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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert estimated the chances of Clinton and trump in the presidential election

The approval of Donald trump as a Republican candidate in the upcoming US presidential election was a triumph for the billionaire, but not a surprise. In the end, he was able to bypass the coalition in the Caucus and the primaries in most States. Now he has to fight for the presidency with the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The secret to the success of trump’s party Congress and what else can affect the outcome of the U.S. presidential race? This “MK” talked with an expert.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Left — Donald trump’s right — Hillary Clinton

– The secret to success trump at the party Congress of the Republicans alone, it’s previous victory in the primaries. – the Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery GARBUZOV. Usually the congresses of the parties contend is the choice made by voters in the party elections in the States. This year was, of course, its own characteristics — some of the party elite, the Federal elite and the electorate the success of the trump in the primaries is not perceived as a victory. And a number of delegates tried to make a kind of little rebellion in the Congress – so that changed the rules of voting for a candidate that was not taken into account the results of the elections in the States. If that happened, it would be really an outstanding event, but it did not happen: the delegates decided not to go against the will of the voters in the primaries. Because otherwise there would be a conflict situation in which the party elite have opposed themselves to ordinary voters (although simple to call voters in the primaries of party members, too difficult to call). Now the point is set, the Republicans have a couple that will go to the polls in November.

– Is it possible to assess the chances of the trump in the presidential election?

The outcome of the fight of trump and Clinton now is difficult to predict, responsible people on the subject of forecasts do not give. What you need to pay attention to? To exit Clinton, according to opinion polls (and only they can now demonstrate some trends) had the edge over trump. But now their performance almost equal. The point here is, of course, and scandals involving Clinton, in particular, about the history of the use of her personal e-mail, they did not cease, as some seem to think. And excuses Hillary seem weak. To Clinton’s attitude is very complex: many argue “If not for her, then for whom?”. While the liberal voters put before is not a simple choice because they have much of a choice, not something special. But they will vote for Hillary because trump is even worse. So while we are seeing a situation some balance. Now we are waiting for a lull, and then the debates start and will depend on them very much. The television image of Clinton and trump can affect the hesitant and the part of the Republicans who are not enthusiastic about the candidate from their party and therefore do not wish to go to the polls. They will once again give a chance to think: do not vote for trump, at least in order not to defeat the Democrats?”.

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