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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin flew to Sirius and met with the oligarchs

19 July, combining business with pleasure and work with rest, Vladimir Putin visits the educational center for young talents “Sirius”, created on his initiative a year ago, our Olympic infrastructure in Sochi. He visited again attached to the center housing and personally supervised the work on some new projects in laboratories and workshops. And then met with a group of major benefactors of the center under the leadership of Roman Abramovich, Aven and Alekperov also participated in the meeting of the Board of Trustees.

photo: kremlin.ru

The main task of “Sirius” from the beginning was as early as possible in the identification, development and further professional support for the most gifted children in the areas of arts, sports, and science and technical disciplines. On different programs in the Sirius monthly enrolled 600 students aged 10-17 years. Within just one year of its existence, said the organizers, “Sirius trained and issued 7 thousand most gifted Russian students.

The change lasts for 23 days, and all this time under the guidance of professors from leading universities of the country, figures in sports, science, and art, children not only learn the curriculum, but also lead research projects in the field of I. T. and mathematics; security of human life; space exploration; engineering; improvement and construction of functions of the lost man; the ecology of Sochi and its environs; a smart human environment. Some of them, and showed them to journalists, and then and the President.

In the laboratory space programs, for example, doing with the 3D printer, which, not excommunicated from the ISS, if needed, will be printed in the composite the necessary details of artificial Earth satellites. And the fruits of infantile papers after revision will actually be sent into space: the corresponding agreement with the Russian space Agency has assured “MK” head of laboratory.

Meanwhile, the young biologists have developed a cheap, safe and effective means of controlling the amount of antibiotics that we eat — meat, eggs and dairy products. Another team of biologists were treated to fresh greens grown on the latest technologies — radishes, peas, beans, kohlrabi. And cognitively Dima and Dima, who had just finished the 9th class, showed in action they devised a system of identification not on the old regime to fingerprint, and on the latest level — according to the brain activity or encephalogram, which, as journalists learned, as individual as the iris or the patterns on the fingertips.

A year ago we created a new education center which is called “Sirius” in honor of the second after the Sun in the brightness of stars — glad the President together with benefactors of the oligarchs, which gave money to all these wonders. — I want to thank you sincerely for your contribution to the development of this remarkable institution. It sincerely because you have not remained aloof from working with teenagers! Think you know how important it is for the country!

“Cordiality” of the President was marked them out of nowhere.

First, he told the oligarchs at the center will be established soon Park of science and arts, “and I really would ask you in addition to the contribution you are already doing, to complement this fleet of modern equipment, having in mind that education and production must be closely related, and knowing your position that our education system is not always preparing the necessary production staff.

Secondly, it is important “not only to create and maintain talents from secondary to special education, but also to bring them on to production. Your production, ” he stressed. And this should be done not by administrative methods, but by talent development. However, “I think that you personally will be here interesting to happen,” he promised benefactors.

Finally, the experience of “Sirius” will be distributed shortly throughout the country, has promised to GDP. So, the local oligarchs are also waiting for charitable spending. “I ask you to see what can be done in the regions. To this we will push the heads of subjects of Federation”, he concluded open for journalists part.

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