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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In Avignon people fly like birds

Avignon festival went on code – to the end remains less weeks. And although there is no competition-comparative and prizes in categories “A” or “B”, still with the public has its favorites that are not to get a ticket for love nor money. The details of the theatrical heart of Provence – observer “MK”.

photo: Marina Raikin

You need to understand that the Avignon festival is several festivals in one: the “inn” (official) “off” (unofficial), circus in Villeneuve (near Avignon) and on the island of Piau , and modern dance in Lez hivernales. Food in Villeneuve, a medieval town that is across the Rhone from Avignon. The middle of the square lies a huge bottle . So huge that it can enter through the neck.

– Well come, – tells me a smiling man with curly hair. This is Abram Poincheval, performer, artist. He lives in the bottle for eight days: here, as in the fable of Krylov and table, and house. Eats, sleeps, receives visitors. Here I am, wine is poured, says:

In the bottle there is no message here I am. And I really, you know, like my body was in an extreme situation. To me one interesting idea – what it means to be enclosed or open?

photo: Marina Raikin

Abram clever, funny, an artist-experimenter. The purpose of his bottled-up performance – is to look at life through the glass, meeting with the residents of this region and learn about their territory from the point of view of environmental problems. “A bottle for me as a means to connect different people and discover the world on the other side,” – says the artist .

It seems that only the most desperate artists like Abram Poincheval, trying to connect today’s increasingly unraveling world. One day he fell for 84 and their families on 14 July in nice. About the consequences of the tragedy here is not stop talking. According to “Le Monde” on Tuesday, the Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molins said at a press conference that although there is no direct evidence of origin of Mohamed Louisa Bulela to radical Islamists , but one witness testified that he recently talked about ISIS, and on his computer found links to the brutal murder of ISIL, and the terrorist attacks in Dallas

photo: Marina Raikin

One Russian friend of mine , caught up in the day with her husband, a famous artist, on the promenade des Anglais and miraculously escaped, tells how he now lives the famous resort:

We are now back to the waterfront, where he removed the memorials. And everyone who was there, helped carry flowers, toys, candles along the parapet, to release the roadway. Left no candles, oil lamps, no flower, even a stone – many people brought stones and they wrote words of love to the nice, dead. Can’t forget one elderly man, he stood on the largest of the memorial, did not move. We came back an hour later and he was standing over a pile of flowers and toys, head bowed. And in the evening we saw him again, walking from one memorial to another, cried and hugged the bear, which was stroking. It came to the psychologists, and he was stroking the toy and cried silently.

Yes, death with life, walking hand in hand. Cross the square and climb the steep, paved with cobblestones the way to the medieval Abbey of Sant Andre. Here, the pilgrimages, all at a medieval gate – not to pray, and on the performance of the company John Bourgeois “Monuments on the move”, to which the tickets does not get it. It turned out that this is the first project in the new program, launched the National centre for historical monuments. By the way, the Center has already begun to cooperate on this topic with Russian colleagues.

The essence of it – to let modern life in the historical territory, that is to make cultural heritage a comfortable – they are relaxing and socializing. The object in Villeneuve first became a medieval Abbey, majestically overlooking town, the river Rhône and Avignon with its magnificent towers.

And why can’t people fly like birds? “I say, thinking how my words will respond in ten minutes. So theatrical-circus performance by John Bourgeois and his company “Monuments on the move” is perfectly fit to the object of cultural heritage and, it seems, the best place for acrobats and equilibrists on the earth.

Go the route: unit 1 – chapel with a booming echo under the vaults. And there (my God!) from the ceiling hangs a huge transparent capsule with water in which floats. White shirt, jeans, hair slightly touched with gray hair and close-cut crew cut. Eyes closed, hands up. Up – silently SIP air back down-povyshaetsya – will roll the embryo on the bottom. And everything slowly, as if in zero gravity and accompanied by a haiku ( Japanese treastise). And so the hour until pass. Not an astronaut, not a floater – a mesmerizing spectacle.

Within the hour we pass another four objects from the capsule with a man – to flying around the shell to the girl. Flies beautifully, rising and hovering over the audience. And no special, beautiful costumes – all as in life: pants, shoes platform heels, loose blouse.

And through the tower from the “pilots” on a slowly rotating platform at the table we find a couple that no words will sort things out plastic plus acrobatics. Sign language is stingy, but so expressive that the three-minute sketch – the whole problem of interpersonal relations. It will end all bad – will break the table and never agree.

Little play about a man who falls and can be saved at the last moment, clutching at the void. He has a chance? Or not? In short, the philosophy of acrobats, equilibrists so convincing that understand – no for theatrical and circus performances better place than a medieval castle. Walk like a live show, ends at sunset, where the acrobat jumps continue to write a play about the human potential to break away from the earth, to soar above life, do not miss your chance.

Marina RAIKIN, Avignon.

Watch the video on “continues In Avignon theatre festival “

Despite the terrorist attack in nice, Avignon festival continues life.

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