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Thursday, January 18, 2018

It is proved that sexual arousal makes men stupid

In the experiment, which reportedly was attended by about two hundred volunteers, British researchers found that men residing in a state of sexual arousal, become more stupid than when their mind is something else.

photo: morguefile.com

Participants, whose age was not more than 28 years, divided into two groups. After that, the first group was shown pictures of erotic content, which were sealed girls. Those who were in the second group, researchers have shown other images — neutral landscapes without any sexual connotation.

After the photos, all volunteers were asked to complete several tasks, allowing them to determine intellectual abilities. As it turned out, those participants who had seen pictures of erotic content, showed the worst results than the rest of the team and concluded that their intellectual capacity had a negative impact sexual arousal.

Earlier, another group of scientists said that men absolutely don’t have to see erotic images, to think about sex thoughts on this subject, they on average, devote approximately five hours per day, more than any other topic, including career, salary, friends and family.

However, another study conducted by experts from Taiwan suggests that men I don’t think you think about sex, not sparing of intellectual abilities: how figured out the experts, men who have sex at least once a week are one and a half times greater chance to live to 80 years. While women such dependence does not apply, from which scientists have concluded that it is associated with effects on the body “of the male hormone testosterone.

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