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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Yerevan residents came to the defense of radicals who seized a police station

On the night of July 19, the radicals who seized a police station on the outskirts of Yerevan, there were several thousand supporters, who marched through the capital to prevent further unleashing “state terror”. That’s what they call possible assault and mass arrests of activists without explanation. In response, the police gave the besieged radical latest offer of surrender, and opened a case against them for terrorism. Interchange may occur at any time.

photo: youtube.com

Day 18 of July near the place of holding the antiterrorist operation were 6 young people who had unfurled a banner with the inscription “there is no alternative”. Policeyskie quickly stopped an opposition rally, the seated protesters in a paddy wagon. But in the evening from Freedom square to the besieged police station in the street Khorenatsi went 2-3 thousand people under the leadership of the civic initiative “No to plunder”, last year participated in the “electric protests”. At the end of the journey we met several police ranks. About half an hour they stood facing each other, after which the protesters dispersed.

That’s the reason the people went out into the street, “MK” said Gevorg SANOYAN, party processions , one of the organizers of protests in Armenia in 2015:

In the procession was attended by several thousand people, but to the police came only around 100 of them. It was the most different people – from concerned members of the parliamentary parties. The immediate impetus for the speech were the detention of about 200 activists, including a maximum of 10% had to do with the leader of the “Constituent Parliament” Jirayr Sefilyan and his supporters, and the rest did not support him or his methods. The police have enough people in their homes, and then held for more than 36 hours without pushing them any charges. We want the Armenian authorities unleashed terror against their fellow citizens. While our main goal at the moment to achieve a peaceful resolution of the conflict over the seizure of the police station. All residents of Armenia are confident that even if the security forces kill all the rebels, this will not solve anything. Will be a new escalation of violence that will affect the entire country.

In comparison with electric protests, “this time the situation was more tense?

– People understand what the situation is, in fact, a dead end, but our complaints to the authorities more stringent. Country brought to such a state that the worst is already can not be. While no harm during the protests not happened, but the air felt extreme tension. A lot of aggression, from both the marchers and the police. During the demonstration the police literally attacked the activists and beat them in front of everyone. However, once on the Freedom square there was the first Deputy chief of police of Armenia, Hunan Poghosyan, it stopped, and we were promised to punish the guilty security officials. This is reminiscent of the events of 1 March 2008, which is very unpleasant (then because of the demands to revise the results of the presidential elections in clashes with police killed 8 protesters, more than 200 were injured by the security forces 1 person died and 33 were hospitalized). Our events will be held every day until then, until the situation around the area is resolved.

– The marchers were chanting “Miatsum” and “Free Armenia”, does this mean that you support the unification with Karabakh, and the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan? (recall that seized a police Department are the heroes of the Karabakh war)

– All Armenians see the solution of the Karabakh conflict in different ways, but in the end, agree that after solving all the problems of Armenia and Artsakh must unite, as there is no point in the existence of two Armenian States. But this, like the resignation of Sargsyan, was not the main agenda of the March. Now people are focused on how to prevent further application of force to resolve the crisis. Perhaps in the future, demonstrators will move to the political demands, but even that would not mean that they are supporters of the Sefilyan, although the attitude of the Armenians became more soft.

– You oppose the use of force, but seized the police station people have already killed one policeman and several wounded…

We are for resolving the conflict peacefully. Even the rebels themselves admit that they should be judged. But this will take a result, it is necessary to find out all the circumstances of the murder and so on. No one condones the use of force, and no one rejoices in the death of a person.

Meanwhile, the Armenian authorities have filed against the “rebels” criminal proceedings for the seizure of the police station, the murder and hostage-taking. The investigation deals with the national security Service of the Republic, which includes everything that is connected with terrorism. The suspect faces life in prison. In addition, the Armenian police warned that it will prosecute anyone who tries to interfere with the anti-terrorism operation in Yerevan.

We will remind, on Monday in the location of the captured regiment of patrol drove two cars “ambulance”. The doctors bandaged the wounded, and gave the besieged food and water. However, the radicals still refuse to lay down their weapons and continue to demand the release of Sefilyan and the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan. As they continue to hold hostage four people, including Deputy chief of police Vardan Yeghiazaryan and the Deputy chief of Yerevan police Valery Osipyan.

As explained on 19 July one of the members of “Founding Parliament” Alec, Thomsan, an intermediary between the besieged and the besiegers, in the morning, the security forces handed over its latest proposal, which radicals should meet in the evening. Thus, Thomsen refused to disclose the content of the message, stressing that the besieged will take its decision after consulting with Sevillana.

Where in the Armenian society, this support of the militants, “MK” told the scientist Arshaluys MGDESYAN:

– Recently the Armenian radicals appeared a lot of supporters because the residents do not see any other way to affect the current economic and political situation. Approximately 80% of Armenians are dissatisfied with all the current political system, they believe neither the current government nor the parliamentary opposition. These people do not see opportunities to influence the policy pursued in the country, which every day leads to a deterioration of their socio-economic status. Therefore, all those who are not ready for radical action, trying to leave Armenia in search of a better life, and the radicals face the street. And now we come to the moment when Sefilyan and Sargsyan are trapped. If the assault, this may eventually destabilize the socio-political situation in the country, but if the besieged would surrender, and they, and their leader, will long be behind bars. We’ll know soon what was the result of their negotiations.

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