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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fans of Lemeshev was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic

Another birthday of your pet noted admirer of the famous Soviet Opera singer Sergey Lemeshev. Despite the fact that Efron died in the summer of 1977, he is buried at Novodevichy cemetery), some of the “hamasistan”, battered him on the stage, still retains remarkable loyalty to his idol. About the unprecedented love of the audience to Sergei Yakovlevich Lemesheva and on the vicissitudes of fate of the legendary artist told us people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the “Center of Russian culture and art” Vladimir Devyatov.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Vladimir Sergeyevich, they say that money Lemeshev was not too strong, is it?

– Sergey Yakovlevich Lemeshev was gifted with a voice of exceptional beauty and unique timbre. And although in his early career, he was really small, not strong, Lemeshev developed it. On that Foundation, which God gave him, he hardly would have reached such amazing heights. Lemeshev treated people who came from the depths of the peasantry. Born in the village of Old Knyazevo of the Tver province, July 10, 1902. In a peasant family. Was one of three children in the family. The mother raised them virtually alone, because the father Lemeshev – Jacob S. Lemeshev worked in the city as a laborer, in the village there was no work, So dad more of the time was absent. The origin of the names Lemeshev is also quite interesting. The fact that my grandfather Sergei Yakovlevich Stepan Ivanovich Ivanov was very lucky: when he was plowing, found a steel shield. At that time the shingles were only on wealthy farmers, so it was called in the village Lemesh”. Over time, this nickname became a surname.

– Where Sergei Lemeshev studied?

– Sergei in 1914 he graduated from the parish school, and then together with uncle went to St. Petersburg to learn the shoemaking business. There he discovered the wonderful world of stage, theatre and cinematograph. Thus, Lemeshev became convinced that he wanted to be an artist. Shoe-making brought him a small income, and he returned to the village. There he began to attend art club, where he gained his first stage experience. The mother of Sergei Lemesheva to feed their children, a job as a AU pair in a public school workshop, which was opened in rural HOMESTEAD with the advent of Soviet power.

– How did the peasant’s son Lemeshev decided to connect his life with music?

The voice talent was the father of Sergey Lemeshev. The people of the village gladly came to listen to the song Yasha Lemeshev. He Lemeshev wrote in his book that to sing to children on people was not allowed and he went into the woods. Once he was doing this I heard head of school, the former owner of the manor of the village of Knyazevo Nikolai Kvashnin. He invited Lemesheva to his home, introduced with his wife Yevgenia, who became one of his first teachers in singing. Through this internship and realizing that his requests exceed what can give a rustic training, Efron began to look for the opportunity to study at a higher level.

-As to his interest was his mother?

The mother is not believed that this is serious work, but did not prevent son. And here one cold morning in December, 1918, 17-year-old Lemeshev walked in Tver, spent the night there with friends, and the next morning he came to the club, where he was preparing for the evening concert performances, asked in the program. The head of the club was a singer, violinist, composer and conductor Nikolai Sedelnikov. After listening to the young singer, he endorsed the statement made by Lemeshev in the upcoming concert. After listening to a few Opera arias, the audience did not let Lemeshev from the scene. In the intermission, the artist was surrounded by many people who advised him to go to study in Moscow.

– How this event influenced his further life?

– The next day Lemeshev returned to the village, encouraged by this success, and after a few months again went to Tver. After learning that Conservatory in the spring do not give up the entrance exams, he enrolled in the Tver cavalry school, where he was supposed to form, meals and 50 RUB per month. His life at that time was very rich. In Tver Lemeshev first heard the singing outstanding singer Leonid Vitalyevich Sobinov, which was heard in the house Sosninyh. He is especially fond of Russian songs, and he actively participated in the initiative in a cavalry school. The Department of arts, recognizing the vocal talent and musical merit of a cadet Lemeshev, asked the Commissar to assist in Lemeshevo “manifestation of itself on the operatic stage.” When Efron heard that the command sends him to study at the Moscow Conservatory, he was truly happy. But arriving at the Conservatory, learned that the 25 seats allocated for admission, submitted about five hundred statements. But despite, by his own estimates, not very good performance, Lemeshev took in the class of Professor Nazar G. Paradise.

-How was his career after studying at the Conservatory?

– After studying at the Conservatory, he performed in the exam party Vaudemont from the Opera of Tchaikovsky “Iolanta” and Lensky from “Eugene Onegin” and was accepted into the Studio of Stanislavsky, Konstantin Sergeyevich. For Lemesheva it was a very important event. It formed all those creative skills of Sergey Yakovlevich, whom he enjoyed life, learning from the great masters. And here Lemeshev was finally confirmed in the image Lena. After graduating from the Conservatory, he serves in Sverdlovsk, Tbilisi, Harbin. In Tbilisi he heard Alexander Stepanovich Pirogov, who advised him to try his hand at the Bolshoi theatre.

When he debuted in the Bolshoi theatre?

