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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Brexit breathed into Irish separatism a new life

The results of the referendum on the British exit from the EU triggered a sharp reaction from not only Scots, but Irish, once again put the issue of reunification in a single state without London. Whether Britain should repay the cleansing fire of Irish separatism? Experts think so, including the price of blood.

The probability of separating Northern Ireland from great Britain is maintained. This was stated by Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland ENDA Kenny on Wednesday. “In the discussions and negotiations that will take place in the next stage, it is necessary to take into account the possibility, as remote as it may be, that can be applied to the provision of the Belfast agreement,” he said.

“By voting for withdrawal from the EU, the British established a precedent for withdrawal from the United Kingdom”

He mentioned the agreement was signed in 1998 and virtually put an end to the territorial claims of the Republic of Ireland to the lands of Northern Ireland included in the UK. The agreement provides for the creation of independent authorities, the establishment of the Ministry mailingtage Council in the framework of cooperation between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, the disarmament of paramilitary groups.

The agreement was approved by the people through a referendum in Northern Ireland voted for by 71% appeared in the Republic of Ireland (91%).

ENDA Kenny recalled that one of the conditions of the conclusion of the Belfast agreement was the right of regional authorities to hold a referendum on the territorial issue in the case, if there is clear evidence that the mood of the population on this issue has changed dramatically, writes The Times.

The UK will become not so great

Irish separatism for the UK – the question is painful. Despite the fact that the agreement referred to above seems to have resolved the issue of the territorial claims of both parties, subsequently had problems with the local authorities in Northern Ireland. From great Britain in relation to the parliamentary Assembly of this territorial unit was charged with espionage, it was also reported about the activity of the Irish rebel army.

After Britain decided to withdraw from the EU, the question of the expediency of Northern Ireland in its composition was raised again. Recall that the Republic of Ireland is an EU member and is not going to leave the Union.

This is evidenced by ENDA Kenny – in his opinion, if you hold a second referendum on the territorial preferences of the residents, “create the situation where Northern Ireland wants to secede from the United Kingdom, which is not an EU member, and to join the Republic, which will remain an EU member”. The procedure, in his opinion, may be the same as his time in Germany, when the accession deg to Germany, opened the first all the delights of membership in the European Union.

Recently in the UK held a referendum on the Kingdom’s exit from the EU. Defeated supporters of Brexit, this was followed by a hasty resignation, Prime Minister Cameron, the emergence in its place Theresa may, and the flood of applications from potential “separatists” – Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland.

Immediately after the announcement of results of the referendum, Declan Kearney, Chairman of the second largest party in the country, said that the British government lost the right to represent the people of this part of the country. Been calls to hold a referendum on the border with the Republic of Ireland.

“Whoever the next Prime Minister, he will have to deal with a legitimate request of the party Sinn FEIN about the referendum on the border. Need civilized dialogue, it is necessary to assess the consequences catastrophic for the people of the North decisions, no matter how much time it required,” – said the Deputy first Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness.

You can not leave, to stay

Member of the Public chamber, the President of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev considers the scenario of withdrawal of Northern Ireland from the UK unlikely.

“The UK just won’t let that happen. The authorities of great Britain have a need to show the existence of a strong and powerful state, which after exit from the European Union continues to exist not less effective,” said Grigoriev the newspaper LOOK.

According to him, the exit of the territory from the control of the UK would cause great damage to the country and political power. “In this case, the UK will do everything possible to avoid it. In my opinion, in the medium term, more likely a gradual, slow withdrawal of Scotland than Northern Ireland,” he said.

Moreover, said Grigoriev, the question connected with Ireland, the UK is a more painful character, and in the current situation, “London will not stop before force, if there is a serious likelihood of the threat of exit that portion of the territories under British control”.

To leave, can’t stay

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexei Martynov, by contrast, believes that Northern Ireland can secede from the UK.

“If Britain has critically commented on the participation in the European Union, the Commonwealth, or directly involved in the United Kingdom have the full right to give their opinions on the matter. Accordingly, they favour to definitely remain in the EU. In the case of a plebiscite and withdrawal of Northern Ireland from the UK in a natural way happens the unification of Ireland into a single state,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, now the Irish are a divided people. And if Ireland is United, it will retain EU membership, because this will be the basis of their Association.

Regarding the potential use of UK military forces with the aim to prevent the release of Northern Ireland, Martin is convinced that London is nothing to do, because the British themselves had set a precedent with Brexit.

“By voting for withdrawal from the EU, they created a precedent for withdrawal from the United Kingdom. If the UK continues to declare commitment to democracy, human rights, it will have to make a decision in Northern Ireland. If she’s willing to abandon those principles and return to the strictly monarchical, despotic system of governance, it will be another Britain”, – the expert predicts.

The process of entering Northern Ireland from the UK, he added, must comply with the spirit of the law. First, you need to hold a proper referendum in which the majority of citizens must speak accordingly, and can then be executed all necessary procedures for the unification of Ireland.

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