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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ufologists said that in Denmark, found the skull of an alien

Skull, looking as if he belonged to an alien, was found by archaeologists on the island of Zealand, located in the territory of Denmark. This message was made by ufologists, including one of the most famous representatives of this kind of “profession” today, Scott Waring.

photo: pixabay.com

The skull, which can be seen on the submitted UFO videos that conjures up the “classic” aliens, which can often be seen on the fantastic pictures. First and foremost, the formation of such impressions contribute to the huge sockets. In General, the skull similar to a human, although, according to the researchers, one and a half times larger. Reportedly, the age of the finds is estimated at about 800 years and although it resembles the skull of mammals, experts find it difficult to determine the representative of a species could belong to the remains.

For the first time ufologists spoke about the mysterious skull in the last year, but now the information about it again attracted the attention of ufologists. As one of the assumptions they put forward the theory that the similarity of the skull with a human suggests that he belonged to the hybrid of an Earthling and an alien (from the point of view of genetics, this version looks more than doubtful).

Recently, the media had another news regarding the topic of alien life, which, in all probability, was also an old information masquerading as new and sensational. This message concerned the alleged announced the American space Agency NASA conference, which will be presented evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. In fact, a similar conference was held in 2010, and direct evidence of the existence of aliens it was not presented.

Serious scientists overwhelmingly skeptical about the news about aliens, flying saucers and other signs of alien civilizations, representatives of which decided to visit Earth. For example, in a recent interview with MK American astronaut and researcher Tom Jones suggested that if the representatives of another civilization would decide to make contact with earthlings, they would have chosen for less costly in time and resources than a direct visit. While Jones did not rule out that somewhere in the Universe can really be a planet inhabited by intelligent beings — according to astrophysics, the space is so big and there are so many stars and planets, it’s quite real.

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