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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In Avignon is ragged wall

Avignon festival, which this year turned 70 years does not reduce the degree of its research potential. The search for new forms and language is still a priority. I saw it in the theater, where the stage – a performance that refutes the basic law of theatre: on stage the main actor who loves (and not without reason) to be called “his Majesty, the actor.” A new show of Aurélien Bory “Espa/ece” (“Space”) proposes to revise the established view. And not just for the actor. The details of Avignon – observer “MK”.

Photos festival-avignon.com

In the Opera house at the old stage, looking in the ornately decorated hall, I somehow even uncomfortable. As for the mess, accidentally caught in high society and even the apron is not removed, hands are not washed, and there is. And on stage is a huge wall of dark brown color. Sometimes worn, sometimes broken-up. Her smooth, textured study of the surface promises nothing but boredom – well that poor thing take? Along with her six man, too, I must say, not textured, nondescript the form of which is too much does not cause emotions.

In their hands on the book in paperback, and bending them a certain way, people get letters, which they then spread on the wall. Just raise them over your head and attach it to the wall – lire (to read) – tout lire (read everything). People panic: how to read? Why is that? Then there is the word espace (space), then espece (view) and play with these words by changing letters. The owners books all some timid, fussy. What?

However, after a few minutes the picture changes, as the space with shabby wall – to recognition. The wall – a huge machine, the size of the mirror stage begins to live his life. Shabby “fool”, weighing 2.5 tons and with two closed doors goes in different directions, irritably tossing and turning, menacing and approaching their four wings fold in various combinations. Ease noiseless movements of this design is striking – as on the ice. To think that because the miracles of the remote control.

However, the “Space” of Aurélien Bory – not the exhibition of achievements of the stage equipment, as it may seem at first glance. This is a profound misconception because spectacular action made on the basis of serious literary material – works by French writer Georges Pumping, known for his novels, plays, essays, and games. But whatever he was doing, he in one form or another was always thinking about space, starting from its architecture, art and geopolitics. And most importantly – his own biography, which is not to be envied: his mother died in Auschwitz in 1943, before he could save his son, and this circumstance left an imprint on his life.

With texts by Georges Pumping directed by Aurelien Bory curiously explores the space as a place of escape, survival, and development. Where the reference point is void. A research tool has become the most common wall and the people near and around it.

How does it look? As a Thriller, sometimes creepy, and sometimes hilarious, like a fun puzzle game to break away from which is impossible even for a minute. Wall seems alive, but with dangerous intentions. By the way, on the reverse side, it resembles a Belgian waffle. Good “wafer”: she’s like the killer is after artists due to their excellent circus skills, to adapt to the looming apocalyptic threat.

While from time to time in the wall options have Association with the book: and in another moment both parts of this “book” will close, holding between “pages” a woman in a long dress who sings something in German. But once moving the sash, suddenly saving the door. And the wall is moved on a turn, a flirtatious wave of her wing. She’s in charge, and the role of its principal, and the artists staff, with their fussy actions only accentuates its greatness and superiority over all the essential.

Buying one set, minimum movement of artists and their movement around the stage to build his philosophy of space, as the image of the world. This idea offers people not having theatrical education. Bori by profession, a physicist, and it explains a lot. The title of one of his previous works without lyrics and gravitas sounds like the title of a scientific work – “rubber Geometry”.

– My show is not an adaptation of the book, but the inspiration from it. “says the Director. Man, as a species, lives in the present space, and I’m wondering how they affect each other. Connection in one two words – erase (space) and espece (view) – allows me to dive into the depths of these relationships. What an emptiness and what a game of hide and seek with fear? As from the world that surrounds us, to move to another space? Because to live means to constantly move from one space to another.

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