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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Actress Lyudmila Chursina celebrates its anniversary: “I am grateful to my destiny”

July 20 — the anniversary of the national actress of the USSR Lyudmila anything. She was born in 1941. According to the documents — in Stalinabad, the current Dushanbe. But it happened a joyful event during the bombing, when the mother of the future actress travelled from Riga to Velikiye Luki to relatives. Much longer to recover. This was the time.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Lyudmila Chursina — aristocratic and magnificent actress and a woman, but it is easy to communicate, although familiarity will not let anyone. She is modest and will not swing right, requiring the Bentley to the aircraft, providing business-class, as is happening among the young and stupid Actresses. With Lyudmila Alekseevna we not long ago visited the city of Osh — the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan on the Russian film Week. At the University, where she met with students, has established a huge Billboard with her picture and date of birth. Chursina but his age does not hide. She thanks each day.

— Because someone is no longer on this earth, and we live. Isn’t it happiness? Life passes so quickly. And while we are dissatisfied with it, it still is. I bless each day given to me. Don’t want to deny any wrinkles on your face. Each earned tears, joy, gain and loss. Now we can all stretch, tie a ribbon to the heels to pull. Actress, and in General the woman should take care of yourself. But I think the face is a continuation of what nature, the Creator and parents. Why in 80 years to turn into Barbie? If you could the experience of past years to use, becoming young again, I would have probably some stupid mistakes not done. And there were many in my life. Though if we close the door to confusion, as they will include the truth? We learn from mistakes.

It was strange to see worn by the women, who confessed his love to the actress this way: “I grew up on your films”. Chursina younger than all of them. In Osh, when Lyudmila left the hall, lined up in a corridor. With a bouquet of lilies that she had brought someone from the audience, she marched as a person of Royal blood.

— I have been in Osh, 42 years ago. It was winter, minus 21 degrees. All snow-covered. I played in the same cinema. Suddenly the lights went out. But the meeting continued. I invited the audience to ask questions in the dark. They immediately grew bolder, and from the darkness an old man asked: “do you Have a lover?”. “Three. Husband, cinema, life,” I replied.

— You are drawn to Central Asia? Still, childhood was it?

— I to 5 years lived in Dushanbe. Bad remember the time. Too small was. But the smells, the taste of barbecue, the sound of the river — all that remained in memory. Then I came to Dushanbe. Can’t say that I feel nostalgia, longing for Asian cuisine. After all, where our family lives. I’m a child of the war. Grew up in a military family. The child was not spoiled. Father found us after the war in Dushanbe, where of Velikie Luki of the Pskov province, the grandmother, mother of my mother, with five children and I were evacuated. After his father found us, began traveling around the country. Seven years we lived in Tbilisi, so I know the Georgian language. Then two years in Batumi. And then we fell into the icy realm of Chukotka. The Northern lights were seen through the day. Two years later he moved to Kamchatka. Remember her understated, but beautiful scenery. And we stayed there for a couple of years. Then I went back to Great Luke, I graduated from school there and went to Moscow to enter the Institute.

— You do not immediately decided to become an actress?

— I was a serious student, loved chemistry and physics, I wanted to go to MAI. Dreams were such — or to build airplanes, or standing on the deck of the ship, or to lead the farm. But the occasion gave me an amazing actress. I arrived with a friend at the Shchukin theatre school. And gone, but she can’t. I am driven by curiosity, not fear, which deprives a person of even those opportunities which he has from nature. That’s probably why did. Studied in Moscow, came to his parents for the holidays. How many times, visiting the city of Velikie Luki, where I have now 14 graves and have relatives, I tried to learn the fate of his girlfriend, with whom he received. But she seemed to have dissolved.

The acting profession expands the space of the soul, allows you to play those feelings, which maybe never had a chance to experience. But the profession is painful, with perpetual questions about how good or bad you played, did the viewer. Cinema came into my life freshman year. Like all students, I had to earn. I filmed a small episode in “Morning train,” somewhere else, and then there was the picture “When trees were big” the stunning Director Lev Kulidzhanov, which gave a familiarity with Leonid Korableva, Inna Gulaya, Vasily Shukshin, Yuri Nikulin. I finished theatrical Institute. And already rehearsed in the Theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov. Ruben Nikolaevich Simonov invited me into the troupe. After “the don story” and “Two tickets to the daytime session I was offered sprightly and portly heroines. Stopped that it was a superficial role, without destiny. I turned it down. Then came the “gloom-river”, “Virineya”, “crane”.

“Seeing me, Yevgeny Leonov said, “How am I with this gardeley going to do?”

