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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Theatrical scandal in Perm Krai: fired and Director, Milgram, and Minister Gladnev

Scandal in the Perm region continues: first, the local Minister of culture Igor Gladnev fired deserved-perezaluzhenie artistic Director of Theatre-theatre, Boris Milgram, now the Governor was suspended and the Topics, creating a Commission “to ascertain all the circumstances” loud quarrels.

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The recent events unfolded rapidly. Gladnev decided not just to cast out the demon in the form of Milgram, but at the root to pull out all his offspring, by renaming Theatre in kondovo “academic drama theatre named after” which is not Director, and Director; and then changing the troupe, the whole repertoire — and what really PERMI have some iconic cultural enclave, which is spoken in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, to what? Let everything be quiet, Patriarchal, provincial, to Perm no more unnecessary associations did not cause, and, God forbid, in any of the “cultural capital” did not fall.

However, the only one who applauded this decision was the actor Nikolai Burlyaev: he declared the end of “mockery of Perm culture,” and called to “revive the true culture of the region”. Just what it is, interestingly, true? With banners around the stage go?

It is clear that decapitated the troupe all these days was trying to fight for his famous artistic Director. Vaughn, actor Michael Chudnov has declared a hunger strike “until death”, and said that in the event of death to attract criminal liability under the criminal code of the Russian Federation for the compulsion to commit suicide, Minister of culture of Perm Krai Topics”. It was as Gladnev came to the theater, out of the room the actors, saying there starts a production meeting, and if anyone has any questions, they can make an appointment at the reception… the Actors all called the events “raids” in form and style.

And then instantly excited the capital’s theater community: signed by Dmitry Pevtsov, Inna Churikova, Olga Drozdova, Maxim Dunaevsky, Leah Akhedzhakova etc. the presidential administration sent a letter: “the Removal of Boris Milgram from the position of artistic Director, whatever that is dictated, causing irreparable blow not only for cultural life of the city of Perm, but also in the whole of Russian art!”.

We called the Vice-Chairman of STD Gennady Smirnov:

— What actions will follow from the Union to rescue this situation?

— First, we immediately published an appeal Kalyagin to the Governor of the Perm region, where in particular said: “as far As I know, the Ministry of culture of the region intends not only to fire the art Director of theatre, but to make fundamental changes to the Charter. It is not the reorganization? And what about the “participation of public organizations in the preparation and adoption of such solutions it is possible to say, even if the Board of the Perm branch of the theatre Union of the Russian Federation doesn’t know about them?!”.

— That is, there is iniquity?

— No, from the point of view of law it is difficult to find fault, because there is 278 the article on which the founder may dismiss the artistic Director of two minutes without explanation. But we are talking about the ethical side of it all. No one consulted with the workforce, no one is made known. I believe that this is a mistake. There is, in the end, article 53 of the labour code, which States that workers must obtain information from the employer on the matters directly affecting the interests of employees. And then, of course, interests are affected — they want to make radical changes in the Charter.

And here at the request of the City promptly responded the Governor of the region Viktor Basargin, removing Topics and asked to assess whether he was dismissed Milgram (which, of course, to leave does not want).

All these external events, but to understand the inner motives, we turned to our expert, who knows them both. His name we decided not to mention not to substitute person. And that’s what he said:

— So at the present moment a Committee of creative intellectuals who should understand what is happening and to report thereon to the Governor.

And then solutions can restore Milgram, dismissing completely All and restore All, goodbye to Milgram?

— Absolutely. The main problem is that Igor Gladnev completely alien to any third-party advice. He works as a tank, while being sure that it will be bail in any action. This is his biggest flaw. According to Putin’s decree, each Ministry was organized Tips. So for several years, Gladnev never (!) not listened to any decision of the Council for culture. Any recommendations of decent people in General were not taken.

— Origins of the conflict which we have now?

Ten years ago, Gladnev was Director of the theatre, and Milgram fired him from the post. And one of the versions that Igor just wanted to get even. Although Milgram during this time, absolutely dramatically removed artist Bobylev of the theatre is respected in Perm person, people’s artist of the USSR, other Ulyanov… He died recently. And now Gladnev suggested, removing Milgram, is in honor of Ivan T. to rename the Theatre. That is a tangle of all sorts of long-standing grievances. I think that all will end in September, when elections are held. If Milgram is not, is a problem — it is necessary entirely to change the company, because now all the artists sharpened by a specific musical-drama genre… and who is? Well, you can come Sergei Fedotov, artistic Director of the theater “the bridge”. This is an option, but then “the bridge” will not, and it is also very bright and is necessary in Perm. So Gladnev absolutely nothing all together. That Gladnev harsh, that he was to they are to each other. View.

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