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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sensation expected: the Republican Congress sent trump’s presidential elections

The second day of the Congress of the Republican party in Cleveland was marked by the vote of the delegations of the 50 States, elected its nominee for the presidency. And this vote passed without a hitch: trump, effortlessly, came out an absolute winner.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The ceremony of balloting were very picturesque. Speakers are usually local celebrities, loudly boasted of than the rich in their States — attractions, business, nature, people, and then proclaimed their candidate. Usually, Donald trump.

Cherished numbers — 1237 votes — trump was reached at the time when the vote of the delegation of the state of new York, who is now 32 years old did not vote for the Republican candidates in the General election. It must be emphasized that 721 voice got rivals trump in the primaries. Such “dissident” party doesn’t remember since 1976. It is, however, not even slowed down the movement of a trump to the nomination, but sowed the seeds of future discord.

Among those who voted for trump, gave him at first on the first number, there were such influential figures as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and speaker of the house Paul Ryan, who, under the regulations, is the Chairman of the Congress. When Ohio, the capital of which is Cleveland, gave all his 66 votes of the delegates for Governor of the state of Kasika, shushed. Kasik did not support trump.

Marching according to the alphabet in new Mexico the state of new York abstained to vote for trump, when the cherished number will be over 1237 votes. He heard something similar to the famous hit “new York, new York”. Huge screens hanging in the arena “The Q”, broke out the Golden fireworks. Then appeared the words “in Excess of the required limit.”

But even in this moment, seemingly universal celebration, some delegates stayed in their seats and in the stalls and in large sections of the mezzanine blushed empty seats.

The only thing that cemented these gentlemen, was the hatred of Hillary Clinton (personal) and the Democrats. That’s why speakers are not so much praised trump as the honor of Hillary.

In this sense, cleverly built his speech the Governor of the state of new Jersey Chris Christie. He acted as the Prosecutor, giving Congress the role of the jury. Speaking about the events in Benghazi in 2012, in an attack by extremists on the U.S. mission killed several diplomats, he proclaimed: “What’s your decision?” Congress and the thunder responded, “Guilty!” The same thing was repeated, when Christie talked about Iraq, Syria, the Kremlin and so on. “Guilty!” — rushed from all sides.

Over the arena “The Q” hung in the atmosphere, which is called “the Spirit of 2020” – we are talking about this year’s presidential election. Based on the fact that the current presidential election trump loses, his opponents treated the delegates “for the future”. Especially trying Texas Senator Ted Cruz, which rotates among the donors and activists of the party in the restaurants and the corridors of Congress.

Outside “The Q” the main topic of gossip was “plagiarism” trump wife Melania, which, they say, stole entire passages from a speech by Michelle Obama at the democratic Convention in 2008. Former campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski trump blamed his “heir” Paul Maniford and demanded his resignation. But this accusation was angrily rejected by trump’s son Donald trump Jr.

The Republican Convention continues its work.

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