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Thursday, March 15, 2018

At the Republican Convention trump breaks tradition and wins

Republicans at the Convention in Cleveland, where Donald trump will be a candidate, the impression of “just another party”. The boycott on the part of the Bush clan and even former ally McCain did not prevent the billionaire and his wife model to feel like Champions. The attempt to “mutiny” failed, but the rate at which trump can lead the US, is not yet clear.

Many observers, commenting on the beginning of the Republican national Convention in Cleveland, noted not only the absence of iconic persons (for example, the Bush clan at full strength, and ex-presidential candidates John McCain and MITT Romney), but the innovation that made the current “almost candidate” Donald trump. The billionaire spoke at the Congress even before his official nomination as a candidate, thus violating an unwritten tradition.

Trump appeared on the scene in the form of a silhouette on a white background to the song of Queen We Are The Champions (We are the Champions”).


The candidate presented his wife, Melanie, 46-year-old former model originally from Slovenia. Probable first lady of the United States may become the second in American history, the wife of a President to be born abroad. The first was an Englishwoman, Louisa Adams, wife of the sixth us President Quincy Adams, whose family occupied the White house in the years 1825-1829. “I know about his love for this country since the moment we met, he said her husband Mrs. trump. – Like me, he loves this country.”

“Trump really can reduce the tension in relations with our country. But the ability and willingness – are not the same”

The performance of Melanie managed to cause a mini-scandal. According to the Mashable, journalists had noted that the wife trump almost word for word quoted the speech Michelle Obama delivered it in 2008. In the same way as the wife of the current President, Melania trump said that since her childhood she “was raised on certain values.”

“Coup” failed

If “protest” 130 naked women, organized by photographer Spencer Tonikom, was more of a spicy seasoning to nominate trump, the vote to change the rules of the Congress could be an unpleasant surprise for the candidate. Recall, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that trump’s detractors in the Republican party are preparing a coup in order to prevent his election as the presidential candidate in the upcoming Congress. The detractors of trump, “a small group of delegates” was quite a big support group.

As previously reported by CNN, the national Committee of the Republican party was faced with the unprecedented challenge to the Congress. Veterans and rising stars of the party one after the other refuse to appear in Cleveland. Some thus personally boycotting trump, not sharing the provisions of its election platform, others are busy re-election for Governor, Congress or state legislatures, says CNN.

On the eve of trump’s opponents at the Congress gathered enough signatures on a petition to vote on changing the rules of the Congress.


However, the vote fell through, as the opponents lost the support of the three States (of the nine originally supported this idea), said the Congressman from Arkansas, Steve Womack. The regulations require that the proposal was supported by delegates from at least seven States.

“Everybody understands that Trump is no alternative

Infighting in the Republican party tried to take advantage of their rivals the Democrats. Supporters of Hillary Clinton also released a video, which ridiculed the mess at the Republican national Convention. “The theme of today’s Republican Congress – law and order”, – reported titles in the background of scenes with protesting delegates. So supporters of Hillary ironically beat the self-promotion trump, who calls himself “the candidate of law and order.” Then the Democrats showed trump’s opponents, chanting: “Declare the vote!”, as well as the former attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cucinelli, which is in protest thrown to the floor by its accreditation to the Congress. “Order all clear”, – summed up the Democrats. However, in the end, the Republicans have not given cause for Schadenfreude.

“It’s not serious, commented, “the First channel” the demarche of the opponents of the trump delegate from the state of Montana Susan Reno. – We have a free country – anyone can make a noise, to make a point, but everyone understands that Trump is no alternative”.

“I would have voted for Ted Cruz, he’s my countryman, but I understand that you have to swallow your pride and unite around trump,” explains David Covey, a delegate from Texas.

Experts of the newspaper VIEW noted that Republicans support trump, it is unlikely that the establishment, which was initially opposed to trump, to go against the will of the American voters who still voted for him in the primaries.

“To jail her! Behind bars!”

Republicans, in turn, caused Hillary Clinton is quite serious emotional and reputational impact. In the beginning of the Congress from the rostrum was made by the mother of the employee of the American Consulate in Benghazi, Sean Smith, who died during the attacks of the Islamists (which was killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens). Secretary of state at that time was Clinton.

