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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The amazing story of Alexander Margelov: “a lot of Heroes, he is special”

Died today, the legendary paratrooper, the Hero of Russia Colonel Alexander Margelov. The Union of paratroopers of Russia would ensure that he was buried at Novodevichy cemetery next to his father, the first commander of the airborne troops of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov was. On why Alexander Margelov called “our landing Gagarin” and his heroic family told us airborne veterans.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The title of Hero of Russia Alexander Margelov was received in 1996 for “courage and heroism shown during the trial, debugging and development of special equipment.

What is behind this dry wording?

We have so many heroes, but Alexander among them – special, – says the Hero of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Union of paratroopers of Russia Valery Vostrotin, In peacetime, he was awarded the title of Hero for what felt our landing system — landing inside the passenger car. It was twice in ‘ 73, when we were still young cadets, and he then became an example for us. And the second time, even more challenging test was 76 year. We believe our landing Gagarin. Gagarin flew up, not knowing what will be there, and Margelov flew down, not knowing what will happen to him.

– It was a new milestone in the development of the airborne forces, says the Executive Director of all-Russian festival “For Russia, troops and spetsnaz, Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Kalinkin. – Then for the first time in the world with aircraft dropped equipment along with troops inside.

Discharge was two. The first in ‘ 73 — with the usual parachute. Second, the 76th — reactive. It was very risky — this is conducted many tests with animals and they died at the same time — the landing speed is very high, a strong enough impact on the ground.

Despite all the efforts of those who worked to create this idea, many in the Union did not believe that this is possible in principle. But Vasily Filippovich Margelov, who commanded the test was determined. To all the naysayers put in place, he decided that the first jump will make his son, Lieutenant Alexander Margelov.

This case was written not one book — Vasily Margelov or “uncle Bob,” as it’s loving called in the airborne, was at the command post. While there was testing, he would not let a cigarette from his teeth and not even noticed as I smoked the whole pack. And while his son was flying along with the car in the dark, in the hand of the father, was a loaded pistol. In case of failure, Margelov is a senior was going to immediately put a bullet in the head.

Vasily Filippovich Margelov was the successor of the galaxy of military leaders of the generation that won the Great war Otechestvennuyu. Stalin in the war, one son died, the second war on the fighters. The Mikoyan one son died, the other was seriously wounded. Khrushchev’s son was shot down and captured. Son Frunze died… It was all the people who don’t hide behind their titles and positions, while they themselves were fighting and their children were sent to war in order to win is the most important for our country protivostoyanie at any cost. And Vasily Filippovich Margelov continued this line sent his son in the first, extremely dangerous jump, ” says Kalinkin.

And in the 76th Alexander Margelov was another jump with BMD, even more difficult. 23 Jan as crew commander major Margelov, again for the first time in the world and domestic practice made an experimental landing inside BMD-1 parachute-jet system in the complex “Reactor”.

– In the first case ejected several parachutes that slow the car all the way to the line. In the second case, ejected the parachute is smaller and the car coming down at great speed, and the ground fires a jet brake, which gives a stream in the opposite direction. The car landed softly and without damage – said difference of the first and second jumps Mikhail Kalinkin.

On the landing of military equipment Alexander Margelov became the world record holder. Just behind him a parachute unfolded 145 times.

The whole family Markelovich is the pride of our Motherland, – Kalinkin considers. – The example of such people are our enemies understand that Russia cannot be conquered by force. Alexander was a worthy successor of the traditions of his family and an example to follow.

Now there is a discussion that is long overdue to create a Museum of the family Markelovich and we would be glad if we helped in this difficult task. It is important for the veterans preserved the memory and to our youth we explained that we are a great country not because we have a lot of oil and gas, but because we are carriers of a great culture. And an important part of this culture are the military. There would be a military culture, would not be in our country. We never regretted, but thanks to our the best in the world of military culture, we survived.

For us it is a great loss for the entire military brotherhood, and especially for Marines. I hope that Alexander will be buried with dignity. Now there is a problem in the fact that his ashes were buried next to his father at the Novodevichy cemetery. Active participation in resolving this issue takes both time Valery Vostrotin.

He was a man not only heroic, but also creative, ” recalls Vostrotin. – He is a member of the Union of writers — wrote several books, poems and all about him and about patriotism, and about the blue sky. Here a man died.

According to Vostrotina, Alexander died of cancer.

– Was sick for a long time, but we didn’t know he was hiding, as befits a man. He’s from a famous family. He had five brothers and, unfortunately, they all slowly leave. The past 15 years, Alexander Vasilievich was engaged in public work, including the Union of paratroopers, which I chair. For example, we raised a great generation of Russian paratroopers, who are now real order bearer.

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