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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The West cautiously took the victory over the Turkish coup

While the Turkish authorities and hundreds sent to jail alleged members and supporters of a failed military coup, the United States is not in a hurry to give Ankara the suspect Fethullah Gulen. The West with concern the victory of Erdogan: policy unanimously called humane to do with the rebels and not “curtail democracy” and the media predict a strengthening of Erdogan’s authoritarianism.

Ankara court on Monday sanctioned the arrest of 99 suspects in the coup attempt. Among the detainees – several senior military officials, including air force General of Turkey Hakan Evrim, told the state Anadolu news Agency. Earlier, Erdogan vowed to continue the sweep in all state structures “virus” – so he called the attempt of a military coup.

“The idea that the US were the instigators of the coup – a common point of view in Turkey, a country with strong anti-American sentiment”

We will remind, on Friday evening, the Turkish authorities announced the attempt of a military coup in the country. Erdogan called the events of the revolt of a small group of military and appealed to citizens to take to the streets. At the same time, the military has stated that seized power in the country to restore constitutional order, respect for freedoms and human rights. It was announced that the power in the country into a kind of “Peace Council” (Yurtta Sulh Konseyi), and the Turkish leadership is removed.

The rebels took to the streets of Ankara and Istanbul tanks shelled the Parliament building and also raised in the air helicopters, which opened fire on the people. It was reported that the shootings killed 109 the supporters of the government and about 100 of the coup.

On Sunday the command of the Turkish army stated that all the organizers of the coup in Turkey detained. Erdogan did not rule out the imposition of the death penalty involved in the rebellion. Earlier it was reported that Turkish authorities have arrested 6 thousand people, including the reported arrest of the chief military adviser to Erdogan. In the investigation of the case also detained 426 judges and prosecutors.

The alleged mastermind of the coup had sent erdoğan to hell

Meanwhile, the chief organizer of the coup (according to Erdogan and his entourage) – an opposition Islamic preacher living in the United States – Fethullah Gulen denies the charges in the organization of the coup.

Gulen, earlier strongly condemned the attempt of the insurgency, in comments to Reuters said that the coup attempt in Turkey is Erdogan himself. Gulen said that a possible request for extradition from Turkey, he is little concerned, and said that if the United States will take a decision, he will comply.

During a speech in Istanbul, Erdogan stressed that the Gulen “included Turkey in the list of wanted terrorists.” “I appeal to the President of the United States (Barack Obama). I talked to You or were deported this man, or gave us. But I have not heard. Now, after this coup I say again: give already Turkey,” he said. What gülen said that for him above all freedom: “I leave the decision on whether or not there is democracy in Turkey, Turkish people,” he said. Referring to erdoğan, gülen said: “All I wanted to tell him, I said in his curse when he sent him to hell.”

While the President of Turkey and his former associate and perhaps the patron of Fethullah Gulen, “exchange pleasantries”, the US Secretary of state John Kerry said that Washington has not received requests to extradite “wanted terrorist”.

Kerry noted that the issuance of residing in Pennsylvania Turkish preacher a “serious grounds”. “We are waiting for request”, – said Kerry.

Kerry also rejected assumptions about the US involvement in the coup attempt in Turkey – the head of the state Department called it baseless speculation. “It is irresponsible to make such accusations about American involvement,” CNN quoted Kerry.

We will remind, the day of the failed coup, the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim declared: “Gulen, the leader of the terrorist organization… If the country is harboring terrorists, then this country is no friend of Turkey and is against Turkey’s covert war”. Obviously, since gülen lives in the United States, “covering the country” should be understood in the United States.

As previously reported the newspaper VIEW, the Western media do not exclude the U.S. role in the coup attempt in Turkey. “The administration of President Barack Obama’s long been disappointed with the policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, especially his actions against the media,” said The Financial Times.

We also recall that John Kerry recommended that Erdogan not to try in light of the military coup to strengthen personal power and weaken democratic institutions. Such an attempt “will be a serious challenge in regard to the relations of Turkey with Europe, NATO, all of us,” warned the head of the state Department. “We urged them not to do this, which would cause doubts about their commitment to democracy. I hope this will not happen,” – said the chief of American diplomacy.


The EU urges democratic to do with the conspirators

In a similar spirit spoke and the representatives of the European Union, calling on Erdogan to the punishment of the instigators of the coup to adhere to the norms of law and democracy. As noted above, Erdogan said the possibility of the death penalty to the rebels.

France has warned Turkey from a transition to authoritarian rule. Foreign Minister of the country Jean-Marc Ayrault recalled that France condemned the coup attempt in Turkey. “But at the same time, we must be vigilant that the Turkish authorities have not created a political system that turns away from democracy. Turkey has made significant progress have undertaken reforms in recent years. There is a danger of backsliding,” he said.

To comply with the principles of the rule of law urged Ankara and Brussels. The head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini said: “We first said that tragic night that a democratic and legitimate institutions need to be protected. As we said today, together with the Ministers, this does not mean that the rule of law and the system of checks and balances in the country mean nothing. On the contrary, they should be protected for the benefit of the country. We will send a strong message on this issue”.

