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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A contract thief with the victim

In the country Matures, the demand for new booze. The government and society do not hear each other, trust, as before — zero, and the only clamps, not allowing the nation to be fragmented, remains the President. Whether the strong rope?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Lately a lot of talk about the past the informal contract between the state and the population, allegedly concluded in fat zero. They say, you there, with the TV, do whatever you want, just fill our refrigerators. It seems that it is a branchy cranberry, thrown into the mass either near the opposition or Pro-government communicators.

Judging by today’s mood, the agreement was that the us purple, you are there (in Moscow, in the regions, the state-owned companies, etc.) steal, but you wouldn’t climb — we’re all ways to get rich. And extracted the profits and eat ourselves buy primarolia, and the world view.

Course 23 with a tail to the dollar with oil at 147 a barrel in mid-2008 was beneficial to both parties. One controlled the arrival of foreign speculative capital, gaining additional profit due to the growth of the national currency. Others steal, converted the rubles into dollars “invested” in offshore, anticipating easy money in foreign resorts.

Now the contract is not “TV with a fridge”, but “the thief and victim” terminated, and, at the initiative of the authorities.

The state intrudes decisively into the material sphere of citizens, not only violating the agreement, but wrongly interpret the townsfolk personal space (“freedom”).

The government and the Ministry of Finance, sitting, believed to be on people’s “common Fund”, continue to invest in the us economy, while denying pensioners and employees in the indexation of their hlipenky income (no money).

Tax all the harder podderzivaet middle class, scaring new extortion and threatening to control not only large purchases, but even currency exchange services.

The regional authorities increase the tariffs for housing and communal services, terrorise the owners, enter into an agreement with the owners of enterprises, if only those “almost there” was not fired employees.

The state budget is bursting at the seams. And people not coming apart, right?

Instead, the society will not be offered anything. Moreover, the government continues not only hard to steal, but did not consider it necessary to straighten the particular “masters of life”. Everybody remember the race of the cops and lukoylovsky “G”, and still very fresh revelations of the oil and gas Princess, pouting lips due to the cancellation of fireworks in Saint-Tropez because of the terrorist attack in the neighborhood…

Speaking of “rip-off”. The authorities believe that if the official pointed to the closed part of the Declaration, view, which, apparently, only the head of the presidential Administration and his comrades, all (or almost all) the assets, he is “under the hood”. At the same time, these “comrades”, including many of human intelligence, do not notice that their pseudonomously Stroy wormed “moles”, the dosage poured in career and/or clan interests information staff “truth”.

Yes, I’m primarily on high-rise buildings and flying doggies Shuvalov. Apparently, someone really doesn’t want the first Deputy Prime Minister after the fall elections to the state Duma became the Prime Minister, but such possibility exists.

But even if the government is deliberately making the stuffing, preparing in case the storm, “the sacred victim”, she lays the bomb under itself. Perhaps because confidence in the cyclical nature of Russian history continues to haunt the country, and therefore, no matter how fake was no reason for unrest, the king again all razrulit.

So it was, but it is unlikely this pattern will last for some time: the company grows. How much rope to twist, and eventually (for “advanced users” seems to be folk wisdom in the way that Turkey 100 days fed, and then comes thanksgiving). In addition, the loss of the country have often been disproportionately more severe than it seemed on the other side.

The reason for the splash is likely, as before, will be false, although it is difficult to call duplicity sharp drop in the standard of living of people. Dissatisfaction can break, when will the post-election devaluation of the ruble, and trade and services not want once again “to enter the position and to keep prices below the waterline.

It is impossible to exclude amplification of protest after the next wave of layoffs when the owners refuse to feed the Horde of their serfs.

Grumbling can escalate into a thunder as a result of new anti-Russian sanctions: the West can’t cope with domestic terrorism, will choose one of the external “scapegoats”, and along highly “recommend” to go from, say, the new Russia.

Desperate to break the will again be controlled by promises, handouts and breaks. For some time we are each other fall behind, but for how long? The root cause-that will not go away.

The main social problem in Russia — the loss since the mid-seventeenth century pin everything confidence, manifested primarily in the unity and solidarity of the people and the government. We were United only in extreme cases, for example, against foreign aggressors, the rest of the state lived in itself, we — by themselves. Moreover, the government never owes us were not. Don’t you agree? Then ask yourself how you contributed to the elevation of the Shuvalov, Dvorkovich, Livanov…

Yes, the government pretends that it is fighting corruption, arresting odious governors and former managers of state-owned companies, but the godfathers, Lucavsala for them, still in their seats.

Yes, the money is not in the country (and we hold), but at the same time is a multibillion-dollar shifting borders and curbs from place to place.

Yes, education to medicine, if you listen to Ministers, galloping to success, but at the same time we hear that higher education two-thirds of the population unnecessarily (despite the fact that the proportion of the population with higher education is only 24%), and raising money for the treatment of children, the elderly without even thinking.

The government declared the movement to distributive justice is trying to honestly negotiate with the public, but as soon as there is a positive response — refuses to perform it the same proposed terms, masterfully throwing people as suckers.

Where the progressive income tax, which has become the norm for all countries the public welfare?

How much can you flaunt the decaying parent capital as “an effective way to increase the birth rate”?

Something to lower the girl who asked absolutely the right question about unavailability of mortgages and high interest rates on home loans, but have forgotten to hide your gadget and dress in rags?

Politics, elections? Deliberance…

Recently in the lexicon of government there is a new term — “garage production”, and the government was immediately instructed to get them out of the “gray sector” is no less than 30 million people. But someone in the government or around it — the same great Kudrin, for example, analyzed why in the fat years, despite flat income tax and reduced the UST (which was the cause of the deficit of the Pension Fund) to do so and failed? No? So, the same work-weary rake is still stupid forehead.

Some political crooks immediately offered to provide “garage” entities of another tax benefit, but who need these privileges if now people pay nothing at all? With a fright, “the new poor” suddenly starts to share with government, the most disgusting figures which these days are puzzled by not finding ways to social harmony, and the sailing vacation options?

Solidarity, sustainability, justice, not Pro-liberal “enrich yourselves” — that is the goal, increasingly clear outline in receivales post-oil frenzy, but the government again does not notice the clear signals. However, do not really want to be the first in the camp clitorectomy pseudo-predictors.

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