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Monday, March 19, 2018

The intelligence of the child depends on the posture of the parents at conception

Scientists from Boston University came to a sensational conclusion: on the mental ability of the unborn child is affected by the position of the bodies of his parents at conception. The most contribute to the development of intelligence, those postures that are not conducive to conception.

After research, experts have concluded that to study the Kama Sutra should not only pleasure, but also to give birth to a smart baby. They argue that the probability of the birth of a small intellectual heaviest increase poses in which penetration is insignificant and the possibility of getting sperm into the cervical canal is minimal. That is, those provisions that people take for pleasure and not for the sake of increasing the chance of conception.

But those intimate postures that contribute to the conception and usually is practiced by people, is seeking to acquire offspring provide a large number of sperm in the right place and will help to become parents only, not of shining abilities of the heir.

– This is because when the sperm is close to the “target” to get to the egg maybe any of them, says an expert on reproductive health Tea king. – And at remote. reach only the strongest and most active — and from them obtained the most outstanding offspring. Of course, this is only a hypothesis, but quite plausible. By the way, a well-known opinion that the more capable children born to young fathers, is associated with the same — a young man to overcome a difficult path to the egg any sperm, and after 35-40 years — only the strongest representatives.

Meanwhile. It is also believed that the mental abilities of the kids, partly depend on the month of conception, which is associated with seasonal fluctuations in the level of testosterone in the body women. According to this theory the cleverest children born in January, February and March. Also many specialists believe that the mental development of the fetus slows down the stress experienced by the mother. And to cope with stress helps chocolate — scientists from the University of Helsinki came to the conclusion that children, whose mothers during pregnancy ate a lot of chocolate, much more to my peers.

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