When I was studying in the fourth year of the Shchukin theatre school, I was invited to audition “don story” in the early stories Sholokhov. Arrived on “Lenfilm” and realized that the role of a powerful, portly women, held fire, water and copper pipes, I do not approve. He returned to Moscow to finish College. Suddenly get a telegram: “Come to the village Razdorskaya to participate in “don story”. The Role Of Daria”. Stupidity and youth decided that, once the food play a major role, it is necessary to look accordingly. At that time, were in Vogue stilettos and very short skirts. I clocked on the head Hal. Wearing shoes with high heels and the short skirt. In this form, and came to the village Razdorskaya. And it is located in 40 kilometers from Rostov-on-don. Leave the old and dilapidated Wharf, which is hopping. Chickens clucking in the dust. Deserted, nobody meets. That day the group was off. On the banks of the Director Mr Petin and my future partner Yevgeny Leonov fished. And its at that time in the don was driven very much. I stand confused. The heel got in the first gap and flew. Limp, the hair to the side. Fatin and Leon noticed me, came to the pier. The Director in horror said: “Zhenechka, I want you to meet. This may be your future partner”. Evgeny Pavlovich dropped the bucket of fish. “How am I with this gardeley going to do?” “he asked.

As you know, student life is not allowed to gain solid weight category. My feminine pride was piqued, and I became defensive. “Yevgeniy Pavlovich, if we are destined together to play, go get yourself a bench and use her services,” I said. Indeed, were made the bench, which disappeared at the right time. Leonov then I retaliated. The hole in which I had to stand to be shorter in the frame, digging in the wrong place. The Director told me at the first meeting: “You are not approved. We caused you with the condition of probation. Trust me, this role is auditioned for many famous Actresses. If you are over 10 days to recover and the pounds on the eight, nothing. Forget about urban clothing, perfumes, dress, soap. You have to crack the heel, and under nails need topsoil. And most importantly — catch the don dialect”. With weight category I finished it in a week. Became powerful. Went barefoot, in short Cossack blouse, long skirt and headscarf. That’s all my simple costume. And so two months. In General, ten days later I was not sent to Moscow, all entered into a rut. My partners were patient, knowing how hard it is. When something did not work, wanted to run away from the set. It was a lot of sleepless nights and despair. By the end of it I was so brazen that in the scene of the shooting Daria allowed herself too much. We were shooting in the halls “Lenfilm”, because some footage on the nature of the material turned out to be a marriage. Brought back a lot of ground, leaves. The aroma was exactly the same as on the kind. My character was tested in the frame of despair, crying, and I saw around costumers and lighting, made all sorts of faces, and then walked in.

I am grateful for this film, gave me a meeting with a true people’s artist Yevgeny Leonov, a large and defenseless as a child, Alexei Smirnov, original Director Vladimir Putinym his own handwriting on the screen. Vladimir Retina I starred in several films and became his wife.

By the way, Yevgeny Leonov immediately to the state adopted the role. In “don story” he was the first after “Striped flight” and other comedic roles played reaching tragic sounding ridiculous role of a gunner named Jacob Sibalom. International film festival of India, he received the prize. We first went to a mysterious country for us, spent more than a month. Remember crowded a huge conference hall in Delhi. In the aisles sitting on the floor of ladies in evening dresses. Indian women adorn themselves. They have plenty of bracelets on her arms, all with wreaths of flowers. In our small delegation — I, Evgeny Pavlovich Leonov, Director Vladimir Fetin and a representative of the Azerbaijani cinema. We are soon to fly home. In Delhi — plus 37, and in Moscow — a minus 17. We were talking about how and where to change in season. And suddenly we hear, as Chairman of the jury, and it was a major British Director, invites to the stage the Soviet artist Yevgeny Leonov to receive a prize for the best male role. We were not ready for it. Evgeny Pavlovich looked around and said, “I think some of us”. Fatin says: “Zhenya, I think you.” Evgeny Pavlovich made his way to the stage. He stepped on the cables dived into my cleavage. He was hissed and booed. He’s apologizing, and backed away back to the stage. And it is huge, decorated with vases with flowers. It seated ten members of the jury. Evgeny Pavlovich, climbing the steps, entangled in the wings for a long time they struggled, then he came across a flower vase, knocked her down, slipped on the wet petal and swallow drove the stage. And the award went to French actor Jean Marais. The female half of the festival to a standstill when they met him. That is came on the scene the count of Monte Cristo. In his hands he carried a reward Leonov. As they passed, Evgeny Pavlovich trimmed hair in the opposite direction, detecting its absence. Even at that time it was not thick hair, a slim figure. This touching individuality has always been inherent in it. He is with a great sense of humor treat yourself and your appearance. Leonov was very clever and a sad person. He caught up with Jean Marais. In the hall — laughter, whistling, applause. Leonov was lost, and began to bow down the hall, reached into his pocket, took the change, counted it again, put it in his pocket. It was something nervous. Jean Mare raised her hand, calmed the room and, like a true musketeer, in a graceful jump bowed before Evgeny Pavlovich knee.

