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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

At the Republican Convention ” hissed trump did not support Senator Cruz

Wednesday, July 20, in Cleveland continued its work the Republican national Convention. It was truly a day of Republican heavyweights, the Central event of which was the speech of Senator Ted Cruz. Speech Cruz negated the expectations of some delegates that it will demonstrate the unity of the party.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

At the time of the speech of the Senator in the hall started the excitement. The fact that Cruz tried to use his speech in Prime time, not in order to support the candidacy of trump, and in order to deepen the split in the ranks of the Republican party.

Hundreds of delegates speaker shouted: “vote for trump!” and “Say what you will vote!” Cruz tried to abricots from this hubbub and talk about what is “the enthusiasm of the new York delegation, which consists of faithful associates trump.

But, of course, the disturbance affected not only the new York delegation, and almost all of the hall. At the time of the speech, Cruz suddenly in the wings of the courtroom came a trump. Literally the heads of all who listened to Cruz, turned in the direction of trump. His face was completely stone, and expressed anger and hatred. He raised his hand, clenched in a fist.

At this moment, Cruz asked the Lord to bless the country and withdrew from the podium. Security officers escorted his wife, Heidi. From the hall came shouts of: “Goldman Sachs!” — an allusion to the fact that the wife of the crews worked in the largest us Bank.

Later, Cruz was again subjected to insults when in the hallway one woman, upon seeing him cried out: “Traitor! Traitor!” When he tried to go to luxury famous magnate billionaire and one of the owners of Las Vegas casinos Sheldon Adelson, showed him the heave-Ho.

Somewhat later was the candidate for Vice-President from the Republican party, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana. His speech was favorably received by the delegates. Although it is on certain critical issues, at odds with trump.

The scandal caused by the performance of the crews, reminiscent of past political battles of the Republican party. So in 1964, a moderate Republican billionaire Nelson Rockefeller was sasikan supporters of the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater: “I’ve seen a lot of crazy things,” says Brendan bell, Chairman of the Republican party of Rhode island.

Senator Cruz, who in his speech said that he wants to nominate himself for the presidency in 2020, especially whetted Republican leaders, who had hoped that he fulfilled his promise and support the current nominee Donald trump.

Trump has invited Cruz to speak at the Convention, though feared he might take this opportunity to attack him.

However, it was worth the wait. Trump repeatedly called Cruz “a liar Ted and even put forward the version about the fact that his father was involved in the murder of President Kennedy.

On Monday, trump called Cruz and asked him whether he his candidacy for the presidency. This Cruz replied that he was of such approval, the Congress will not do. Trump, of course, was very puzzled. However, it was suggested that at the last moment, Cruz made his speech in supplements, which just to be said about the support of trump.

When Cruz had finished his speech, where there was no approval of the candidacy of trump, impatient presidential candidate, appeared in the wings of the Congress. His appearance was not supposed agenda. It was caused by the speech of Senator Cruz.

The organizers of the Congress did not consider the fact that Cruz will speak two times more than regulations dictated. So when Cruz finished his speech, the speech of the candidate for Vice-President of the Pens left with very little Prime-time. He had to act after Prime time.

The Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie also criticized Cruz’s speech, called it “terrible and selfish”. Trump in his Twitter wrote: “wow! Ted Cruz shushed on the stage, because he did not keep his promises!”

Even after all this hubbub had subsided, the supporters trump continued to make Cruz chop. For example, newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the house of representatives, who spoke after Senator Cruz, having quickly oriented, changed the text of his speech, making him a curse to the Senator who refused to endorse the candidacy of trump.

The noise in the hall started shortly before ten in the evening. And re that noise reflected the realities of the Republican party that wants to minimize the differences in their ranks. A significant portion of the party remains hostile to a Trump. However, his companions react to this only increased his anger.

According to the delegates, Cruz went too far in his speech. For example, the delegate from the Nevada state George Assad said: “I was a big fan of Cruz. But now I no longer support”.

After the speech of the candidate for Vice-President Pence appeared on the scene the trump. The audience erupted with a standing ovation. “What a great job,” said trump their candidate for Vice-President.

Outside the Palace of congresses is still going on talking about how trump’s wife Melania “robbed” Michelle Obama, quoting her statement in 2008, attributing it to yourself. However, speechwriter Melania trump took full responsibility and resigned, which, however, was not accepted by trump. Such a scandal, the Congress American political parties almost do not remember. You can only lead a story with an adviser to President Clinton Dick Morris. At the Congress in 1996, it became clear that Morris cheated on his wife and was a “foot fetishist”, that is, instituted from the toes of his mistresses.

Pence, who met trump at the airport, said: “I am sure that what started in Cleveland is over for us White house.”

However, the most memorable scene Wednesday, 20 July, was split screen. On the left side of the screen we saw Senator Cruz, who tried to sushicat delegates. In the second half of the TV screen was visible trump, who walked on to the arena to again take control of the course of the Congress.

And anyway, the whole week before and during the Congress, Cruz has used to promote his presidential ambitions. He met with the major donors and politicians, arranged for their meals. So, on Wednesday he arranged a big dinner in the outdoor cocktail lounge. When his supporters started chanting “2020” over an open cocktail lounge Navis plane trump’s Boeing 757, drowning out the speech of speakers with the noise of their motors.

The noise in the meeting room of the Congress like echoed with the noise trunovskogo “Boeing”. As the saying goes: “make Noise, brother, make noise”.

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