The European Commissioner for enlargement and neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn added that Turkish authorities are violating international standards, conducting reprisals after coup attempt in the country. “This is what we feared. I’m Federica Mogherini after the coup expressed the expectation that what will follow these events, will conform to international standards of rule of law. What we see, (shows) that they are not respected,” said Khan. Answering the question whether the advantage of the Turkish authorities to these events for their own benefit, he said: “At least it was prepared… what lists were already available after the event, shows that it was prepared to this point have been used,” said the Commissioner.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the events in Turkey can contribute to some positive changes in the country. “I very much hope that the democratic unity demonstrated in an emergency, all significant political and civil forces in Turkey may contribute to the overcoming of the acute stress and deep cracks in Turkish society”, – quoted the policy of DW. According to him, it was clearly demonstrated that the citizens of Turkey do not want to live under the “yoke of military dictatorship”.

“A gift from God” will cause even more crisis”

An unsuccessful coup attempt opens up new opportunities for Erdogan to concentrate in the hands the maximum power in the country and create what he so long sought what it calls a “new Turkey,” noted The Wall Street Journal. Erdogan launched a major crackdown, which critics fear Western officials beyond its statutory powers, noticed edition. It is recalled that in a recent statement, Erdogan said: “This revolution is a gift from God. This will allow us to clear the armed forces”.

“The selected language clearly speaks of the victory of political Islam and committed to a dramatic overhaul of the most revered institution in Turkey,” the journal noted. Thanks to the populist policies of Erdogan’s people is not in a hurry to turn away from the President. “Our President, Turkey and our nation is one, the publication said the 42-year-old supporter of Erdogan Ali. – The purpose of the coup was the failure of the presidential system, but it only strengthened. Turkey will return to its roots”.

Experts say approximately in the same spirit. “Antisecularism revolution Erdogan was carried out in small portions over a long time, but now we’ll probably see more rapid and profound changes, the publication said the former European Union Ambassador to Turkey, currently expert at the Carnegie endowment for international peace, Marc Pierini. – This is a new phase in its leadership, and it is bad times for democracy in Turkey.”

However, the Professor at Marmara University in Istanbul, Ozkan Behlul did not rule out that the President can rein in its dimensionless power ambitions in favor of democracy and the rule of law. “However, if he goes down the road to state “one person”, it does not work, it will cause an even greater crisis,” said The WSJ.

Opponents of the coup “is not used democratic language”

The New York Times recalled how, standing on the roof of the bus near his house, Erdogan said: “We bow only before God.” “Populist-Islamist” leader frequently gave the bus roof, and his message was also “clothed in the language of Islam, which stresses that Turkey has to change, and the emphasis on Islam will help the government.

While members of the armed forces guardian of the secular traditions of the country during three revolutions of the last century – was arrested and thrown into prison, and the state bureaucracy were purged from the so-called enemies, the people, proclaiming Islamic slogans, meanwhile, danced in the streets. A similar situation is happening now. The people remained on the streets, Erdogan has urged citizens not to disperse,” – said the publication.

“There are people for whom Islam plays an important role in the life in Turkey. And there are people for whom Islam plays no role,” said The NYT, the Director of the Turkish office of the research center Fund Herman Marshall in the United States Özgür Unluhisarcikli. “However, the majority of people who took to the streets to oppose the coup, did not use democratic language,” he said.

“Currently the government has a free hand to design the bureaucracy as they like, and they will do it, – said the interlocutor. – In General, Turkey will become a country where power is concentrated in the same hands, and dissent will become extremely difficult”.

Erdogan nobody called

“The abortive coup partly complicate the already problematic relations between the West and Turkey, Americans and Europeans have officially condemned the coup and supported Erdogan, but none of the Western leaders personally called Turkish President. Tensions have declared themselves very quickly,” said Le Figaro. The newspaper added that tension has only intensified after the Turkish authorities urged to extradite Gulen, thus hinting that “the United States and the CIA were the masterminds of the coup…” “Now this is a common point of view in Turkey, the country with the most strong anti-American sentiments”, – said the publication. Increased tensions and the closure of air force base in Incirlik.

Europe is also concerned about the blackmail of Turkish migrants, in addition, increasingly there are fears that Erdogan’s struggle with the Kurds and Assad is more important than ISIS* in particular, it has been directly stated by the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault. However, the US and Europe remains dependent on Turkey, in particular, from its chief weapon of retaliation migrants, said the newspaper. “Turkey headed by Erdogan is not a reliable ally, but no one wants to get her enemy,” – said Le Figaro.

That Erdogan uses the coup to suppress dissent, said Die Welt. “President Erdogan will certainly take advantage of a failed coup attempt to consolidate his power primarily due to the neutralization of the opposition and reduced control over its own actions. In this regard, the reference was no accident, and the legitimacy that emphasizes the President of Turkey, pursuing its policy of force”, – said the publication. The West should not take any steps that would strengthen autocratic tendencies in Turkey, said the publication.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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