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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In Alma-ATA there was a terrorist sortie

In the largest city of Kazakhstan, Alma-ATA, an attack on the building of power structures. It was the second such attack in the last two months. Responsibility for the attack in Alma-ATA, none of the gangs themselves have not taken, but the authorities interpret the events as an act of terrorism.

The target of the attackers was Almalinsky police Department, located near the Nikolsky market – one of the largest in the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Exactly when the attack happened, is not very clear. The online edition of the Tengrinews tells about 10.15. The Kazakhstan edition zakon.kz with reference to the press service of the national security Committee of Kazakhstan informs that the police Department attacked about eleven.

“In Alma-ATA declared the highest, red level terrorist threat”

The building opened fire. The attacker killed the guard and seized his weapon, and then fled. “In pursuit of a criminal they were used the stolen weapon against the pursuing police crew “Buran”, with the result that two members of the patrol crew were shot and wounded”, – stated in the message of the NSC. According to eyewitnesses, the attacker yelled “Allah Akbar”.

Later it was reported about the attack on the building of the Almaty Department of Committee of national security. Tengrinews with reference to eyewitnesses reported that the shooting occurred in the Park building. One of the attackers, apparently after the shooting, tried to capture a passing car. In the Internet appeared the video Registrar of the car, whose driver did not stop when he tried to stop the attacker. However, according to the interior Ministry, at least one attempt to capture the machine is failed. The driver was killed. All in all, except the driver, according to the interior Ministry, the attackers killed three police officers.

Soon one of the attackers was detained. According to CBN, he received five bullet wounds, before he surrendered to law enforcement. The name of the detainee – Ruslan Bulekbaev. He is 27, he is a native of Kyzylorda region. He was previously convicted. Moreover, a suspect in the murder of women. During the search he found a fake driver’s license.

In Alma-ATA declared the highest, red level terrorist threat. Essentially, it is a state of emergency. With this level of threat to law enforcement officials allowed to enter homes without a warrant, conduct searches, tap telephones. This circumstance indicates that the authorities interpret the events as a terrorist sortie. In Almaty, a similar regime is introduced for the first time.

It seems that the authorities tried to take control of the flow of information about what is happening. In the city, as well as in several regions of the country suddenly interrupted the broadcasting of a popular Kazakhstan TV channels such as “Khabar” and “Kazakhstan-24”. Russian television since the broadcast continued, which, however, the clarity of the information picture of the day has not increased. The abilities of a correspondent network in the Russian and Kazakh TV in Alma-ATA incomparable.

The power structures of Kazakhstan was given fairly little information about what happened. Most of their efforts was to expose the many rumors in networks. Thus, the Ministry of defense categorically denied information about the attack on a military unit in the town of Kapshagai in Almaty region. “No, it’s hearsay”, – quotes news Agency “news of Kazakhstan” representative of the Agency.

The events in Alma-ATA, of course, reminded took place on 5-6 June in Aktobe (Aktyubinsk). There was an attack on a local military unit and several gun shops. In a series of armed clashes, according to official figures, killed 11 of the attackers, three soldiers and three local residents.

It is worth noting that the last few months in Kazakhstan in General was rich on extraordinary events on political affiliation. At the end of April – may, the country held protests against land reform. And one of the centers of unrest was Aktobe and Alma-ATA. And on June 6, the authorities announced the uncovering of a coup plot. It tried to organize Tokhtar Tuleshov, the owner of a brewery in Shymkent.

And he acted from prison, where he was put on 30 January for organizing a criminal gang. “I am absolutely convinced that it is not the Central figure in this conspiracy, if a conspiracy actually took place. He’s probably just one of the transfer units. Another thing will be pulled higher than the avenging sword of justice is a big issue,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK the head of Department of Central Asia of Institute of the CIS Andrey Grozin.

Assessing the situation in Kazakhstan in General, he noted that it is quite complex. The main reason is the sharp deterioration of the economic situation caused by falling oil prices, from which the economy depends to a much greater extent than Russia’s economy. This happens against the background of the unresolved issue with the transit authority. As noted Grozin, though Nazarbayev is in good shape, still quite old. And who will replace him is not clear. All this promotes instability, which is used by a variety of extremists.

“It is possible that the situation with periodic social unrest, with periodic terrorist attacks may be in Kazakhstan for a long time,” says Grozin.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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