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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The first woman was infected with zika virus man

Experts from the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA, announced the first recorded case of transmission of zika virus sexually transmitted from female to male. More recently, it was thought that this virus is sexually transmitted, and, subsequently, only a man can infect them through sexual contact.

photo: morguefile.com

In new York a woman a little older than twenty years, visited the site where it was distributed zika virus during unprotected sex infected his partner. This is the first officially confirmed case of transmission this way from female to male.

For the first time zika fever was identified in Uganda in 1947 and for a long time the disease was observed only in areas of the Equatorial belt in Africa and Asia. However, by 2015 it has spread to South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, and in 2016, reports of cases began to arrive from many countries around the world. However, most of the virus threatens the inhabitants of those countries, inhabited by its vector, mosquitoes of the species Aedes Aegypti, also known as “aegypti insects.

For a long time, a mosquito bite was considered as the only possible cause of infection, so it was assumed that the risk of Contracting zika virus, only those who have been in their habitats ( therefore sometimes calls for security reasons to postpone the 2016 Olympic games of Brazil to another country). However, in February this year, the U.S. was the first recorded case of sexual transmission of the virus. Subsequently, reports of other cases of infection by the virus arrived from overseas partner continued to appear, but all of them were United by the fact that during sexual contact the virus is transmitted from male to female. Studies have shown that the virus is able during the week to survive in the sperm. Thus, it was assumed that from female to male the virus is transmitted is not capable. However, as it turned out, within a week the virus may be present in vaginal secretions.

The fact that the virus can be transmitted not only by mosquito bites, has already prompted the European regional office of the world health organization to publish a report stating that the likelihood of the spread of the virus in Europe. However, Russian experts believe that Russia virus threatens barely.

It should be noted that for the carriers of the virus, in most cases, is not too dangerous and more often than not causes more serious symptoms than headaches, joint pain, skin rash or a slight fever. However, in the body of a pregnant woman the virus can cause the fetal microcephaly (reduced head size) and, consequently, insufficient development of the brain and a number of other problems. For this reason, to fever zika many professionals are taken very seriously in the first place.

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