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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The General of FSB arrests in the TFR: This is only the beginning

The arrests of senior officials of the TFR clearly indicate the depravity of our law enforcement system and the inability to correctly select personnel and to control their actions. This opinion was expressed by the “MK” member of the Council on foreign and defense policy, the General-the major of FSB in the reserve Alexander MIKHAILOV.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Alexander Georgievich, do you see that happen, the signs of some of the interagency war between the SKR and FSB?

Between departments we have never had neither war nor peace. There is always adhered to the policy of checks and balances. The processes that are taking place, due to the fact that each Agency performs its functions.

In this case, rather, we are talking about features that one of the agencies just did not perform.

– If you remember the Russian President’s speech to the Federal Assembly, he very clearly indicated that corruption have permeated not only public authorities but also law enforcement system. As a result, law enforcement officers are very often not so much work for the result, but carry out any orders. As a consequence, these orders, they almost ruin the business and cause irreparable damage to the rights of the individual and the state.

– Does the incident that the TFR for some reasons became the object of attention by the leadership of the country?

The reason is rather that if the system was more closed, then today many are so “detached” that don’t even pay attention to the consequences of their actions. They believe that they are right and spit on public opinion on the law. Lately it has even become a character of outrageousness in relation to people, to law, to courts, Prosecutor’s office and so on. Today it has become really very prominent phenomenon that everyone can see. We came to a situation where, in my opinion, the uncontrolled life of the Investigative Committee is already causing irreparable harm and the law, and the rule of law.

– Why such arrogance of its representatives?

– Today the Prosecutor’s office as Supervisory authority devoid of even the opportunity to get acquainted with the criminal cases over which it must oversee. Well, it’s absolutely not right! Thus, a separate investigative body we are becoming a polubanditskoe formation that boldly sends all. The Prosecutor says investigators: there is no crime, and those even he do not pay attention. Im talking about the illegal detention of a particular person, again no attention. I think I’d better stop. It is no accident that the Prosecutor’s office was created as a body responsible for the observance of legality in all spheres.

This neglect leads to the fact that a lot of the abuse occurs. In this case, it’s touched practically the first persons of the Investigative Committee of Moscow. But if it touched people first, then you can imagine what is happening to them at the bottom. We are very often confronted with the fact that law enforcement agencies have become the absolute antithesis of their objectives. And this, of course, raises very serious concerns. From the same start all the Maidan! If you remember the first Kiev Maidan, one of his reasons was a General injustice and arbitrariness of investigative authorities, prosecutors and security services. People react very painful. This leads to serious outbreaks of social excitement.

And the formation of legal consciousness of society that it does not help.

– Yes, we do see that very often declared high-profile cases end in nothing. Let us recall the situation with prosecutors and casinos, remember the case Vasilyeva. On the one hand, the investigating authorities and the law enforcement system declares fight against crime, and on the other — it all turns into a shame state.

– You mentioned things by which law enforcement and enforcers, as many believe, society spat in the face…

– Today’s corruption is different fundamentally from the one that was under Soviet rule. Remember all those Uzbek case and what do we see? Where did they do with the money? Buried in the ground, because they could not implement them. Today only some pimple appointed head of a Department, so tomorrow come to work in hours for a hundred thousand bucks. This our corruption is different from corruption in the world. It is too pronounced — pretentious, arrogant, cynical and very flashy.

– Moreover, we are not only small and medium-sized “pimples”. The fish rots from the head.

– Who among the legislators discussed and have even formulated the idea to highlight some of the individuals at the state level, and they committed crimes related to corruption, the disregard of human rights, to punish the article “treason”. Because, in fact, this is the top layer, it’s just your lawlessness to the detriment not of the specific situation, they compromise the public authority in a particularly cynical form.

The issue is that the person who occupies the post of Governor, Minister, head of the highest level, which the government entrusted the execution of some very important social functions in some way modifies these functions. And hence changes to the state.

– Still, the situation in the UK can be called a reflection of what is happening with the state as a whole? Or is it a separate story?

– It seems to me that all that has happened now with the Investigative Committee, it is a reflection of the situation, to which we have come with its creation. We need to return to the Trinity system for law enforcement agencies — the Prosecutor’s office, FSB and MVD. And no more of the subjects of operational-search activities should not be. The result, in my deepest conviction, must be under the strict supervision of the Prosecutor’s office very efficiently and have to work all the regulatory authorities — their own security service, the Commission of corruption of the President of the Russian Federation. And what we now faced in the UK, this is only the beginning. In this situation we are dealing with a very small tip of the iceberg, and below even more difficult situation. Arrests of top law enforcement officers that took place recently (here and it Sugrobova, and it kryshevateley casino) indicate ill-health of the entire system as a whole. You need to pay attention to the depth of penetration of corruption — in this case detained the head of their own security, that is the one about whom it is accepted to speak, what the person is like Caesar’s wife — above suspicion. And if you remember another period Gryzlov, when he was Minister of internal Affairs, was then arrested by the chief of the security Department of the Ministry of emergency Ganeev. It turns out that we have not done since any conclusions. And still not know how to deal with a competent selection of personnel and are not able to exercise control over their actions.

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