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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russia will be without their wheat: agricultural research institutes to take land

Wheat— it’s not potatoes, and not sugar beet. It is a strategic product, which mostly depends on food security of Russia. And who, if not members of the government know about it. But in fact the opposite is true. 17 Jun happened, in my opinion, terrible: a government Commission headed by Igor Shuvalov “left hand” the leading seed production base of the country — experienced the field in which Moscow scientific research Institute of agriculture “Nemchinovka” experienced grown varieties of cereals. 82 hectares are cultivated, fenced land, on which ears sort-record, the quality and yield superior to the German and canadian samples, has already been transferred for construction. The area near the airport “Vnukovo” is an attractive green setting surrounded by woods… And that the country could lose its leading seed database and in the end to fall into dependence on Western suppliers, it seems that no one cares about. In a situation versed observer “MK”.

Academician Bagrat sandukhadze demonstrates bred at the Institute of advanced wheat varieties. Photo: SSI Moscow research Institute of agriculture

What are the implications for the national economy of the Moscow agricultural research Institute “Nemchinovka”, located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, our newspaper wrote a year ago. Local breeders headed by academician Bagrat sandukhadze Imenuitem then brought the variety of wheat that is pulled into 141 (!) centner / hectare, two times higher than the global average. So wheat is only one Central Federal district can provide high quality bread the whole country and to come out on top in the world in wheat exports. Institute staff also created outstanding varieties of spring wheat, spring barley, oats, which are cultivated today in Russia on an area of about 9 million hectares.

Moscow agricultural research Institute experimental field. Yet it wheat ears “Before”. Photo: SSI Moscow research Institute of agriculture

To create your bread in conditions of Nonchernozem, breeders Moscow agricultural research Institute “Nemchinovka” with 70 years were working on their experimental plots to achieve a grade that meets all the criteria for yield and quality. One time our grain is inferior to the German, canadian and French. But for the last ten years our class “Before-17”, “Nemchinov-24”, “Nemchinov-57”, “Galina”, “Eritrospermum-711″ superior to imported. First, scientists caught up in the quality of the grain in which the protein was up to 16 percent, almost twice more than the competition, and then yield. Variety Nemchinovka-17”, “Eritrospermum-711” give 141-143 quintals per hectare, while European varieties are not moving the bar 120 kg/ha.

Photo: SSI Moscow research Institute of agriculture

And at these rates in the government someone turned the language to Express doubts about the effectiveness of the use of the experimental field of the Institute in the area of Vnukovo airport?! Turned, and how! The only experimental field “Nemchinovka” decision of the Government Commission on housing construction development from 17.06.2016 moved into the category of “land surplus” being in the Federal ownership for transmission for the construction of affordable housing. As if Russia is so small that in addition to the experimental fields of the Institute to take these lands was nowhere?

photo: Natalia Vedeneeva

As previously reported by “MK” for the first time eye of the world, “Nemchinovka” put someone back in 2011. Then, according to the instructions of the President of the country (it was Dmitry Medvedev) and the government decree, from before the breeders “nibble” 250 acres of land, located near the Institute, which was used as the experimental field. This was done in favor of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.

We reacted to this with understanding, agreed for the sake of enhancing the implementation of scientific development for the sake of the young generation of scientists to work on more distant grounds on the lands of the experimental farm of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Tolstopaltsevo”, — told us then Bagrat sandukhadze.

Scientists have reassured that the government gave them 500 million rubles from the Federal budget for the creation of experimental fields to the new site, close to Vnukovo airport. The money spent reclamation work on the land, built the necessary buildings and facilities for carrying out the works.

photo: Natalia Vedeneeva

And then it turned out that on a new site near the Vnukovo at the Institute there was a competitor. Within four years the Institute could not arrange the land for themselves. Despite the consistency issue in all departments, the decision of a question creeps in some obscure tape from a purely technical presentation. In 2014, when MNISH moved to the office of the FANO Russia – 1 September 2014 the head of the Federal Agency for scientific organisations Mikhail Kotyukov makes a decision on the transfer of land OPH “Tolstopaltsevo” Moscow research Institute of agriculture. This simple technical procedure lasts three months. In OPH “Tolstopaltsevo” changing leadership (with the consent of the same FANO) and the new Director refuses to transfer the land to the Institute. – While the court Yes business, FGUP Tolstopaltsevo” declared bankrupt, and dealing with the transfer of land hangs indefinitely.

– We could not understand why it was necessary so to pull the transmission? – says the acting Director of the Institute Victor Shtyrhunov. – Today we have achieved the Agency orders the seizure of plots and their subsequent transfer to our institution, but external Manager “Tolstopaltsevo” filed a lawsuit on the recognition of this order of Rosimushchestvo invalid. In General, we are still judged on these with great difficulty returned to us stretches over an area of about 240 hectares, arable land is suitable only 160 ha. And by the way, at your own risk, sown every year experimental samples of wheat.

And on 17 June the government Commission on the promotion and development of housing, headed by the Vice-Premiera Igor Shuvalov makes a decision that is contrary to any common sense: to withdraw the 82 hectares of the most valuable land scientific base, namely those on which scientists are working.

We understand that in this way our Institute want to cross. On 7 July we wrote a letter to Mikhail Kotyukova, the government, its Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev with a request to reconsider the matter. Because the field is for us the main experimental base. The use of the Institute sites, it would be impossible to conduct selection and technological research in the proper amount. As a result, about 30 regions in the Central part of the Russian Federation will remain without seeds needed for planting 9 million hectares of grain crops.

Note that last year the autumn exhibition “Golden autumn” at Expocentre Dmitry Medvedev together with the same Mikhail Kotyukova admired the achievements before the breeders who have each year, encouraging new varieties, competing with the best Western models. By the way, a record in 2016 from the Moscow agricultural research Institute “Nemchinovka” — a new variety, which in the future will have 150 quintals per hectare, and this without loss of quality of grain! Apparently, the dignitaries on their visit safely forgotten. By the way, in the Secretariat Igor Shuvalov to comment on the situation refused.

People far from science, I will say: “Well, scientists, scholars… They had it all figured out, you can stop and release of land for building so people need housing.” For such we explain: we live in an open market. And if Russia will not constantly create your varieties of wheat, sooner or later they will be replaced by foreign. This situation we already have with potatoes, sugar beet. Now to restore your potato the government takes a Federal target program allocates under it 8 billion rubles. And the other hand, it turns out, ruining a successful, independent branch of science? To do this, many do not mind. A year – and all will be destroyed. And Russia will soon be completely dependent on imported grain. If someone wants to put a school of domestic seed production, let take into account that it was laid in the 30-ies of the last century. Some money to solve the problem will be very difficult.

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