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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Banditry has United Ukrainian Nazis and supporters of the new Russia

In Ukraine arrested two alleged members of the attack on collectors. Both were born in Russia and was the soldiers of the regiment of special purpose “Azov”. The criminal group also included the citizen of Latvia Yury Vishnevetsky, who was listed in the organization “Oplot” – the ideological enemy of “Azov” and Maidan. What made such different people together in one band?

Ordzhonikidze district court of Zaporozhye, on Tuesday arrested two alleged participants in the attack on collectors. As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the crime was committed on July 15. Four bandits were armed with grenade launcher, pistol, machine gun, machine gun and hand grenades. In law enforcement bodies knew about the impending attack, so the criminals fought back. During the shooting one of the attackers was killed and two were injured (one later died).

Shame “Azov”

“When you start fighting conflicts, destabilization, then there is muddy water where you can fish”

As explained by the head of SBU Vasily Gritsak, two detainees were Russians, one of them recently received Ukrainian citizenship. Both were soldiers of the regiment of special purpose “Azov” actively participated in military operations against the breakaway DNI and LC.

Killed were 27-year-old citizen of Latvia, champion of fights without rules Yuriy Vishnevetskiy. Under the call sign of a Slav he was listed in the organization “Oplot”, which brings together opponents of the euromaidan, that is, ideologically, it was configured differently than the fighters of “Azov”.

Local press notes that two of the four suspects identified as bodyguards of the former Zaporozhye “supervisor” Evgeny Anisimov, who is now hiding from law enforcement. In turn, the former commander of “Azov”, MP Andrew Biletsky called the participation of soldiers of the battalion in the attack a disgrace the good name of the unit”. The consequence suspects the offenders have previously committed similar attacks on collectors.

We will remind, the so-called volunteer battalions take an active part in the hostilities in the Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian army. According to reports Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and international observers, representatives of the battalions involved in numerous crimes in the area of conflict and peaceful areas of the country. On their account, according to the indictments, – kidnapping, illegal arrests, beating, looting, murder of civilians.

After a series of high-profile crimes of the battalions were disbanded, and others enrolled in the Ministry of defense and the national guard, including “Azov”. “Azov” was formed in the spring of 2014 as a volunteer battalion to protect the national interests of Ukraine. His bones were the activists of euromayday and ultras and nationalists.

In “Azov” entered the representatives of the Russian nationalist organizations, such as members of the Misanthropic Division (“Misanthropic division”, MD). The investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case against the founder MD of Dmitri Pavlov, who is a citizen of Belarus.

“People with troubled past”

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin said that during the military conflict and other periods of instability in a particular state (it was in Asian, Latin American and other countries) always appear people, who are called soldiers of fortune. And under a common purpose to obtain profit, they can unite in spite of different ideological views.

“When you start fighting conflicts, destabilization, then there is muddy water in which to fish. Is the weakening of the Central authorities. On spaces where there is money, some resources, where you can profit, there is always appear these adventurers, people with a murky past,” – says Soskin.

“They will naturally try to enter in force in this territory paramilitary structure to be legalized, access to weapons, uniform, documents, variety information,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

He noted that such people share a passion for money, the search of easy money, and human life for them is a bargaining chip. “These people begin to organize in such structures in small groups to realize their interests, which is achieved under the guise of various Patriotic purposes. Behind all this is usually a desire for brutal, brazen quick gain in the form of robberies, murders, robberies. And since people’s lives are not valued, and these areas are not connected, then act decisively. Catching them is difficult, because these groups are well able to campfireusa and have a talent for mummery, reincarnation, they are able to hide behind the standard behaviour for the fact that they are formally legalized as military structures, but in reality it’s just an organized gang, regiment, battalion, which implement their own selfish, narrow, mercenary goals,” – says Oleg Soskin.

“A lot of difficulty with legalization in Ukraine”

In turn, the member of the presidential Council for interethnic relations, the political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko also sure that the reality of the war going not only ideologically charged people, but those who crave profit and has an adventurous nature, who has no place in a society where they were sitting.

“We can assume that all these people were in need of money. According to information from social networks, according to the information spread by the citizens of Russia who went to fight in the “Azov” and other groups, they had great difficulty with the legalization in Ukraine and especially with the job search. The notorious Ilya Bogdanov, a former customs officer, now working as a carpet cleaning company in Kiev and probably considers it a big success. So we can assume that the figures that are currently in a hung state legalization, could not provide for themselves, except that the attack on collectors,” said Bezpalko newspaper VIEW.

As to the figure of Vyshnevetsky, he, too, could belong to the number of adventurers and self-seekers, however, we cannot exclude that, in committing such attacks, he thought, to the detriment of the Ukrainian state and thus combines criminal intent with some anti-Ukrainian ideas.

“In 2014, the level of criminalization in Ukraine is very greatly increased. In Kiev, I think he grew at all 14 times, and it is not only those people who, like those fighters of “Azov”, are unable to achieve legal status in Ukraine, but also the General fall in living standards and the degradation of the economy. Those who had previously abstained from criminal acts, now apparently can’t find other way”, – considers Bogdan Bezpalko.

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