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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ganapolsky suspected in the murder Sheremeta Ukrainian “Chechens”

Pavel Sheremet was one of the few but iconic journalists who come to work in Kyiv from Moscow. One such person is Matthew Ganapolsky. He answered us in a very important questions about the reasons for the murder of Paul.

photo: facebook.com

— What do you think about the possible causes of this murder?

No obvious reasons for killing Pasha Sheremet, simply does not exist.

Yes, this man was a difficult biography. He is known in three media markets. Started in Belarus after it was a lot of work in Russia, he in the late 90s, even had a program. Then he been working at the Russian Public television and led a show there. But in the end this show is closed — or, rather, closed Pasha Sheremet.

After this — work in Kiev… And all three of these geographical points of its activities differ by one characteristic. And Belarus, creating the famous website “Belarusian partisan” and in Russia, expressing their doubts in correctness of actions of the Russian leadership and Ukraine, when he began to write on the site “Ukrainian Pravda” — the most famous Ukrainian media articles, where he expressed his discontent with the current policy, but it’s never been too. Was absolutely professional.

There was no calls to leave the square, to arrange a second or third Bolotnaya Sakharov Avenue. He is a man very serious and few people remember now what he was doing documentaries, he wrote books that he as a teacher was teaching young journalists…

That is any obvious reason to not just to stab or hit with a rock in a dark alley, and to commit such a murder, to be honest, I have not. Although, perhaps, I don’t know something.

Deputy of internal Affairs of Ukraine Shkiryak said today that they do not exclude personal aversions. But what should be personal aversions to blow up a car?..

Of course, there is a version that the criminals just missed the mark: in fact, they labeled Alyona Pritula, his civil wife, editor-in-chief of the site “Ukrainian truth”. May be this version? Maybe like any other. But this version malacostraca.

“Ukrainian Pravda” founded by the late Georgiy Gongadze, who was also brutally killed. Yes, indeed, Ukrainian authorities were not very pleased with some of the investigation “Ukrainian truth”. And not from the point of view Poroshenko Groysman, but also the second echelon, which sits in a quiet office, to privatize Ukraine and spends some fake elections. That is “people money”, and we all know that Ukraine is fairly corrupt country.

But if you wanted to deal with Alyona Pritula (bite my tongue), it is possible to recall the murder of Nemtsov. Is that what killed Nemtsov, the most vivid representative of the Russian opposition closed opposition movement in Russia at all? No, it was even more opposed to civil society power. Exactly the same here.

There is a feeling that Ukraine has its “Chechens” deep Ukrainian who commit crimes without thinking – that someone liked it. Who — is unclear.

— Have you had a personal relationship with Paul? You were comrades, buddies? Have you met him?

— It’s hard to talk about the man who was yesterday, and today it is not. I can’t say I was a close friend of Pavel Sheremet. But we were Facebook friends, and that means a lot in this time of Internet and social networks.

I always carefully read his publications, they were interesting. Always. The point of view of his I always liked. We met at various journalistic events, saying each other nice words.

Until recently, his job, if I may say so, was nonpublic. He wrote articles, that is mostly his work was at the computer. But when I got out of radio “Vesti” and moved to another station, it invited him to change me. And it was a good change, because it’s beautiful, professional presenter.

But he had another quality. Few people know about it, but Sheremet was awarded the OSCE prize for journalism and human rights activities. I have no such award, so I Paul will always be jealous. The fact that it was recognition of his merits as a man who protects our rights. It’s like the finger of God.

I am a journalist myself and know what a journalist we have lost. But the man at the microphone or writing articles can change the other person sitting at the microphone and writes articles. But to change the human rights defender can only man who has the soul of a human rights activist. Because it is not clear why human rights activists do: they are suffering hardships, they are persecuted. These people do not protect their rights.

Paul was quite successful and wealthy and could take place in a hundred countries. But he had some quality of the soul, when he was in a new country, put the suitcase, drank a Cup of coffee to cheer up…

The first question he had not “where is the supermarket?” in order to buy food for the evening, or “cash” to get money for their publications. He asked another question: “what are you doing with politicians?” Here’s a question can ask each person.

— There is a version that the murder of Paul Sheremet is a warning to all Russian journalists working in Kiev. What do you say about this?

— There’s nothing I can say about this version. I think this version is wrong. The fact that the Russian journalists who arrived in Ukraine are not Russia. Pavel Sheremet is not engaged in Russia. In Russia there is no political life, and in Ukraine it is here every minute something happens.

If you look at the publication Paul, his article, you will find that almost all of them 99.9% devoted to Ukrainian issues. And such journalists here — the vast majority. It’s not the Russian emigration during the civil war, which sat in Paris, drinking coffee and waiting for messages when the collapse of the Bolshevik regime. There is no such!

Read the story “the Bitter truth Pavel Sheremet: from Putin to support Ukrainian policy”

The Murder Of Pavel Sheremet. Chronicle of events

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