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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scientists supported by the Institute open letter.

To cease to harass the staff of the INION endless and unreasonable change of Directors and in the shortest time to restore the destroyed by fire the building of the Institute has demanded that the FANO and wounds of the members of the Commission of public control in the sphere of science. On Monday they published on its website an open letter addressed to the Chairman of the government Arkady Dvorkovich, the head of the FANO Michael Katukova and President of RAS Vladimir Fortov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We will remind that problems with the candidature of the Director began at the INION (Institute of scientific information on social Sciences) since January last year, after the fire in the library and the dismissal of the former head of Yuri Pivovarov. FANO was appointed by one of the two acting, but never adopted any of them in the position of the head. Finally, the team presented the third interim Director, Ilya Zaytsev.

The uncertainty of leadership is compounded by the confusion with the location of the library Fund, which threatened to carry on the Kantemirovskaya street, where FANO (Federal Agency of scientific organizations), which after the reform of the RAS in charge of all academic institutions was going to do the stacks. The old building, in which “everything is rotten communication, crumbling concrete” is not suitable for storage of books, considered employees. They now took shelter in the building of the former Academy of agricultural Sciences on the street Krzhizhanovsky.

Concern about the fate of the book Fund and the plight of the employees of the Institute scientists are forced to resort to drastic measures. Here are excerpts from the letter sent by the Commission of public control in the sphere of science management science in Russia (full version on the website rascommission.ru):

“…the seriousness of the problem, obviously underestimated by the authorities. Despite the allocation of additional funds to rescue the Institute, they are clearly not enough; often questioned the need to restore the stacks or offered to place it in remote areas and the areas that evidence lack of understanding of how academic library and the role it plays in the Humanities.

At the same time artificially arranged staff reshuffle in the leadership of the Institute, which adds to the nervousness and without that a difficult situation, and causes great damage to the restoration works. The Director of the Institute Yu. s. Pivovarov was subjected to this harassment in the media, often has the impression that the tragedy of the INION was used as a pretext for information with the accounts. …The Commission refers to the management of wounds and FANO with an urgent request to ensure the speedy election of Director of the Institute from among the candidates, well known to the scientific community and enjoys its support, and to conduct these elections in terms of openness and transparency. We believe it is necessary to accelerate the restoration of the library of the Institute at its traditional place and provide it with a modern library, designed to increase book and journal Fund.

From the Commission of public control in the sphere of science Academician, chief researcher of the Institute for nuclear research of RAS V. A. Rubakov”

Watch the video on “Fire in the fundamental library of INION RAS: enormous damage”

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov said that the version of an arson of the fundamental library of INION RAS is not considered. FORTS to assess the damage from the fire in 15 percent of the total Fund of the Institute. Restoration work will take place until the morning. Details on the video.


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