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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The investigation of the crash will pass in other hands

Experts in the field of aviation believe that the idea of the removal of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) from investigation of accidents is correct, and Russia’s decision even late. However, there are fears that its functions will be vested not in the Department. In any case, the MAC should give credit – after the collapse of the USSR, the Committee had to play a very important role.

That Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich instructed to study the possibility of delegating MAK some Russian structures, wrote, citing its sources, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“From such practices all over the world had walked on fifty years ago”

In the Mack, where the VZGLYAD asked for comment, said nothing about this either you know. “We know nothing about this information, we work in a regular mode”, – said the representative of the Committee Artur Muradyan.

Meanwhile, sources of the newspaper VIEW argue that such an order does exist, but is under discussion. The idea to deprive MACK of the functions of investigation of accidents professionals in the field of aviation are assessed in generally positive.

MAK was established in 1991 and has played a huge role after the USSR collapsed and in its place formed the country was left with nothing on the international aviation relations in the field of civil aviation. The Committee undertook a very noble and timely business: engaged in the certification of aircraft, airports, airlines, and air crash investigation” – admits in an interview with the newspaper OPINION of the honored pilot of the USSR, the President of Fund of development of air transport infrastructure “Partner of civil aircraft” Oleg Smirnov.

However, once the countries participating in the creation of this Committee have organized their state regulators on the ground, decided on a legal field, has established direct contacts with international aviation organizations (ICAO and other), etc., they began to cease to use the services of the MAC. Including Russia, which last year, as expressed by Smirnov, “has corrected a mistake made during the formation of the IAC and identification of its functions”.

We are talking about the fact that the Committee was an organization which engaged in both aircraft certification and the investigation of accidents with them. As noted by Smirnov, this practice is “the world has moved 50 years ago.”

In Russia, however, only on 26 November 2015, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to consider a draft resolution on the transfer to the Ministry of transport, Ministry of industry and trade and the Federal air transport Agency of the authority for certification of aircraft, their engines and airports. “If we need something to convey, we can also consider if you consider it appropriate”, – said Medvedev. The decision was taken in the same year 2015.

However, its implementation is moving slowly. So, only in March we created a new structure which should deal with certification issues: FAA Aviation register of Russia” under the Federal air transport Agency. This is the analogue of the Aviation register of the IAC, who are directly involved in certification.

A decision regarding further transfer of the functions of the MAC, in the opinion of aviaexperts is a step in the right direction. The only question is what will replace the Committee. The answer to this question the government have not yet given. “Organization that will engage in such investigations in any case must not be under any Ministry. The Supervisory body must stand above the Supervisory object, and not Vice versa,” – said Smirnov. In his opinion, to investigate the crash needs organization, is not under any Ministry and the government as a whole.

That is Russia in this case, it is necessary partially to learn from the American experience. In the United States for decades, there is a national Council for transport safety (National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB), which investigates all traffic crashes – not only air, but also occur in marine, rail and marine transport. Since 1974, this organization is fully independent from the U.S. Department of transportation. However, while the idea about necessity of creation of analogue of the NTSB, none of the members of the government have not acted.

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