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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Brilliant provocation”: the expert criticized the official version of the Turkish revolution

Former commander of Turkish air force General Akin Ozturk in a statement, the Prosecutor confessed to organizing the coup in the country, reported the Anatolian Agency. Account arrested for participating in the rebellion is already in the thousands. Some observers of what is happening recalls the famous story of the burning of the Reichstag. How valid is this analogy? To answer this question we asked the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny SATANOVSKY.

photo: morguefile.com

The analogy is quite clear. Similarly, it is clear that the majority of dismissals, arrests, arrests, and subsequently, quite possibly, executions – you do not have to have occurred from the 15th of July 16, irrelevant. At the moment thousands of people are arrested or suspended from their posts – not the military. It is judges, prosecutors, government officials… this is actually sweep virtually any opposition to Erdogan personally – just that, in Turkey to resist him. Sweep absolutely ruthless. Is the establishment of a personal dictatorship of a man who, undoubtedly, will make Turkey Kemal Ataturk to the Islamic Republic. In Europe was the führer of the German people, Turkey is now the Fuhrer of the people is Turkish.

We don’t know now, and may never know what it was. The stupidest coup in history, unprofessional and ignorant, which is surprising for the Turkish army coups in his lifetime, committed a lot. Or brilliant, maybe the best in the history of provocation. Strange very much. What kind of coup, when the screen gets pale as death, and the girl read the paper about the fact that the government changed, and after a few hours she read the piece of paper that the government changed back?! Is that it the coup staged? Even our putsch looked more solid: here you have the Minister of internal Affairs, the defence Minister, that the representative of the farmers, that the representative party bodies – with shaking hands…

No one can explain to me why bomb empty Parliament and the empty residence of the President. Why, if the air force commander were among the organizers of the coup and the air force was at the disposal of those who tried to overthrow him, Erdogan could move around the country? A huge crowd that rushed to the streets in response to calls made in the mosques – “to save Erdogan and democracy” – also looks weird. They were fed – so the food was prepared in advance. They were transported to Istanbul and Ankara – then, transportation was also ready. Pay attention to the phrase pronounced in the first after the “miraculous rescue” the speech of Erdogan: he called the coup a “gift from God”…

In his novel “Hard to be God” Strugatsky brothers brought out the exact formula: when the country is triumphant mediocrity, to power always come black. It is applicable including to Turkey.

Watch the video on “Turkey under martial law: over Istanbul fly combat helicopters”

Turkish television reported the introduction of martial law in the country. The streets of Istanbul moves military vehicles and tanks. Fly in the sky military aircraft. Heard the shots.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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