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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Famous for the explosion at the Parliament of the battalion “Sich” famous fights

In Kiev have already experimented with the practice of disbanding the most disgraced and scandalous Gorbatov, but the battalion “Sich” is apparently not threatened. And it was “zecevic” staged a loud attack at the Parliament building. Nothing surprising: created from activists of the nationalist “Freedom” battalion was famous drunkenness and pilfering grenades to “personal needs”.

Formally, the “Sich” – a battalion of patrol service of militia of special purpose, which was attributed to the stripe, even the word “anti-terrorism”. Because the grenade thrower was framed simultaneously and Oleg Tyahnybok as the head of the party “Freedom”, and Avakov as senior officer.

“The most publicized case is when a unit “Sich” was arrested in Kiev, near the metro “Forest” with a backpack of grenades and matchbooks with a plastic explosive. You see, he home in Chernihiv oblast Goodies lucky”

In the spring of 2014 with the idea to recruit a volunteer battalion of the activists of “Freedom” was perceived as party initiative, to the benefit of the background of the General Patriotic “lift” Gorbaty formed by all and Sundry. But the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov seized for some reason for Svoboda. Or decided to take the initiative, whether wanted to control the process, but in the end disposed to attribute “Sich” to the main Department of MIA in Kyiv city. With his master’s shoulder he gave one firm who still remembers Brezhnev, then the activists got two more of these.

Between the business part of the “Sich” was quietly included military personnel, and only from among those who went with the Americans in Iraq in the period from 2003 till 2008. Most likely, they had to try to control the members, because the period of preparation before being sent to the Donbass battalion was very short.

Send “Sich” on the front was turned into a great show on Instytutska street (there is a reference to the “heavenly hundred”) with Tyahnybok in camouflage, Uniate priests and the darkness of the deputies of the respective political views. Moreover, six deputies headed by Tyagnibok personally went to the front.” Most of the time.

“Sich” is placed in Slavyansk, that is already in the deep rear, and to a real business to admit wary. In the function of the battalion was patrolling the city and maintaining public order, as well as control of a checkpoint on the road bridge near the village Semenovka. In short, the police service, no romance “moskalsky fight against the occupiers” and thus glory.

The battalion became bored and began to decompose. Succession went to the conflicts with local residents and the adjacent parts to the drunkenness and political differences. The command tried to take something “sichevikov”, “sicheviki” in response began to publicly proud of the detected one (!) mines at the bridge and destroy cannabis fields (however, nobody knows how they destroyed it). The locals began to show on “sichevikov” fingers and laughing out loud, sorry obzyvali “rear rats”. Visible in Slavyansk the strength of the battalion was reduced, and there were rumors about the withdrawal of “Sich” back to Kiev. Rumors had to deny himself the undisputed commander of a battalion Alexander Pisarenko.

After that, the most capable on the basis of rotation transferred in Kurakhovo (in the area of Marinka, West of Donetsk), but not on the first line and to patrol the dam per unit reservoir. In the midst of the battles, when people was just not fatal enough, a few mouth “Sich” was moved to the Sands. And after the armistice most of the battalion moved closer to the front, in Avdeevka, but the headquarters remained in Slavyansk.

All this time the battalion was accompanied by scandals. And drinking commonplace often received a bright political overtones. For example, 29 Dec 2014 in Sand subjects “sicheviki” showed up to the location of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the armed forces and tried to arrest its commanders, accusing them of “betrayal of Maidan” and sympathy to the DNR. Infantry charges are not accepted. During the firefight were killed and wounded. Sober, “sicheviki” decided to blame the militias, simultaneously accusing Donetsk “ceasefire violations”. To this end, they > attacked the nearest Outpost of the BCH, which was not expecting it, and captured one militiaman with the intention to kill him and throw the body in the location of the 93rd Ombre as proof of the attack of the BCH. The guy managed to save a DNR even made a separate statement that no violations of the truce was not.

In the hinterland, in the town of Genichesk, Kherson region, four “sichevikov” (again, drunk) stabbed with a screwdriver 53-year-old local resident. The “vacationers” of the battalion going on leave home were regularly caught smuggling explosives. The most publicized case is when a unit “Sich” was arrested in Kiev, near the metro “Forest” with a backpack of grenades and matchbooks with a plastic explosive. You see, he home in Chernihiv oblast was taking presents.

So it is no surprise that exactly the same vacationer Humeniuk was at Rada with a grenade in his hand. This is a General trend.

Not refuse “Sich” and the ability constantly, under any pretext, to emphasize their political and ideological views. They are not afraid of the word “nationalist” which they proudly put in front of the name of the battalion. The latest such scandal has happened in connection with the demolition of Slavyansk Lenin monument. To demolish it completely failed in may of this year, and the first attempt in January failed because “leninopad” has not yet assumed the character of a nationwide campaign, and the local government hesitated, not knowing whose side to take: whether it “demolition team”, whether residents that the demolition would not. As a result, the battalion “Kharkiv”, then performing the role of a garrison town, defended the monument from the “Right sector”.

And then the battalion “Sich” has suddenly become excuses and excuses. In a special written statement “sicheviki” reported that they always supported and still supports “the demolition of the idols.” And if “fighters of a battalion “Sich” were at this time in Slavic”, that would not give Kharkiv “to go against the legitimate will of the people”. That is, whether they are in the city, would attack their colleagues from the same dobrata because of ideological principles, dubious.

This is a very dangerous situation for the APU in General, when formed on a political principle and party affiliation of the volunteer battalions start “to have an opinion where you just have to carry the team. But the de-politicization of all APU and Gorbatov in particular – is an unsolvable problem. The “svidomye battalions” prone to panic and poorly efficient. Just last week, under the Said 40th territorial battalion (the former “Kryvbas”) in panic fled, leaving the front and equipment. One of the ACS a few days he stood alone in the desert, until it was taken by a militia. All this caused a fierce argument between the interested parties in Mariupol, despite the fact that for the 40th battalion of such cases – the whole train. They say that the construction for “debriefing” in Volnovakha fled a second company first wanted to shoot, but then for some reason changed his mind. This here is the quality of manpower, can only Molotov cocktails at Berkut throwing and banners to kiss in the center of Kiev on the solemn music.

As for the incident at the Parliament, it does not matter who will appoint extreme – tyagniboka or Avakov. Now it seems that no one at all – will all descend on the brakes. Humeniuk has already been dismissed from the battalion in hindsight, although in practice the transfer to the reserve – a long process. However, after Ilovaysk and debaltseve have been several attempts to deliberately dissolve the shame manifested itself part, but Turchynov as Secretary of the NSDC every time opposed, and the President Poroshenko is endorsed. In the end, disgraced part just sent recruits and changed there commanders.

And now, despite all the scandalous incident, announced a new recruiting battalion “Sich”, and remove them from Avdeevka, Kurakhovskaya the dam no one was even going. And they will continue their “heroic” service that would neither worked. There is no escape.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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