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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“You never dreamed of…”, opened at VDNKH

Presented two exhibitions: one for those who are fascinated by the film industry, the other for fans of bold modern art. The first exhibition with the allusive title “You never dreamed of…”, which started in the pavilion “Electronics”, talks about the process of movie making and key professions. The second exhibition, organized within the framework of the project take – off – “Nubis” (Cloud), opened corresponding to the name of the exhibition space, namely in the plane the Yak-42. It shows the work of the winner of Dmitry Gilena.

Photo: Olga Kowalke

After the exhibition “You never dreamed of…” a look at the movie through different eyes, and for some, it may be a revolution in the perception of the film. Indeed, we never dreamed how much effort and work put into a good movie! The exposition begins with a room dedicated to the work of a producer. Here, thirty pairs of shoes that demonstrate the minimum number of people required during the shooting of the film, working with producer. It lays the responsibility for working with the writers and their scripts, in the course of production, for the selection of Directors and distributors…

Then we get into the room of the writer: he has an impressive atmosphere and decor. In the center – high pyramid which you can climb to see a variety of clips from the film. They go under the ceiling of the room, over its entire circumference.

Photo: Olga Kowalke

Inside the pyramid – table, typewriter and books for those who want to create their own story and put it in the film. This is possible thanks to workshops, which will be held in the pavilion on weekends. Around the perimeter of the room are a display of typewriters, which actually were written scripts of famous Russian films as well as scripts for some of them, for example, the “Stalker”.

Move to the hall Director, actor, cameraman, costume designer, as well as rooms dedicated to those involved in film editing, sound and special effects. Here captivate visitors of an interactive installation. They try to sound the crackle of a bonfire with the usual rustling of a transparent film or the galloping of hooves, using halves of coconuts and stones. There is another “toy”: on the wall, three displays, where different actor portraying one of the twelve emotions. Around them are twelve buttons, clicking on one of them, a visitor asks the actor to portray any of the emotions from tenderness to frustration and to see. Surprisingly, that same feeling plays out in different ways.

Photo: Olga Kowalke

Not far behind in its “revolutionary spirit” and the work of Dmitry Gilena on display in the Yak-42 and brought the artist winning the competition take – off – “Nubis”. The creation of striking minimalism, because it is literally a long concrete unit, located on the inflated pillows for neck inside the plane.

We wanted to show a comprehensive project, which together with the plane turned into a solid statement, ” explains jury member Elena Selina. But I wanted to project was clear and simple to the viewer. Fortunately, after watching the exhibition, I saw that they quite understand that Dmitry is a metaphor for flight. On the one hand, concrete is a symbol of time in the airplane as in flight, man arrives at a mental weightlessness and nothing happens. On the other hand, heavy cement contrasts with the sagging underneath the cushions and there is a tension between heaviness and lightness. All this successfully shows the combination of opposites in one object.

According to Selina, the favorite of the competition was Kristina Vronskaya. Her work was addressed to the famous installation of Ilya Kabakov Man flown away into space from his room”, the project only Christine was called “the Man who flew into space”. Aboard the plane were located the same items as in the installations of Kabakov, showing that a person can’t make it, because everyone has such an “internal baggage” that you can’t forget even specifically.

– Of course, Christina’s performance was very subtle and accurate, but too complex for the public space. Our task was not only to give the artist to speak, but also to make so that there was a large gap between the idea and its comprehension by the society. Best with this challenge Dmitry.

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