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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The old woman was videotaped as in the forest scientists walking robot

An elderly American woman strolling through the woods with his dog stumbled upon a group of engineers that accompanied the much more exotic “pet” — a large ultra-modern humanoid biped robot able to move over uneven terrain. “Leash” on which he was going, combined it with electric feeding mechanism with energy. The generators themselves were in a car resembling a Golf cart, which was going back.

photo: youtube.com

The dog took a meeting without enthusiasm — at first she began to bark, to howl and to break off the leash. The old lady is not confused, hearing from afar the creaking, rhythmic sounds, turned on the camera on your phone and took a passing fancy procession on video, which, as you might expect, was pretty surreal. Subsequently, the woman’s son posted the video online, and the number of views this video at the time of this writing has reached 250 thousand.

In comments to the video in response to jokes about that “robot-owner walks with his retinue” sounds almost serious concerns that the line between people and mechanisms is eroded more and more. Some are of the opinion that in the not-too-distant future sight like caught in the lens, will be quite familiar, and the video will be perceived almost with nostalgia, as the first black and white silent movies where you can see some of the first cars. And while some commentators complain about the insufficient quality of shooting, others pay tribute to the operator, whose hands, despite the clearly unusual sight, not shaking, and knowledge of modern technology, despite age, was enough to turn on the camera and get those unusual shots.

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