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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The rebellion has spread from Turkey to Armenia

Supporters of the Armenian opposition took over the police station, taking hostages, including one of the leaders of the country’s police. The rebels said that this is the first step to the change of power in Armenia. However, this is hardly the case: support among the population of the radicals is minimal.

Against the background of dramatic events in Turkey, special attention was drawn to a common Sunday morning in social networks treatment about the beginning of the armed uprising in Armenia against the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. A group of oppositionists who called themselves “defenders of the Armenian people,” stated the intention to “change the situation” in the country. “We have captured one of the main bases of the police in Yerevan and control the quarter in Erebuni”, – quotes the treatment of TASS.

“The enemy left us no way out, you need to put him on his knees”

However, the reality was more prosaic, albeit tragic. The attackers – and their number apparently not exceeding three dozen – have not occupied the quarter of Erebuni, where, in particular, is the airport of Yerevan. But to capture the local police station in an unexpected attack, which occurred at five o’clock in the morning, they really managed. During a carefully prepared attack killed the Deputy head of a regiment of patrol-guard service Colonel Arthur Vanoyan. Apparently, the main target of the attackers were stationed in the area Deputy head of police Vardan Yeghiazaryan. He and several people were taken hostage.

“An armed group demanding the release of Zhirayr Sefilyan, the resignation of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and the transfer of power to the people”, – said the Deputy of the Armenian Parliament Nikol Pashinyan, who was on the scene. Now throughout the country are arresting supporters of the Sefilyan. While street protests in support of attackers in the country, not surprisingly.


Detained one of prospective participants of capture of hostages in Yerevan. Here a group of radicals attacked a police station. They managed to capture several people. The attackers demanded the release of their leader, the policy of Iiraira Sefilyan, taken into custody for illegal acquisition of orgiegirls Sefilyan – figure in Armenian politics is quite interesting, but relevant to the hopeless outcasts. It belongs to a special category of people who have already delivered many efforts of the Armenian authorities – natives of Lebanon who participated in the Karabakh war. Sefilyan was born in Beirut in 1967. His youth fell in the civil war in Lebanon in which he, like many of his Armenian peers, participated in one of the groups, created radical nationalist organization, the ARF. With the beginning of the military conflict in Karabakh he was there as a volunteer.

Sefilyan headed the so-called Shushi special battalion. This division was closely related to the ARF (in part it was the members of this party), and distinguished himself above all at the initial stage of the Karabakh war. Sefilyan himself, according to knowledgeable it people, distinguished by great personal bravery. For bravery in battle, he was awarded the “Combat cross”.

If the fighting Shushi special battalion was successful enough that subsequent political career Sefilyan cannot be called impressive. Because of the radicalism and outrageous statements Sefilyan was even called “the Armenian Novodvorskaya.” He was in consistent opposition to all presidents of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, criticizing them on different occasions.

Chief among them is suspicion Sefilyan that the authorities can go to any concessions to Azerbaijan. Moreover, he is perhaps the only current Armenian politician who directly advocated a new war with Azerbaijan. Its result, according to Sefilyan, should be the final defeat of the enemy, who, as he put it, “we have to put on your knees.” Widely known for his phrase, uttered on Armenian television: “War should not be afraid”. By the way, Russia as an ally in a future war with Azerbaijan, he does not see. Sefilyan again is one of the few Armenian politicians who advocate the withdrawal of Armenia the Russian military base in Gyumri, which he considers “a conductor of Russian interests in South Caucasus”. Due to the excessive radicalism, he has failed to create any large group of supporters (although the Karabakh war veterans and representatives of the Diaspora, he is well respected for military services), as well as to establish a stable Alliance with more respectable Armenian opposition.

In 2006, he was arrested and convicted of weapons possession and incitement to violent change of the constitutional system and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. After serving his term it seemed that his political star has finally fallen. However, Sefilyan politician survived, you can say “second birth” after the presidential elections in 2013. He tried, with some propaganda success, to organize a campaign of their boycott and even created a “Founding Parliament”, which in his mind should become an alternative authority.

In addition, Sefilian supported the Pro-Western presidential candidate Raffi Hovannisian. But soon disappointed in his methods, finding them too moderate and inconsistent. Sefilyan proved himself during protests of April 2015 against the increase in electricity tariffs. He took an active part, unsuccessfully seeking their conversion to the revolution.

And here on June 23 of this year, Sefilyan was arrested. As reports “news-Armenia” with reference to the main Department on investigation of especially important cases of the investigative Committee of the country, Sefilyan “maintained direct contacts with different people involved in the case as accused in a criminal case, which was assigned directly to transport arms and ammunition and store them in different places, and to be ready in case the appropriate order to use them.” Probably by the action pushed his fights 2-5 April on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. “The enemy left us no way out, you need to put him on his knees, the required national mobilization, the creation of a government trust, and if the government will not do this step, people will have to get them to take action,” said he shortly. However, to develop a storm of activity prevented the arrest.

It should be noted that today’s Armenia has had cases of not only political street protests against the government, but these acts of terrorism. The most striking example – the attack on the Armenian Parliament on 27 October 1999. Then at the hands of radical Nairi Hunanian, somewhat similar in their beliefs on Sefilyan, killed eight people, including then Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and Parliament speaker Karen Demirchian.

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