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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why do people spas Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on his people to go out and save him. The people heeded the requests of their leader, came and saved the day. If he only saved the country? It is a question.

Perhaps if not the people, Turkey would have been a different country. Only one he saved? Over the last seven months, when Mr. Erdogan from a great friend turned into worst enemy, we learned a lot about him interesting. About his family business, about the promotion of his own son, about Vasya, Vasya, LIH (forbidden, of course, in Russia), about provocations and a war of extermination against the Kurds… Well, the more fruit. And now he’s a friend again, and no more of his former sins. The Turkish people also think so?.. And I remembered how in October of ‘ 93 we were asked to go on TV Yegor Gaidar. And I was screaming (mentally) “No, no, tea is not August’ 91, now all you have the power, and the army and cops. Again, the people behind it?” But someone came, even innocent Smoktunovsky, people’s artist of the USSR. And the other people took over Rutskoi and Khasbulatov. Perhaps even sincerely believing.

Swear by the name of the people, come to power, the name of the people. Promise to be for the people, to take care of him struggling. Only these forces rapidly running out.

The government has always manipulated people. Gladly turned it into a crowd in cattle. Although the words… During the French revolution were “friends of the people”. Then these friends (Robespierre, Danton…) were beheaded by the latest technology (guillotine) under the stormy and prolonged applause of the people. Well, in our unforgettable Stalin was doing the same with the “enemies of the people”, we remember. The General people’s approval.

“The people are silent” — his usual state. And when not silent? In 2004 in Kiev Maidan came out a million people. They were protesting against global lies in politics (so it was believed). Chose a new honest President by the name of Yushchenko and went on to sing their amazing songs. Only Yushchenko was the same crook, like all previous ones, no better and no worse. And the people back in the cold.

Recently in Ukraine, they made the revolution. Killed themselves shot and killed. Why? To came to power the rich oligarchs he swore in the name of the people and further increased its ranking in the list of “Forbes” magazine. Well people, that’s fantastic!

And what are we, any better? In ‘ 91, came to the White house and thought: we are the power! But ask now, why? 99% blush with shame.

For hundreds of thousands of demonstrations of 2011-2012, on Bolotnaya square and Sakharov Avenue have left people separate themselves. As they believed. But those on the podium, did the same about your people? I doubt it.

Recently coined the term “Putin majority”. This means that the President stood up, finally, on the side of his people, understands it, knows it, feels sorry for him. In fact, the people — just an object for political strategies. Which brought on the bus at the right time and place. After all, we are the power here? And how!

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