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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Latest blog Pavel Sheremet was on the battalion “Azov”

Famous Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet exploded this morning in the car in the center of Kiev, in the last five years lived in Ukraine. Although the main topic of his articles and radio speeches were still the situation in his native Belarus and in Russia, where he lived for more than 10 years, all Ukrainian commentators from social networks, reacting to a terrible event, advised to study recent articles and speeches of Paul.

photo: facebook.com

The last column in the Internet edition “Ukrainian truth” Paul wrote on July 17. It was called “Azov”: responsibility and dobrobiti”. The article was about the infamous Azov battalion, and about his illegal activities. “To predict anything is not going to just draw your attention to 2 is indicative of the history of the last days.” – Paul wrote. He noticed that yesterday from the detention center released the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Odessa port plant”, the first Deputy head of Board of NAK “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Sergey Fracture of the perpetrator in a situation in a large enterprise offered for privatization. According to Sheremet, corrupt officials escape liability not because of bad work of anti-corruption Bureau, but because “the deputies-commanders and even some men in camouflage uniforms on Friday and Saturday blocked the work of the court and created an atmosphere of madness surrounding these two cases.” In his opinion, “deputies-commanders and men in camouflage now, if not above the law, the order is able to paralyze the action of any law”. The second story highlighted Sheremet in his column, dealt with the Friday the history with detention in the Zaporozhye region of bandits, who robbed the banks. “They were lured into the woods on the collector car and they tried to defuse it. 2 attackers were killed – a citizen of Latvia (it took the first shot a sniper, he doesn’t even have time to shoot the collectors) and a citizen of Russia (heavily wounded, he died on Saturday in hospital), 2 wounds was arrested, and another two managed to escape. One of them is the fighter the shelf “Azov”.” – wrote Sheremet. “The key in this story is the mention of “Azov”. Killed a citizen of Latvia, as Russian, once was with the “Azov” and well fought. One of the attackers had served in the regiment until the last day.” wrote on Paul. While Paul does not forget to mention that when the hot heads of SBU decided to storm the base of the “Azov”, “manage” helped the ex-the battalion commander “Azov” and now a Deputy Andrey Biletsky. As a result, One ( the head of the SBU the Hrytsak) had the presence of mind and endurance not to bring the situation to a bloody absurd, the second was smart enough to separate the sister from the offender.”. “Cost Biletsky quit cry and in the center of Kiev would gather a crowd of young men, ready to tear the enemies of Ukraine, agents of the FSB and the oligarchs. Were all rustled about zradu, about the third Maidan, about the security forces that protect criminals in the Donbas and put true patriots. But he acted like a responsible person and the commander,” wrote Paul. However, it is recommended to closely monitor the radical youth. Finished your blog Sheremet “health”: “for these volunteers as “Azov Biletsky or “Peacemaker Teteruk need to focus, not on those strange people in camouflage, who in this moment block the work of anti-corruption prosecutors under the Solomensky district court of Kiev.”

The head of national police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, who arrived at the scene of the death of the journalist, encouraged his colleagues not to build any versions about the incident. We do not build. Just the latest publication is one of the many links that the police now begin to build a different version chains. The situation in Ukriane is now so complex and unpredictable that the facts lying on the surface might mean something quite different than they originally seem. Perhaps the death Sheremet had a hand in unmanaged radicals, but perhaps those who want to get rid of these uncontrollable radicals.

The Murder Of Pavel Sheremet. Chronicle of events

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