with NATO, there would have quickly landed us Marines. But it’s bad enough that Canada became one of the best on the globe of places to stay. Visitors jokingly declare: Canadians are just like Americans. Only without weapons, but with health insurance. While public healthcare and higher education on average at a comparable level.

But can you imagine otavsky leaders that make French-speaking Quebec centre of its statehood in defiance of Washington and to block direct exposure through English? And zapadentsev put in the Square in the forefront only because of their complete rejection of Muscovites and Russian language.

During the first Maidan was a glimpse of hope that Ukraine could become an engine of Pro-European reforms in the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, the energy of the idealists were cynically used by the elites in the traditional order: the redistribution of power and property.

Of course, the canadian way will require separate clearing of the Augean stables. Any IMF with this task can not cope. Much easier to distract people from the real issues, to demolish monuments to glorify Bandera, causing painful blows to the back of the red Army. If it really itch to be different, then why not the best? For example, in Russia the coffin once one of the world’s best education system, and the Ukraine would restore its potential. Or produced in Moscow the reduction of doctors, and in Kiev there is a multiple increase. For the entire post-Soviet period we had new, Khachaturian, Shostakovich, Prokofiev… If Ukraine will give the world tunes comparable genius — how to be in the eyes of people around you look different than Russia. Make the judicial system resembling English, and Russian businessmen will not go to London, and to you for justice. Clear the road the police from bribe-takers in Georgia possessed at Mishiko, and no Russian agents of influence you will not be afraid. Show zero tolerance for idiocy, even hiding behind Patriotic rhetoric, and journalists, you will have to set an example. For example, almost all summer Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway was decorated with billboards with social advertizing “Russia — maroobra force, the last hope of God on earth”. With what pleasure I would have written: “our Orthodox neighbor of this heresy is impossible”. But when Garnier lads not just in writing indicate the deficiencies of God’s Providence, and directly physically affect the activities of temples, oriented to the Moscow Patriarchate, I know there a thousand years after the baptism of Rus remained pagans.

In short, instead of redrawing for propaganda purposes the past, it’s worth a try to write a beautiful future where we will compete: who will give the world a lot of great scientists and artists who will have a better quality of life of ordinary people.

For many objective and subjective reasons, Russia is not only wants, but can not become a second America or China. Even private institutions bad root for them on alien soil. You have to look for their model, although it is clear that the current, very mildly, far from optimal, no one has a clear principled alternative to it have not offered. But to go along the beaten track is easy and pleasant. Nothing wrong with that, to be called the second Canada not. Don’t be offended because Odessans, when their beloved city called little Paris. That’s true, the Parisians are unlikely to agree that Paris is a big city of Odessa.

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