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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

To make human-amphibian, scientists had to “drown” the dog

Russian scientists have taught the dog to breathe underwater record long time. The 700-metre depth, the test Ball was up to 2 (!) hours. To make the dog amphibian failed due to unique Russian technology of liquid breathing, developed in Russia during the last 30 years. The correspondent of “MK” has learned the details.

Liquid breathing involves the lungs filling with fluid, saturated dissolved oxygen, which enters the bloodstream. The most suitable substances for this purpose were the compounds of carbon and fluorine, which are well dissolve oxygen and carbon dioxide. First of all, this method has been applied by clinicians for the treatment of purulent processes in the lung in children. Liquid with oxygen by means of tubes pumped into one of the lungs through the trachea. The idea of “full immersion” into the water, there is bilateral filling with fluid lung specialists in the Soviet Union and the United States began to experience in the 80-ies. This method is considered effective for the prevention of decompression sickness, which can lead to the death of divers at their fast Autonomous ascent to the surface.

As reported “MK” the retired physician deep-sea Navy Alexander Ivanchenko, if the lungs are filled with fluid, the process of raising man to the surface may take a matter of seconds without risking barotrauma, which is important for his injury or risk of frostbite.

One time development technologies stalled as scientists, as we do, and abroad could not come up with the perfect ratio of chemical components of the respiratory fluid to at its introduction, people have not experienced the pain and more effective than breathing it underwater. The first breakthrough was made by Russian chemists. On the issue of actively working scientists of the 40th military Institute in the town of Lomonosov and the St. Petersburg Institute of pulmonology.

-In experiments on rodents and dogs (light last closest in structure to human) we have managed to achieve a record of “immersion”, but rather a simulated dive under the water in a special pressure chamber to a depth of 700 meters or more, ” says scientific leader in the field of liquid breathing Andrey Filippenko.- In particular, the dog, whose head was entirely in the fluid, quietly breathing, like a fish under water, for 2 hours. For comparison, in experiments overseas colleagues to turn the dog into the amphibious managed up to 20 minutes.

Not long ago scientists conducted with the assistance of the research division Marine technical University of St. Petersburg the first sea trials in Sevastopol, is immersed to a depth of 27 meters young Spaniel. The whole event took 15 minutes.

Watch the video on “Dog Ball has stood two hours under water”

The technology of “liquid breathing” captured on video. This development allowed the subject the dog to hold the Ball under water up to 2 hours.

If in the case of a dog, the animal simply “drown” in oxygen-containing liquid, with the result that his lungs are filled with it, to implement the idea-an amphibian” requires the creation of special fixture, with which the fluid would fill his lungs.

In particular, on Wednesday, the Deputy Director of the advanced research Foundation Vitali Davydov, talking about revitalizing the development of methods for liquid breathing, told of the plans to create a special suit, in which a person can in fact “breathe water”. Something like this space suit was shown in the movie by James Cameron “Abyss”. By the way, the ability to breathe underwater may in the future be useful to man and to dive to very great depths without risk to health. However, before he had to step over a psychological barrier. As Davydov said in an interview with TASS, “the diver should, in fact, voluntarily choke”.

Help “MK”. Implement the fantastic idea of Alexander Belyaev on the creation of the sub-Mariner, was tried in the early 2000s, Israeli engineer Alon, Bodner. Unlike the Creator of the frogman, who grew up with gills instead of lungs, real scientist have created artificial gills machine that produce water from air by means of a centrifuge and supplies it to the lungs. The invention of Badnera interested in civil firms, but of greater interest was shown by the military authorities.

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