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Friday, March 23, 2018

Capital “Form,” brought together artists and musicians from across the country

In the centre of urban culture “Pravda” on “cheers” passed the fifth festival of contemporary art “FORM”. Exhibition of works by talented artists, performances, music — all this abundance of creativity enjoyed by the visitors.

photo: facebook.com

Posted by Oleg Kulik

The basic principle of the festival is exclusively live performance of original compositions composed and played only by musicians. The program began with such light and casual genres like downtempo, hip-hop, new-jazz, ambient. Continued more rhythmic and dance — techno, acid, electro. The scene was made by young, but already managed to gain their fan audience, music performers: Poima, Interchain, Long Arm, Moa Pillar, OID, PTU, XAN, Lapti, Juras Lietus. Not far behind, and the guitar scene. It showed its full potential such bands as Sonic Death, Glintshake, PACOS, WHORE, angelic milk, Fanny Kaplan, July days, uSSSy.

Has presented performances and projects existing on the brink of different types of art (performing art), so some of the performances became interactive. The most popular was the action-installation by Oleg Kulik, where visitors together with the artist molded plastic men. They put on their helmets and hung to the net-shed, turning them into paratroopers.

And the institution of the “BASE” divided artists and experts into two teams and asked to participate in a collective game project, which was “winning” territory. In parallel with the capture space, the opposing team in the form of a game has solved the conflicts, the contradictions, looked for a consensus.

At this time Pavel Arsenyev invited members of the artistic society to publish it in your account “post of trust”. There are guys on foreign stranicah publish their message, thus becoming part of the “pragmatic” experiment to undermine the communication of the Convention. Meanwhile, Anastasia Belova compared the performance of the process of formation of the person with the greatest effort, similar to that in which Baron Munchausen pulled himself out of the swamp.

Another of the curious action of the Rose, where she raised compulsory for every question: “Who am I?” Bob Run presented project #HardCourt, in which the concept of the search were analysed using the principle of “repetition”. A cooperative TECHNO-POETRY gave a lecture performance, accompanied by master classes “how to become a contemporary artist in 5 minutes”, “the practice of self-representation on the knee” and post the Internet biased synth pop disco.

This year the project of the Moscow artist Katya Garkushko “Sorry, but that’s not all!” was presented on the art market of the festival. There visitors are invited to purchase a vending creation of contemporary art, and artists to share their work. All these original designs and a huge quantity of visitors they prove that the “FORM” remains the leader among the festivals of contemporary art.

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