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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

At the bottom of the Mariana trench discovered unknown to science beings

Underwater research unit Oceanos Explorer has allowed scientists to discover many new mysterious life forms. Organisms living in the deepest part of the earth not so long ago, evolved independently from the more familiar to us living beings, that today is not too similar to any of them and, therefore, present an incredible interest from a scientific point of view.

photo: pixabay.com

The depth of Mariana trench located in the Pacific ocean, is about 11 kilometers, and the research unit, since April, studying the inhabitants of these places, finding something new and different during each of their dives. Often the more closely experts are studying a particular find, the more amazing it is having, the researchers note. For example, a creature that could initially seem a hybrid between acne and aerosolului fish, upon closer inspection, are unlike any of the known species. Trying to categorize other organisms, having the form of hemispheres, experts consider the version that they belong to the phylum Cnidaria Bryozoa or. From a biological point of view, such a doubt as amazing as if the researchers could not understand, they are dealing with an ant or a monkey. Moreover, some found the life forms scientists can with relative confidence I can only say that it belongs to the realm of animals, and not plants or fungi.

“About 70 percent of our planet covered by water, we know less than about Mars, Venus, the moon or even Jupiter,” says Patricia Friar, one of the specialists who worked with the research apparatus.

From April 20 this year aboard the Okeanos Explorer has conducted a video that everyone could watch via the Internet with expert commentary (which, however, in recognition of Patricia Simpleton, sometimes silent, because they themselves could not imagine what had hit the lens of the camera). Sometimes this stream, according to the researchers simultaneously watched by up to 40 thousand people. She completed most recently on 10 July. A week after this, July 10, the unit made the last dive in the depth of the depression.

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