“The role of Death, I took the blessing”

— I started working in the Theater. EVG. Vakhtangov, but fell in love and moved to Leningrad. There I was invited for the role of Lisa Protassova in “Children of the sun” by Gorky at the Alexandrinsky theatre, and then the drama Theatre. Of A. S. Pushkin. I played Sascha in Chekhov’s “Ivanov”. When in Moscow, Central theater of the Soviet army began rehearsals of “the Idiot” by Dostoevsky, chief Director Yuri Eremin invited me to the role of Nastasya Filippovna. And prior to that in Leningrad the right hand of George Tovstonogov rose Orphan invited me along to do “of the Spouses Karenina” on the pages of Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”. And now, after years, we will do the job in Moscow with Yevgeny Knyazev. Only two actors, minimal staging. Each of us appears in three guises: from the author Leo Tolstoy, from the characters and myself. I’m still working now in the Russian army Theatre. And “Idiot” went on for 13 years. We played the theme burnt, scorched beauty. The first Prince Myshkin was Aristarkh Livanov. After Tatiana Doronina invited him to his theater, we come to another “idiot” — Boris Plotnikov. At some point I said enough’s enough. I had the role of lady Macbeth by Shakespeare, Baroness Strahl in “Masquerade” Lermontov, and many others. In the play “is that which does not wait” by Alejandro Casona the “Morning fairy” I’ve got a part strange and dangerous. I even took the blessing before starting to work. In the Central role displays her Majesty mother’s Death. But the performance leaves a very good aftertaste. For this role the first time I got award for it. Recently, we went to the play “the madman Platonov” by Chekhov’s play “Platonov”. Here’s a playing biography.

I am often asked why I didn’t go to Hollywood, after all, been invited. I will answer briefly. Where was born there and handy. At that time it was really difficult, there was not such a practice. Besides, I do not speak a foreign language to the extent to be in a movie. In childhood often had to change schools, so taught French, German, English, Georgian. At that time I had a lot of interesting work here in the Motherland. Then when I went to Hollywood with the organization for the establishment of the Soviet-American initiatives, which included Rustam Ibrahimbekov, Rolan of Bulls, the Ale Klimov and where Vladimir Pozner was a translator for the most responsible actions, a meeting was held at the Academy, where the fate of Oscar. It was attended by Directors Milos Forman, Coppola. They looked at the fragments of Soviet films, was delighted with what we have great operators and artists. I was approached by David, whose name I have forgotten, and said, “do You remember the festival in San Sebastian, when the negotiations were conducted over a three-year contract in Hollywood? Your fate could have been completely different” (at the XVII International film festival in San Sebastian Chursina received the award for best actress from the hands of Audrey Hepburn for the film “crane”. — S. H.). I replied: “has Developed as has developed. And I’m grateful to my destiny”.

Every actor his age, his time. Now came the other heroes on the screen, other Directors. A year and a half ago, I starred in two series. Tend to choose such, where there are no broken bodies, blood, and other horrors, where a human solves the problems of our lives. Each, even a small role in a television series or feature film — it’s like fate, which is something that can resonate with your own life, the fate of your mother or sister. Maybe now I don’t play such roles which I had in my younger years. But can’t complain. Recently I’ve worked with Dmitry nagievym. In just two days. I was very nervous. He is so media hyped and. I had the role of the mother of the heroine. Dmitry was a man of incredible discipline in terms of knowledge of the text and staging. In the “Intern” I also played the mother of the heroine. I had a few days of shooting with Ivan Okhlobystin. And worried, too, because he’s so direct and so exalted. You never know what the text will say. After Ivan withdrew, he begins to laugh from the pleasure as well everything turned out, demands that everyone around laughed. They are different, but it’s interesting. Today, young actors are not always able to work with such Directors as Gleb Panfilov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Bortko, who is able to lead, to arm the actor for a frame. But still there are interesting young people that I observed in large serial projects. They are curious, caring, want, in the words of Pasternak, walk around to the bottom.

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