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Monday, March 19, 2018

Cleanse elite came to the Investigative Committee

High-profile arrests of leaders of the capital investigators did not happen by chance: all power structures are subjected to strict anti-corruption inspections. And now, when the “great purge” came to those who were fully confident of their impunity, we can talk about the transition of the fight against corruption to the most important stage.

In Moscow have detained the first Deputy head of the Main investigatory management SK across Moscow and area, General Denis Nikandrov. According to yet unconfirmed reports, he is suspected of receiving a bribe of one million dollars from the detainee to the days of the chief of the Russian “thief in law” Shakro-Young.

“The arrest of Denis nikandrova recalls its namesake from the Ministry of interior – General Sugrobova”

Along with Nikandrova detained several employees of GSU, including the head of Department of own safety of GSU SK across Moscow Maxim Maksimenko, questioned the chief investigators of Moscow Alexander Drymanov. Given that Nikandrov was promoted to first Deputy less than three months ago, and Timanov became head of the GSU at the end of last year (prior to that, he spent ten months was the acting), it is clear that the development was carried out of the FSB for a long time. Already has information that security officers were nikandrova since the end of last year – because in the case of figures not only the current payoff but also the connivance in the release of one of the henchmen of the kingpin. But now the important thing is not the specific details of the case nikandrova, and the trend is once again on suspicion of corruption arrested those who must fight it.

Nikandrov was among the most important employees of the UK as a whole – he led or participated in several landmark cases, made a successful career. 37 became the second person in the capital management, the General-the major of justice and arrest on suspicion in bribe from the kingpin. The investigative Committee is rotten? But a similar thing happened two years ago in the interior Ministry – also young, 37-year-old General Denis Sugrobov, who headed the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) of the Ministry of internal Affairs and its authority and disclosed to the Affairs of the former hardly probable not the main fighter against corruption in the country, was arrested along with several of his officers.

And it Sugrobova, and it led nikandrova, the FSB is clear, moreover, that of interior Ministry General accused of provocation against the employees of management of own safety of FSB, to put it simply in an attempt to discredit them through bribery from specially planted them “merchants”. The FSB, of course, is a major service not only to combat corruption in government, but also to control the purity of the ranks of all other security officers from the interior Ministry, the SC, the state office of public Prosecutor, FSIN and Federal drug control service recently disbanded.

But in the KGB ranks work of Management of own safety of FSB have recently been almost entirely replaced the leadership of one of the most important divisions of economic security of the FSB, as the overseer of state corporations and the banking system. And at the head of SEB was set as the time the head of the CSS, i.e. the chief internal auditor.

You can still remember, and many other detections of “werewolves” in the ranks of intelligence services and security forces – and not all of them could be brought to court. For example, the collapsed profile case suburban prosecutors”, which several years ago was actively developed as the time of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Putin’s opponents love to accuse the government that it does not turn high-profile cases against high-ranking security officials, and indeed made them untouchable. And all cases of planting or dismissals in the highest circles of power structures explain the internal struggle of clans – here, A defeated B, so cleaned up and arrested. It is not just a simplification – it is a deliberate distortion as the whole situation with the power structures in Russia and to the aims posed in front of the Kremlin.

We have now there is a fairly extensive network of power structures – there is no single avenging sword. It’s not only in a completely natural division as various special services, and various branches of government (e.g., Executive and judicial). In recent years there had been almost complete separation of investigation from prosecution – through the concentration in SC of the bulk of the work undertaken serious efforts to ensure genuine independence of the judiciary. How successful were they? Not as much as everyone would like, but not so that the situation has not changed for the better.

Including in the fight against corruption – the burning of which remains one of the main tasks of the Russian authorities. To create for embezzlers unbearable conditions need to be confident that pure the secret services themselves – that is, concern about the situation inside the law enforcement agencies is a constant headache for the higher authorities. The idea is to create special anti-corruption body with super powers in the Kremlin refused – who will check the cleaners, to control the “guardsmen”?

It is believed that the balance of forces and interests between the different intelligence agencies and law enforcement is the best way to ensure a healthy situation in the organs. Being in a situation of constant competition and mutual control, they should be in good shape – not to cross the law, and not to close their eyes to its violation by others. But this is the ideal – in reality, the competition often turns into unhealthy, starts scheming and “setup” subcontractors, in addition, someone does not maintain temptations and reborn, corrupts.

The problem is that the fight against corruption in the ranks of the security forces comes in the context of capitalist society – that is, the need to overcome the perfectly natural social and class strife between the honest “the sovereign’s servants and those for public office (it does not matter in the state, the Ministry or the Governor’s chair) is an indispensable means “feeding”, that is, to put it simply, the embezzlement of public funds.

Security forces see the way of living of oligarchs and corruption, for a moment, were introduced during the years of their “reign”) and corrupt officials – and being torn apart by between the desire to put all (well, those to whom something is) and to become a part of “high society”. In addition, thousands of security personnel, both existing and former, have been seconded or supplied to a variety of senior positions both in the government and in the economy and their remaining in the offices of colleagues can also see how some of them reborn, corrupts.

Some of the people in uniform it has a corrupting influence – although it is clear that to serve the country and people should be honest regardless of what negative ones you meet on your way.

All this complicated tangle of contradictions and problems but that does not mean that it cannot be solved. In recent years, and Vladimir Putin, and Sergei Ivanov, the head of SK Alexander Bastrykin constantly say that we have no untouchables, that for embezzlement should be punished regardless of rank and merit. These are not empty words – even without changing the socio-economic structure, the authorities took the policy of nationalization and purification of the “elite”.

Three of the current Governor arrested for bribery recently planted dozens of Vice-governors and mayors, the cleaning of the Deputy corps of all levels, shrinking of “address” for the oligarchs, cleaning of the banking system – all the building blocks of the anti-corruption wall. Cleansing, and constant, series, themselves, intelligence is the hardest but the most important part of this work.

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