“I blame Hillary Clinton,” said Pat Smith. – I blame Hillary Clinton, who is personally responsible for the death of my son. Sole responsibility!.. Hillary Clinton – the woman, the mother and grandmother of two grandchildren. And I am a woman, mother and grandmother of two grandchildren. How could she do that?” As noted by the Washington Post, the mother of the deceased diplomat has repeatedly accused Clinton, speaking on television, but this time it directly affected the hearts of the delegates, many of whom could not hold back the tears.

Pat Smith has completed the statement with an appeal to bring Clinton to justice: “If it can’t be true, how can we trust her… She belongs behind bars!”

Hillary remembered other sins – in particular, the scandal with e-mail. “I call on Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the presidential race because she put the safety of our country is extremely high risk with his reckless use of a private mail server. In jail her! Behind bars!” said key adviser to trump, the General-the Lieutenant in resignation of Michael Flynn, speaking to the delegates of the Republican Congress.

Those present chanted: “jail!”. “If I – a man who knows these things – tried to do a tenth of what she did, today I would been in jail!” said Flynn. “Roguish Hillary Clinton out of the race right now!” concluded the retired General.

Note that, according to the latest polls, Hillary is the leader for her ready to vote to 45.5% of Americans over Republican trump 32.9 percent. However, according to the survey, the majority of US citizens said that wary of the implications of the election and Clinton, and trump, and about 20% intend to vote for their candidate, so as not to prevent the victory of his opponent.

A completely different party

“The Republican Congress has shown that it will be another party, not the one that was under Bush, there will be absolutely other figures, other people,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW expert-americanist, co-editor of the website Terra America Boris Mezhuev. The interviewer noted that he did not come even Senator John McCain, although he expressed his support to Trump.

He expressed the hope that the ideas will be there to dominate the other, it will show the today’s meeting devoted to economic issues.

Himself out of trump and his wife was praised as “spectacular”, according to mezhueva, they create a feeling of good couples”.

Already on this background, the trump’s chances in the upcoming fight with Hillary Clinton, said the source: “People are tired to follow “soap Opera” with a couple of Clinton,” he stressed, reminding about her husband’s infidelity, jealousy of his wife and other squabbles.

Trump too many alienated

“Now the intrigue will unfold around who will become Vice President, or if Hillary wins, or if wins trump”, – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist-americanist, Professor of the University of Virginia (USA) and the Russian Higher school of Economics Alexander Domrin.

The output of the trump wife the expert were positive, noting that Americans are used to seeing candidates in the first lady and in case of his victory the first lady would be “very beautiful girl”. He recalled that when Hillary was just nominated for the presidency, there were many jokes that, in case of its victory the first lady will be bill Clinton. “It is certainly a curiosity,” – ironically the expert noted.

Polls trump from Clinton at the moment lagging behind, noted the analyst. “It is obvious that the party machine of the Democrats supported Hillary, but it would be so bad, – said the source. – American establishment, that is, the ruling circles also support it”. He recalled that even the FBI stopped the investigation against Hillary. The backlog trump persists among voters.

“It’s too many against themselves set up their politically incorrect statements. On the one hand, it is captivating the American voter, they see, what man calls a spade a spade. On the other hand, three quarters of American women are going to vote for Hillary. And this is a very powerful advantage among the voters,” – said the expert. However, he noted that the hope for the victory of the Republican remains.

“Trump will reduce the tension in relations with Russia”

The delegates not only discussed the extension of trump, but shared their assumptions about future policy possible 45th President of the United States. Trump could help to reduce the tension in relations between the US and Russia if he wins the elections, said a member of the Senate of Virginia Richard black. The Senator added that “we see the cooperation with Russia, and once that happens, we will begin to win the war against terrorism,” if trump becomes President.

“Trump is going to operate in a manner that makes some people nervous. He made it clear that he sees no reason for tension and conflict with Russia, I agree with that,” said black.

Probably the USA would negate the conflicts outside the country, if trump becomes President, the Senator believes.

Boris Mezhuev believes that trump can really reduce the stress with our country. “But the ability and willingness is not the same, – said Mezhuev. Unlike Hillary, whose anti-Russian orientation is obvious, trump her there. However, in its surroundings there are people who show little sympathy for Russia”.

“In case of victory, trump’s normalization with Russia more likely, than if Hillary wins,” agrees Alexander Domrin.

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