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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Congress of the Republican party: opponents of trump was not given the chance

Monday, July 18, in the city of Cleveland, capital of Ohio, opened the national Convention of the Republican party of the United States. In fact, the Congress was split into two parts. The first part is an attempt to “antithrombosis” the opposition to seize the initiative on the agenda. This attempt was smothered by supporters of trump. The second half is speakers against democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

photo: AP

Opponents of trump wanted to push through an amendment allowing the delegates to vote for a candidate for whom they want, not focusing on the opinion of voters. It might help them not to hinder the triumphant March of the billionaires at the party Congress. However, supporters of trump managed to persuade the three States to abandon this idea and in the end, the amendment was withdrawn from the agenda.

And he is Donald trump the agenda of the Congress is violated twice. First, he made it even before the official nomination. The second time trump the rule violated the order of the day, presenting to the Congress his wife — Melania.

Trump theatre appeared on the stage of quicken loans arena (“The Q”), violating the rules of the national congresses of parties. They presented the audience with wife Melania were in all white. She started the story about how 20 years ago came from Slovenia in the United States. Talking about life in the former Yugoslavia, she spoke about the heavy fraction of the population that lived in a Communist regime. However, it is Melania was mostly devoted to her husband, whose deeds she painted in broad strokes. However, some speech Melania did not like: found out that it mimics in many respects similar to the speech of Michelle Obama at the democratic Convention in 2008…

Speeches of the delegates of the national Congress differed mainly very persistent criticism of Hillary Clinton. Got the current democratic President Obama.

Very touching was the speech of the mother of us official killed in Benghazi. She said: “I personally accuse Hillary Clinton of killing my son. Our entire company eventually comes down to one question: if Hillary Clinton can’t give us the truth, why we should give the presidency?” Noticing one of the banners held by members of the Congress, the woman said, “Very well. Hillary should go to jail. She deserves striped robe the prisoner”.

Some speakers spoke out against the immigration policies of President Obama and accused Mrs. Clinton that she wants to allow the US “illegal aliens” and refugees. When one of these women said that trump cares more about Americans than illegal aliens, the whole audience burst into applause.

Touched on America’s racial problems, especially clearly manifested during the recent massacre of policemen in Dallas. Perhaps the most actively supported former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, cursed those who plot violence and crime and paid tribute to those who defend ordinary citizens.

“When they come in order to save your life, they don’t ask you, you black or white, they just save you!” — said Giuliani.

Trump and the organizers of the Congress have managed to get two African Americans who protested against the so-called formula: “Black is also matter.” But as he started his speech by David Clarke, Sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin. He said: “Blue lives matter, too”. We are talking about the protection of the police wearing blue uniforms. “Sorry,” said the Sheriff, too many demonstrations under the slogan “Occupy wall street” and “Black lives also mean something” that transformed from peaceful protest to violence.”

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

Donald trump appeared on the scene during the Republican Convention in the best tradition of rock stars: the first was seen only by his silhouette against the dazzling white screen, and its output was accompanied by the music of Queen. The candidate in presidents of the United States confined itself to a brief statement “we will win, this victory will be very large and the view of his wife, who gave a speech, largely copy the words of Michelle Obama in 2008.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Wechat

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