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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Melania trump was accused of plagiarism of a speech Michelle Obama

During the Republican national Convention opened in Cleveland (Ohio) spouse applying for the presidency of Donald trump Melania gave a speech in support of her husband. Matching her words with a speech eight years ago the current first lady, experts have found many suspicious similarities.

photo: youtube.com

On Monday in Cleveland opened the Republican national Convention, which will be officially announced the name of the candidate in presidents from “great Old Party”. Eight years ago, before the first election of Barack Obama, passed a similar Democratic Convention, where Michelle Obama also said the words to complement the political image of her husband. But the performances of Melania trump and Michelle Obama were similar in many ways.

Mrs. trump was talking about raising a family that the parents taught her to achieve the goals of their own hard work and treating all people with respect. But that said, Michelle Obama in 2008: “Barack and I were raised largely on similar values. What you need to work hard to achieve the desired in life, what you this word is obligation and what you need to do what you say. I need to treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don’t know them or disagree with them.”

Also Melania added:”….This lesson I’ll tell our son. And we must pass these lessons many future generations, because we want our children in our country knew that the only limit to achievements is the power of your dreams and your desire to achieve it.”

Eight years ago Michelle said: “the Obama Marriage and I was building their lives guided by these values and pass them on to future generations. We want our children and all the children of this country knew that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the breadth of your dreams and your desire to work for their achievements.”

In response to accusations of plagiarism, the press service of the trump explained that it was produced by writers who during the preparation of the speech materials used, reflects the aspirations and attitudes Melania, from other sources.

Recall that Slovenian model Melanie trump was born in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 16 years, beginning her modeling career, met her future husband in 1999, working for one of the glossy magazines. Donald Trump is a great connoisseur of feminine beauty at that time belonged to the contest “Miss universe”. The couple celebrated lavish wedding in 2005, it is curious that among the numerous guests, the ceremony was attended by Hillary Clinton’s main rival trump in the struggle for the presidency with the United States.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

Donald trump appeared on the scene during the Republican Convention in the best tradition of rock stars: the first was seen only by his silhouette against the dazzling white screen, and its output was accompanied by the music of Queen. The candidate in presidents of the United States confined itself to a brief statement “we will win, this victory will be very large and the view of his wife, who gave a speech, largely copy the words of Michelle Obama in 2008.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Wechat

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