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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Erdogan uses the failure of the rebellion to attack his greatest enemy

Turkey demands US extradition of the preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is suspected of organizing a failed military coup. This is not the first attempt by Erdogan to neutralize a major political opponent, all previous have failed. But I agree States to extradite one of the most influential in the world of religious thinkers? And where between Adhanom and Gulen such hatred?

Ankara sent an official inquiry to US with the requirement to give living in the us Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom authorities consider the main instigator of the unrest of the past. What gülen feat military uprising, has said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“In addition to allegations that gülen is the inspiration, ideology, and almost the organizer of this coup, nothing else we from the Turkish side is not heard”

Attempt number four

“We have sent to US four documents with a demand to extradite the main terrorist. We will provide (USA) as evidence of the guilt of Fethullah Gulen) as they wish,” – said Tuesday the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim, speaking before Parliament. On Wednesday, he intends to discuss this issue in detail with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. Before the Turkish court has three times issued a warrant for the arrest of Fethullah Gulen, but all attempts to forcibly return him to the country ended in failure. In 2006, the case against gülen was dismissed for lack of evidence. In 2013, the Prosecutor of Turkey tried to achieve wanted Gulen through Interpol, but was refused.

On the eve of intention to demand the extradition of gülen said President Erdogan and hinted that if the US fails, it will affect relations between countries. “We have a bilateral agreement on the extradition of criminals, so if you require someone’s extradition, and I am your strategic partner, I will listen. But if you are doing the same… well, in such cases should be reciprocity,” – said the President of Turkey.

Gulen himself has already responded to the accusations of erdoğan. “I most firmly condemn the military coup attempt in Turkey, said in his official statement. – The government should not change by force, and free and fair elections. I pray for Turkey, the Turkish nation and all over in Turkey. For me as a man who brought so much grief all the military coups in modern Turkey’s history, offensive attempts to link my name with an attempt to seize power. I unconditionally reject this slander.”

Gülen is a representative of the so-called intellectual, not political Islam, is included in the list of the most influential thinkers in the world. Being an Imam, gülen called for interethnic and interfaith dialogue with the “people of the book” – Christians and Jews. Gülen was born in 1941 and managed to survive a lot of shocks in 1971, he went to prison, after he was chased by the military. In Pennsylvania, he went for treatment – 20 years ago, his health was deteriorating. In the United States, gülen has decided not to return home. He does not communicate with the press. The exception was the interview of Bi-bi-si in 2014. Communicate with him the reporter described him as physically weak, tired and sick. “Sometimes he weakly smiled, but most often after he had closed his eyes, and his face was not calm, and pain,” wrote a reporter after the meeting and expressed confidence that Gulen is trying to avoid conflict with Erdogan.

However, the followers of gülen were the main enemies of Erdogan, although he at the time got a good political weight with their support. Gulen and Erdogan were United by religious beliefs, both advocated the return of Islam as an important social factor, contrary to the secular principles of the state, instituted under Ataturk. However, after the departure of Gulen in the US in 1999, their relationship had cooled. In 2000 Turkey has started the trial in absentia of former preacher, and, according to some, in the same year, Erdogan visited Gulen in Pennsylvania. Later, however, former allies exchanged unfriendly phrases: Erdogan called Gulen a terrorist, and in response, gülen suggested to go to hell.

Parallel state

Currently, Turkey is actively working to eliminate structures that are in any way associated with Fethullah gülen. Work will not be easy, because the Hizmet movement, which includes humanity has a huge influence in the country and abroad. In Turkey, the members of the movement are located at all levels of cultural, educational, military and political structures. In 2013, Erdogan called a “parallel state” and actually likened to a terrorist.

On Tuesday, the High Council for radio and television of Turkey has revoked the broadcast licenses of radio and TV companies involved in the attempted coup in the Republic, reported the television channel Sky News Arabia. The TV channel reported that the media linked to Fethullah Gulen, but their names are not given. The list of media supported by the Hizmet movement, there is no list made of the people – membership as such in the society is not practiced. Formally, Gulen is not even the leader of the “Hizmet”.

