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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wikileaks has published 300 thousand letters of the party Edorgana

WikiLeaks published a batch of emails of the Turkish governing party of justice and development. The site was laid out 294 548 letters 762 boxes, starting with letters from A to I, primary domain of the party on the Internet.

As stated on the organization’s website, the publication was a response to mass purges and repression that followed the coup attempt in Turkey. The material was obtained by Wikileaks a week before the coup attempt in Turkey.

Recently released a letter dated July 6, 2016.

The organization said that the domain of the letter which was posted, is mostly used for correspondence in international Affairs, and not on the “most sensitive” cases in the country.

The TV channel “Rain” with reference to the organization’s website reports that the published materials were checked. It is established that granting their employees not associated with the coup in Turkey, a rival political party or another state.

After the publication of the emails of the ruling party access to the website in the country were blocked.

“WikiLeaks has done a lock on the entire territory of Turkey after the publication of 300 thousand emails Erdogan’s party,” wrote the organization in his microblog on Twitter.

We will remind, the group of soldiers attempted to seize power in Turkey on 16 July, but the authorities crushed the revolt. When the coup attempt killed more than 290 people. Riot accused preacher Fethullah gülen living in the United States. Ankara has demanded his immediate extradition.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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