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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In Kiev blew up journalist Pavel Sheremet: what is behind the murder

Journalist Pavel Sheremet exploded this morning in the car in the center of Kiev, went on the morning program “Morning Pavel Sheremet, radio” Vesti”. In the car detonated an explosive device capacity of about 600 grams of TNT is a lot, 250 grams is enough to blow whole large room. Paul received terrible injuries and died on the way to the hospital.

The explosive device was laid under the bottom of the Subaru XTI, is the first terminal of the bomb. The blast wave from the right passenger door of the car opened upward like in a sports car; the wreckage still find a few meters from the scene of the tragedy. Bumper, for example, found 30 meters ahead. According to the testimony of a waiter from one of the nearby restaurants, Sheremet after the explosion, some time was conscious (he lost his leg) and died in the car “Fast”.

photo: youtube.com

Sheremet lived in Kiev near the site of his death. According to unofficial information, the owner of the car, the head of the edition “the Ukrainian truth” Alyona Pritula was his common-law wife — but in a fateful morning, Paul drove the car.

44-year-old Sheremet have long been known as an irreconcilable opponent of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. In 1997, as a chief of Bureau of ORT in Minsk, he was jailed for reporting from the border. Wanting to prove the “transparency” of the Belarusian borders, Paul before the camera went on the borderline. Therefore, he was accused of violating the state border. To rescue Pavel from jail came Boris Berezovsky, Sergei Dorenko.

The operator of ORT Dmitry Zavadsky, which Sheremet did most of their former “explosive” scenes, disappeared in Minsk and not found to this day.

Some time Pavel Sheremet, he led programs from Moscow, but fell out with the leadership of the First channel.

In Kiev Sheremet settled 5 years ago. He is the Creator of the website “Belarusian partisan”, where is mentioned, that is a great-grandson, grandson these partisans – and now he leads a similar job. This resource is the mass of critical publications about the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Pavel Sheremet has actively cooperated with the “Ukrainian truth”. In the Internet you can find a lot of messages from dissatisfied publications.

We looked at the topic of latest materials “the Ukrainian truth”, the author of which is Paul. His last major publication was dedicated to the battalion “Azov”.

A sharp column Sheremet wrote in February this year — she was dedicated to the “paralysis” of the government Yatsenyuk and the inhibition of reforms in Ukraine, the responsibility for which bears Poroshenko.

Latest tweet Sheremet is a photo of the gift that he sent the ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko — the honey pot:

Little glechyk of honey from the former President pic.twitter.com/WInGhYFF0u

— Pavel Sheremet (@pavelsheremet) 19 Jul 2016

Recently, according to relatives of Pavel Sheremet, Pavel and Alena complained set for them by unknown individuals following them.

On the death of the journalist responded on Facebook, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. “Sorry for your loss Allen and to all the friends of the deceased, – I wrote to Mr. Lutsenko . – I will do everything I can to work together with colleagues to solve the crime”.

Volodymyr Fesenko, Chairman of the Board of the Center for applied political studies “Penta”, put forward three reasons for the loud emergency in the capital.

Photos facebook
Journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in an explosion in Kiev (6 photos)

The first – to destabilize the situation by the physical removal of well-known journalist and public figure. Last year sacred sacrifice made by Oles the Elder, now – Pavel Sheremet.

The second version of Belarusian, because the professional activity of mass media was focused on Ukraine’s neighbouring Republic.

The third explosive device was intended for the owner of the car to Alena Pritula. Who, along with the deceased in 2000 of Georgy Gongadze, the Internet -a resource “the Ukrainian truth” the journalist officially retired, but still quite influential.

Alena Pritula

Pritula was born in Russia, in childhood with his family moved to Ukraine. The Internet-the edition “Ukrainian truth”, she founded, together with George Gongadze, who was murdered in 2000.

Perhaps “removing” Pritula, some forces wanted to capture “the Ukrainian truth”, Ukrainian analysts believe. On the orders of Peter Poroshenko today to Alena Pritula dedicated security.

However, if Sheremet and Perched carefully watched, but this version seems unlikely the killer had to see Paul one sits in the car. Neighbors Paul said: in the morning he went to work at the same time, fifteen minutes to ten. According to the interior Ministry of Ukraine, the most likely was a remote det bomb.

The frame — youtube
Journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in an explosion in Kiev (6 photos)

The fourth version sounded by the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Pavel Shkiryak – “hostile relations with certain persons” – seems most likely.

Pavel Sheremet, according to the website “Belarusian partisan”, will be buried in Minsk.

Video “Witness recorded the car blew up with Sheremet”

When a car bomb killed a Russian journalist Pavel Sheremet. The tragedy took place in Kiev on 20th of July. Earlier Sheremet worked on the “First channel”, and the last five years worked in Ukraine.

New videos on the channel Espreso.TV youtube

CCTV camera captured a car bomb Sheremet. (13 seconds):

The Murder Of Pavel Sheremet. Chronicle of events

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