However, traditionally, the main mouthpiece of the “Hizmet” was considered the newspaper Zaman and Today’s Zaman in English. The first was closed in may of this year, as well as the Cihan news Agency. Zaman often published investigations on corruption in government, edition in 2011 reached a million copies, which made the newspaper one of the most popular media in the country. Both media were owned by the Feza group of companies Yayin Grubu.

Earlier were closed down private television channels and Kanalturk Bugun TV Bugun Gazetesi newspaper and Millet Gazetesi, as well as radio Kanalturk Radyo, part of the holding Koza-Ipek. In his official statement to the Trustees of the holding explained the closure of their loss-making media assets. However, this holding, as the newspaper Zaman and the Agency Cihan, the Turkish authorities considered to be controlled by the Hizmet movement.

The main activities of “Hizmet” is associated with the educational field of Turkey. With the support of the movement opened a large number of educational institutions with a very high quality of education, they operate in 150 countries. Fethullah gülen himself is the main activity calls the education that has attracted the ranks of his supporters many figures of science and culture. The employees in these areas also, not just fall out of favor with Erdogan. Recently the situation with the arrest of Turkish scientists, speaking out against oppression of Kurds, caused an international scandal in January 2016 1128 Turkish and foreign scientists from 89 universities signed an appeal to stop the massacre and slaughter” in the South-East of the country. Soon 21 the scientist wanted, 12 arrested.

Cleaning in the scientific series continues: as of Tuesday, not less than 15.2 thousand employees of the educational sphere, including the Ministry of education temporarily suspended from their posts in connection with the coup, “Hurriyet” reports. Including dismissed 393 employee of the Ministry of family and social policies. On charges of organizing coup attempts in Turkey have been detained 9332 people from different spheres of activity.

The facts on the side of Gulen

Chief editor of the magazine “Problems of national security,” the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS), a political analyst Azhdar Kurtov indicates two sides to the issue of extradition of gülen: legal and political.

From a legal point of view it is important to know the content of the documents sent by Turkey in the United States, which confirms a specific wine gülen in illegal actions (in Washington said it had not received any papers from Ankara – approx. OPINION). “It seems to me that, except for allegations that he is a mastermind, a visionary and almost a financier and organizer of the coup, nothing else we from the Turkish side is not heard. And lawyers are pettifoggers. They follow the letter of the law and under the microscope these facts. Apparently, these facts do not” – Kurt said the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, from the point of view of Turkish justice, partly accustomed in recent years to make decisions under the dictation of the authorities, facts which they had collected enough. “But this will be insufficient from the point of view of American jurisprudence. Gulen has been living in the United States. Erdogan said that the preacher has long-standing ties with senior military leadership of Turkey. So what? It is important to prove the criminal intentions of the action rather than the existence of ties. Yes, he is very popular person, but it does not form crime structure”, – said Kurts.

As for the political side of things, it is more problematic. As explained by the scientist, States in the West, despite the love for constant declarations of legitimacy, in fact, when the decision on extradition shall be guided in most cases by political considerations of their own benefits.

“We have seen this repeatedly in the examples of the UK, which did not extradite Berezovsky, Zakayev and other people involved in violent crimes that has been proven from the point of view of Russian justice. Not issued for political reasons, believing that they were fighting with the Russian regime and cannot be considered as criminals. The U.S. refuses to follow the letter of the law in relation to Viktor bout, pilot Yaroshenko… That is, political motives will prevail,” – said the expert.

Ajdar Kurtov notes that between the US and Erdogan takes place, the verbal sparring, the Turkish leader even tries to blackmail Washington, “but I am inclined to think that gülen will not give, at least once.”

“The United States will stand on the fact that the accusations against him are not proven, and as a “democratic” country, they are not going to give it to the wolves. Especially in Turkey, rather unsuccessfully at the same time raised the issue of the return of the death penalty. And from the point of view of refined Western democracy and legal thought, the death penalty is grounds for non-issuance. However, it is typical mostly for the States of the European Union. USA too can take advantage of this humanitarian wording and leave Gulen”, – predicts Azhdar Kurtov.

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