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Friday, March 16, 2018

United Russia create groups for monitoring of the implementation of controversial laws

Gardening, food security and trade networks are themes that affect all citizens, the experts said, commenting on the decision of the party “United Russia” to follow the practice of performing a new controversial laws: retail activity, ecology and conservation of the forest Fund of the country, as well as the involvement of unused land in agriculture.

The party “United Russia” creates four groups for monitoring of the implementation of controversial laws, announced on Wednesday, speaking at a press conference in TASS, the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov. The results of this work will be presented in a report to President Vladimir Putin.

“These lands were hardest hit by the barbarous deforestation, the construction of cottage settlements close to the coastline”

“Some of the laws in question, is a framework, including at the regional level. This is an important, resonant laws, the passage of which the Parliament has caused resistance from various groups,” – said Neverov. He explained that we are talking in particular about the amendment in the law on trade, aimed at supporting domestic producers, the laws in the field of ecology to create forest green belts around major towns and cities, as well as the law on the involvement of unused agricultural land.

“We have set up four monitoring working group, we invite experts and activists to take part in this work. The result will be joint reports, which we will present to our President”, – said Neverov. Thus, according to him, if they will need some adjustments, they will be held.

The amendment was “great opposition”

Neverov noted that under the constant control of United Russia will be the law on fundamentals of state regulation of trading activities.

“In the spring session we introduced amendments, adoption of which was, not hide it, hard, with great resistance, but they were taken,” he confirmed. “The amendments restrict the growth of compensation trade networks five percent of the price of food products, it used to be 10. At the meetings, which take place in the regions say that local producers are faced with the fact that the networks are trying to circumvent these restrictions, in fact, leave everything in its place”, – said the Secretary of the General Council.

According to him, the second block of laws relating to the environment and the conservation of forest resources. “Amendments to the Forest code also met opposition from a number of timber merchants. They played primarily against the creation of a registry of unscrupulous tenants of the forest, those who, contrary to the obligations is not engaged in reforestation,” said Neverov.

At the same time, he stressed that rules of law should not become an instrument of unfair competition. “In this unit – questions about the creation of grassland areas around our cities, the so-called green shields”, – said the politician.

“Another important document for many regions is a law on the inclusion of unused agricultural land,” – said Neverov. In his opinion, it is important to prevent abuse, to understand the willingness of each region to conduct an objective, clear monitoring of how processed or not processed such land as in the region of such lands.

The Neverov has warned that the group will work at both the Federal and regional level. He also called on the candidates from the “United Russia” to take part in this monitoring.

Looking for “new forms of collection”

In addition to Neverov, the press conference was attended by the Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya, the first Deputy Chairman of the industry Committee of the state Duma Vladimir Gutenev, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on agrarian issues Nikolai Pankov and head of the Center of the popular front for the independent monitoring of execution of decrees of the President of “national expertise” Nikolai Nikolaev.

The execution of the law on trade “EP will be monitored in cooperation with FAS, said Irina Yarovaya, who headed within the appropriate party monitoring group. She indicated that the group will work with unions of producers, entrepreneurs and farmers. “Our law is designed to protect small and medium business”, – she noted. “We already have info that online shopping trying to find new forms of payment of remuneration. We have information that, for example, they are trying now through the so-called penalties is to lay the mechanisms for the voluntary collection of funds from producers,” – said Spring.

The head of the Committee promised that the group will carefully analyze the situation and the response will be immediate. “Including through the prosecution authorities and the Federal Antimonopoly service”, – she said.

In turn, the head of the Duma Committee on agrarian issues Nikolai Pankov said that “ER” together with Rosselhoznadzorom will monitor the use of agricultural land for the purpose. “I think it is very important that the party “United Russia” creates a monitoring group in order to examine how much of the earth today really does not produce agricultural products,” – said the MP.

“At the local level through the party project “Russian village”, we will consider questions that are not docked in a particular subject of the Russian Federation may need changes to the legislative framework in the subject,” he added. He said that the goal is the entry into circulation of agricultural land for agricultural production. According to him, today, 28 million hectares of land that is privately owned and which were taken for agricultural production, for 5-8 years “is not made of nothing.” According to him, Russia is thus returned to a turnover of 28 million hectares of unused land.

From the “Green shield” to “Green tape”

United Russia” undertakes the function of monitoring the process of land development around major cities and will not allow the exemption of state forest lands, said Vladimir Gutenev. According to him, “the new law restricting the felling of trees around the cities, aimed at solution of the task of protecting the forest.” According to guteneva, has created the monitoring group also held public hearings to determine which areas would be appropriate to include in the “green shields”. “Unfortunately, we see that many actors, including the Moscow region, is the seizure of state forest lands”, – he complained.

After the press conference, Vladimir Gutenev explained to the reporter of the newspaper VIEW that monitoring – in particular, on creation of “green shields” around cities – is not directly linked to the current election campaign.

“We are working on this problem for the past two and a half years. Unfortunately, it is relevant not only to our large cities, metropolises, but also small settlements. For example, in the Irkutsk region to create their interpretation of the “Green shield,” as it’s called “Green tape”. It should stretch from Irkutsk and forest area surrounding the city, along the Angara to lake Baikal. These lands were hardest hit by the barbarous deforestation, not only for the purpose of economic activity, but also the construction of cottage settlements close to the coastline,” – said United Russia.

“There is absolutely no reference to the election campaign. We have the following year – “year of ecology”. Forests in the country, unfortunately, like shagreen leather, continue to decline. The integrated forest regeneration is also discussed,” – said Gutenev.

Topics which refer to “all citizens”

“As for the party idea to monitor the most sensitive issues, I note that “United Russia” took up themes that concern all citizens of Russia. And gardening, and agriculture, and trade networks – is what fills our living environment, – said the newspaper VIEW head of chair of General political science of the Higher school of Economics, member of the HRC Leonid Polyakov. I understand the reason for it took the party “United Russia” holds the majority in the state Duma and it actually needs to be responsible for the effectiveness of legislative decisions. These legislative solutions it provide the implementation of the strategy of the President.”

The analyst also believes that the idea of monitoring is not merely a “notion” for a particular election campaign, which is already unfolding.

“Rather, it is a long-term strategy, it is the task for the years ahead. It is the party that is responsible, essentially, for the laws passed by the lower house of Parliament, should continue to provide clear support for these laws in the first place – in the form of monitoring of these laws, and then, if necessary, quick and effective correction of the legislative field. I think that the monitoring, which says “United Russia” – is a good signal that we have serious political force that is able to make decisions and then be responsible for them, correcting time” – summed up the Poles.

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