– In 1935, in the Opera “the snow maiden” with the party Berendey. Even then, Lemeshev became very popular, and it was surrounded by more fans that didn’t give him a pass. Sergey Yakovlevich worked at the Bolshoi theatre for over 30 years. The greatest popularity brought him the role of Lensky, which he sang over five hundred times. And even on its 70th anniversary. You can imagine that Lensky is 70 years exactly what he did!

-What Lemeshev was more famous?

– In addition to the huge popularity of the Opera, Lemeshev famously performed and recorded all of Tchaikovsky’s romances. And also played like an entertainer. Speaking about his personal life, his popularity was much higher prominence, perhaps, the most famous of today’s artists.

-What is this popularity mean?

– Theatrical slang even there was such concept “syrii”. Few people know that it comes from the name of the store, which 50 years ago was located on the corner of Gorky street and Kamergersky pereulok not far from the apartment of Sergei Yakovlevich Lemeshev . It is in the store “Cheese” ran warm “lepeshechki”, the clock on duty at the entrance of his idol, for which he received the nickname “cheese”. “leeside-siisti”). Then it was extended to all theatre fans, although how many of them have Lemeshev, so there was no one in the history of all. At a rehearsal for the Bolshoi theatre flocked to the crowd, a sea of enthusiastically concentrated female faces with madly burning eyes. The whispers drifted, “he’s here, he’s here, he’s here. Which door he will go.” He was not allowed passage. Most importantly, needed to see with his own eyes. Lemeshev was very charming and sensitive man, and naturally endeared himself to women. He had an attractive face with clear eyes the gray-blue eyes, and very slender youthful figure. With the growth of 1 m. 72 cm even in old age has not scored more than 70 kg. Women are not rushed, not tearing his clothes, but silently followed him everywhere. Sometimes fainted with delight. One of the most cherished desires Lemeshev was to get rid of them at least a week.

– There were some funny stories?

– Told a story that once, while vacationing in the Crimea, Lemeshev was again subjected to harassment by fans, and one of the guests, a prominent Moscow psychiatrist, said to him: “my hospital has a whole Department consisting of your fans, which it is impossible not to be hospitalized. And you know what I found out: the tone of your voice affects them erotically. So my friend you have phenomenal luck with women.”

-How was his personal life?

-For the first time Lemeshev married, being a student of the Moscow Conservatory. His choice was Natalia Sokolova. She was from nobility, the daughter of a Professor of the Conservatory of Ivan Nikolaevich Sokolov. It was young love Lemeshev. They lived together for a short time. Following his wife was Alice Bulgrin Kamenskaya, who was his senior. When Efron married her, he was 27 and she was 32. It is believed that their impeccable manners, fine culture and refined taste, Efron was picked up from his second wife.

-As the wife of Lemeshev was his groupie?

– Once in 1940-m to year on the screens out the film “Musical story” in the lead role with Sergei Yakovlevich, where he played the role of a taxi driver who became a soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, Lemeshev fell just a terrible popularity. Then came the army of Lemeshonok. His second wife Alice took up the burden of communication with her. But, in the end, after 11 years of married life, Alice could not stand her husband’s cheating, had gone. Later she married and for 40 years has lived with another husband. But when she was dying, she asked me to give her a photograph of a dear and beloved person – Sergei Lemeshev.

– All Lemeshev was famous for his love Affairs?

– Yes, for example, he was passionately in love with the actress of the Moscow art Theater Nora Polonsky. But their romance was short-lived. At the next meeting Nora came in with his girlfriend Lyuba, Warther, which was hot fan Lemeshev. Efron broke new passion. But when Lyuba is back with another tour, being in a relationship with Lemeshev, Sergey caught in love with a young soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Irina Maslennikova. By the way, all the wives, and there were five, Sergei Lemeshev was a noble and well-educated.

-He had children?

And by the way, Irina Maslennikova, only one of the wives, which gave Sergey Yakovlevich daughter. Maria S. Lemeshev became a singer, people’s artist and works in the theater from his stepfather Pokrovsky.

– Who was the last love of a singer?

Fifth and last wife Lemeshev was Vera Nikolaevna Kudryavtseva, the noblewoman, the teacher’s daughter, the beautiful. They met in 1948, the year in Leningrad at the Maly Opera theatre, where Lemeshev came to sing on a one-time contract. He was 46 and she was 37. They lived together for more than 25 years. Settled on Gorky street house 25/9. Vera devoted herself to her husband. After his death in 1977, the year continued to promote and to preserve the memory of it. To the old Lemeshev began to treat his fan more tolerant and soft. “Oh,” said he, ” how quickly time flies. I know that 12 years, I know this one 13 years, what are they all old, how old I am!” Once Sergey Yakovlevich came home dumbfounded and said that now on the Boulevard he declared my love seventeen-year-old girl. “How so, because I’m over 70!” His wife Vera Nikolaevna shrugged her shoulders: “You’re doomed to conquer a woman’s heart.”

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