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Friday, March 16, 2018

In the human brain discovered quantum tunnel

A group of canadian researchers from the University of calgary and University of Alberta, found possible evidence of a fundamentally new type of communication between neurons in the brain — photon tunnels. To such conclusion experts have come through mathematical modeling.

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Experts say that many questions in neuroscience are still open, and if quantum tunnel in the human brain are indeed present, it would get closer to the answer to such questions. Scientists explain that they took into account the fact that the nerve cells can emit photons, and tried to understand whether the brain can use this in the exchange of information between neurons.

In the study, researchers came to the conclusion that as waveguides to guide the biophotons, there may be the myelin sheath covering the axons of neurons and provides their electrical insulation. As experts explain, the refractive index of myelin is higher than that of the intercellular environment, which theoretically allows it to pass through the photons. Thus, the myelin sheath and biophotons can form in the brain a quantum optical network, according to the scientists.

Biophotons, which are the result of oxidation reactions, according to the authors of a new study can be a perfect carrier of information, since body temperature may influence the movement of electrical impulses, but not on the propagation of light. Besides, the transmission of information via photons could be millions of times faster than in a way that today seems well-known.

At the moment, the research of experts in any peer-reviewed journal not published but can be consulted on the website of the archive preprints and BioRxiv.

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